Cosita Linda Episode 83 Update on Thursday 31st May 2018


Episode 83
Prudencia tells Olegario that she and Narciso made an arrangement based on the fact that she keeps one of the binoculars but never touches her again. Olegario threatens her by saying that neither she nor Mariana will have a dime. Mariana and Marjose arrive at Prudencia after Olegario’s departure and while they speak, their mother asks Marijose to tell the truth. It is precisely the truth that generated an emotional break for Mariana who could not understand how it was possible for Marijose to claim to be her. They end up fighting and Prudencia stops them. She also makes Mariana understand that her sister is trying to tell him. Meanwhile, Lisandro sees vivi kiss another man, he begins to follow them. Ana walks on the beach, thinking of Diego who ends up showing up. She tells him that she feels bad and frustrated about what happened to the musical. Then they walk on their relationship. She thinks it can not be that: Diego is a married man and Ana is about to marry Olegario.

They end up kissing each other. Dulce is at school, talking to Miss Nancy, who ends up telling her that she is pregnant. His opinion is to leave school on the idea of ​​”this concentrate on the baby”. Vivi shows up at Alex’s place. She tells him that she has what he needs and asks what is the plan that is not yet raised. Then Mariana goes to where she lived with Santi. He thinks about how she disappeared after the wedding and wants explanations.

Cosita Linda: week of Monday 18th to Friday 22nd of January
Mariana begins to apologize but Santiago responds with the truth. She finally admits she still has trouble adjusting to marriage. In the meantime, Debbie thinks her father has cheated on her mom with Palmira, that’s what Laura told her. She confronts him when she comes home to do her business before going to Diego’s house. Lisandro shows up at Alex’s apartment after Vivi leaves and tries to blackmail him for 50% of what he’s touching.
Finally, Palmira goes to see Laura to make her understand that she does not have an affair with her husband, but it does not finish well. Olegario takes his girlfriend for a dinner at home, but his family is not there. Then Fede shows up in Marijose’s room in a theatrical way, claiming that he needs to talk and sort things out. However, she does not intend to listen to her so she asks him to get back on top. She tells him that she does not love him anymore and, by surprise, he tells her that he does not love him either. She leaves and Fede promised to take revenge.