Fall Into Temptation Episode 11 Update on Wednesday 6th June 2018


PRESENT DAY: Mad Miriam accuses Raquel and Santiago of being lovers and because of that she is going to take everything away from her. Santiago tries explaining his reason of being there which is to get a DNA test done for Carolina’s pregnancy but she isn’t ready to listen. Raquel then run after her and tries explaining things to her but she still says that she never even approved her relationship nor marriage with Damian because she never trusted her and seeing this has proved her suspicions right and she will take everything from her. Santiago asks her to forget about her because she’s acting on her hatred.
Azucena (Damian’s secretary) gives Godoy documents of the company, among them is an audit that Damián requested from her and she tells him that she does not understand why this has something to do with the accident which he claims could be useful for their investigation but Godoy tells her that infidelity is something important to kill someone and so also is money.
Andres gets furious and confronts Azucena that she should not have given Godoy the documents of the audit, because now the police will think of him as a suspect. Azucena tells him that if he is not responsible for anything fishy that goes on in the company, then there is nothing to fear about but Andres fears because now the police thinks he is a suspect when in fact he rather was covering up for Damian and Raquel.
Cynthia tells Raquel that she should agree to make the paternity test that Santiago asked her, because it is better to erase her doubts but she is afraid of the outcome and Miriam’s reactions after that but Cynthia convinces her.
Laura goes to speak with Santiago and she asks Santiago to accept an interview with the media because the audience want to know about everything and how it happened but Santiago tells her that she writes to satisfy the audience`s problems because she’s been betrayed before and that is why she’s more interested in his story as she truly knows what he is going through but Santiago asks her to leave.
PAST DAYS: Three years ago: in Carolina’s house, Damián pays a visit in the absence of her family and proposes to her to let them go away to spend the weekend together and she tells him that she would not know what to tell her kids and Santiago but Damiana asks her to come up with something since she has been able to convince his wife already to let them go on a weekend time together.
In Raquel’s house, she also tries convincing Santiago to also try and go on a weekend trip with his wife so to rekindle the passion between them too as she has agreed to also do with her husband but Santiago says his marriage is okay. While talking, she receives a call from someone asking her restaurant to do some order for them for a banquet on Saturday and so she calls Carolina to let her know that they have a catering service for Saturday.
Damián calls Carolina to let her know about Raquel cancelling their trip because of a catering order she received and Carolina says Raquel already called her to inform her and she is really happy about her first cooking and Damian states that he can see Carolina is more interested in that business than to be with him and Carolina tells him that maybe this is a signal telling them to rethink about what they are doing that it is a wrong thing but Damian says all he thinks about is being with her and nothing else so, they agree to meet at the shop.
Santiago tells Nacho that he is afraid because nowadays Carolina has been behaving so strange towards him ever since she decided to work and Nacho thinks he has nothing to fear about because he and Carolina has been together ever since they were kids but Santiago says it’s because now Carolina feels suddenly that he feels he is not enough to give her the life she wants. Nacho then advises him that if that is Carolina’s wish then he shouldn’t go against it if not she will resent him for the rest of his life but Santiago says that is the problem but still Nacho thinks he has to support and understand her idea but still do his work as the man of the house and never go against the decision she’ taking to work. 
Carolina waits for Damian in front of the new shop but unfortunately just Raquel arrives right immediately after Damian also arrives and seeing that, Damian has to get inside his car to prevent himself from being seen but his eyes already spot Carolina and she also becomes nervous and even wanted to let Raquel cancel the other but Raquel’s mind is already made up. Damian never cared but entered the shop and Raquel asks Damian to stay with Carolina and list the other items they may need for the catering service whiles she goes to get the funding for their first job.
Santiago decides to go to the new shop to surprise Carolina and show her that he support her idea of working and Lola asks her dad to dress up well with the best of his clothes because he is competing with Damián who always look good and Santiago says it’s because Damian was born with Silver spoon in his mouth and always sitting in the office working whereas he works tirelessly with his hands to take care of the family and Lola says it doesn’t matter he has to dress good to pay that great surprise to his wife.
Whiles Raquel gets an advance funding from the man (Miguel) who ordered for their service, Andres enters and Raquel finding out he is his partner almost would have cancelled the order but Andres calms her down and assure her cancelling it will cause her to lose many clients because Miguel knows great personalities in the city. Same vein, Damian takes the opportunity with Carolina and they explore all they can. Whiles in their great romantic mood, Santiago also arrived at the door knocking
PRESENT DAY: Raquel arrives at the hospital and in front of Miriam she asks the doctor if she could have a DNA sample from Damian and Miriam is shocked that and she explains to her it is to know if the baby that Carolina was expecting was Damián’s or not.