Jukulumessu Update on Thursday 31st May 2018


Jikulumessu:Nuno is fired!

Lemba is surprised Bianca still after Joel.he tells her why she is uncomfortable with having him around citing Grandma Candida’s death and the necklace he she gave to him when she was dying and the same was found on Bianca in one of her old photos.Joel intends investigating .

Carlos confront Bianca  on why she planted drugs on Djemila and Joel and with the way he spoke she(Bianca) suspected Nuno but it must have been Gerson who told Carlos about it.She fired Nuno who threatens to expose their illicit affair.

Vanessa wants Carlos performing his conjugal duties and she sent their maid to get her the pills to use for her husband.

Pedro gives Greg options of selling the house or give him the equivalent of his share in  money.Greg does not want to do any and not even Soraia’s sick story calmed Pedro

What is Jose Loca up to?He is seen coming out of a house with blood stain Shirts and when he got home he quickly washed it off.His grand  daughter Anna was curious seeing her grandpa ….hmmm

Pedro notes Lemba is looking different but he was quick to change his speech (Seems he likes what he is seeing) .The rapist arrested was part of those that raped Nzola!Lemba is furious !It took Lui,Pedro and her other colleagues to calm her.

Bruno and Lui still at loggerheads over Nayr,Roberto advise Ivo to let go of Nayr.Ruth is also missing Ivo as she reminisce about the fun times she had with her husband back in Lubango.

Djemila can start recording her album and shoot videos  too.