Fall Into Temptation Episode 7 Update on Wednesday 30th May 2018


Present days: Raquel takes a bath in the jacuzzi and gets drowns herself and tries getting out but to no avail and luckily, their maid enters the bathhouse to rescue her.
Three years earlier: At Acapulco trip comes off and whiles there and having fun with their children at the beach, Damian tries to continue to lure Carolina with his words telling her how beautiful she is. At the hotel, whiles all of the children and Santiago left to sleep because they are not all that much into movies and leaving the sitting room for the three (Raquel, Carolina and Damian) to enjoy the movie, Raquel sleeps off and whiles she deeply sleeps on Damian’s laps, Damián start caressing Carolina to arouse her feeling without Raquel’s notice.
Lola finds out that Mia is hurting herself with a sharp object and she threatens her that she is going to tell her parents about it. Mia then intentionally create a commotion and asks Santiago and his family to leave their house but Lola tells Mia that she is acting mad and Carolina then slaps her asking her to apologize to Mia but Santiago tells Carolina and their children that they are going back home.
Raquel then after talking to Mia about her reason for the commotion, she tells Damian that it seems Mia’s situation has something to do with one of Santiago’s work-colleague Ignacio and therefore doesn’t want him to come back working for them but seriously Damian doesn’t understand a thing. Federico their son asks their parents not to believe his sister because she makes up everything always.
Arriving home, Santiago confronts Carolina as to why she has to slap her daughter when she had never hit Lola before and Carolina tells him that she doesn’t know what happened to her.
present time. Santiago goes to look for Nico in Raquel’s apartment and tells Raquel that Nico listened a conversation with his brother in law and after that he doesn’t know where he is and she doesn’t answer the phone, that if something happens to her, he will kill himself. Raquel tells him that she needs him strong and Santiago tells her that every people in town knew about the relationship of Carolina with Damián and he is sure that Nico heard everything and that is why he became so hurt and left.
Three years earlier: Lola confronts Mia on campus that she didn’t say anything about her secret to her parents but that she has to tell the truth about Ignacio Nacho that he had nothing to do with what she accused him about causing him to lose her job, because if she doesn’t do so, she will tell her parents what she does to her body always as she (Lola) tells her that she will not let her (Mia) harm her family because they only want to work to earn a living.
Santiago tells Carolina that if Ignacio Nacho cannot go to work in Damián and Raquel’s house, then he will not go either to work there because Nacho is Nico’s godfather because later Mia may accuse him also and say that he wanted to abuse her but Carolina upset and tells him that Nacho and Agustina are his employees and he cannot quit the job just for them. Santiago asks Carolina if she is going to accept to go in partnership with Raquel and she says Yes because she wishes to try and provide a bit for their kids like being able to pay for Lola’s fees for her trip and also for Nico to also get his guitar and this makes Santiago very offended because he feels like if that is so then he is of no use to them as a family head and Carolina says, it’s not so but the truth is, her interest also must count in the house and shouldn’t always be him, him, him always.
Mia has no other choice than tell her parents that she lied about Nacho because he did not do anything to her and she says she doesn’t know why she accused him but she did it and can’t give them any explanation. So, whiles Raquel follows her to get the meaning, Damian also calls Santiago to meet up with him so they could clear things up.
Raquel wants to talk to her but she refuses stating that she wants to be alone though she doesn’t know why and seriously, she starts to hurt herself once again.
Carolina goes to see Damian and wants to end up her relationship with him but he tells her that he cannot do that and that he does not want to lose her. Quickly, a close friend of Raquel call Gabriela sees them and asks Damian to introduce Carolina to her if she isn’t his lover but a best friend of Raquel and Damian does that and Gabriela asks him if in fact Raquel knows about their meeting and he says of course because he is even there in Raquel’s place.
Driving her home, they continue their talk and still Damian says, he can’t let her go because he’s fallen into her love and it’s not a whim but real love. No matter how Carolina wants to pull out of the relationship because her conscience judges her, he still lures her with his words and now she has to give in. Then, they kiss each other.