Timeless Love Episode 153 Update on Wednesday 30th May 2018


Lazaro tells jero ezeq was with Berta but not abused her.
Nata calls jero, berta and ezeq did have something.
Jero gets arrested as accomplice in Dr Nesme’s death…
Berta with German at office:
German says never been so attracted to anyone… don’t know if will be able to hide the attraction in front of others… I know you want me too 
At CdA Melesio tells Augie mosto is in the tanks… Anibal asks what is the mosto.. the grape juice… Augie explains he produces his own wine… Anibal is impressed/amused…
Augie must have some plan in his sleeve… he is not this nice or hosty with anyone for nothing.
Jero gets arrested for accomplice in Dr Nesme’s death. Jero claims it must be a mistake. (hate to say it to our AH but that is the line all say when arrested,  innocent or not)
But they won’t let him go. Carlos comes out, gets startled seeing what is going on, Jero tells him to call the lawyer. Mati comes out as Jero is driven out. Mati bangs on car window ‘you can’t take him!’  (Mati, put an effort, girl, you are showing your ignorance!)
Mati cries on Carlos shoulder.
At kitchen at La B, Manuela teaches granddaughter Alison to cook, tells her you have to eat. Eat the whole plate, I will watch you. Mati runs in, tells Manuela they took Jero away. 
Nata arrives at MR offices. Beth welcomes her. Then Nata runs into Gonzo, big hug.
She showers him with kisses… so happy to see him well. ‘U look mah!-velous!!!’
She is happy to see him so happy for the marriage. She promises Jero will be at the wedding. Gonzo says it is always good to have the whole family there. Charming Nata melting hearts again…
At LaB, everyone in living room assuring each other Jero is innocent. Carlos talked to the lawyer. Lawyer went to see Jero at Ensenada police. 
Carlos will stay waiting for Jero’s return, sends everyone else to Ezeq’s burrial.
Priscilla(is that her name?) comes out ‘My charlie!!… Prissy gets smoochy/charming with Charlie right away… Mati comes back in and watches them. Then gets sad… Carlos is caught between a rock and a hard place. he swears to Prissy that in the end she and Mati will end up good friends.
Doctor who examined baby girl tells Connie and sleezy mom that baby is ok, nothing serious. She is getting IV and they can take her once the IV is all done. Sleezy mom asks how much it costs, Connie offers to pay for it all.
Nata visits Berta at office. Berta asks if Nata came to confirm Berta is working at MR now.  Nata wants to talk about Ezeq. Ezeq confessed to Lazaro he had an affair/swing with Berta but that it was not abuse. Berta says men lie. Nata needs the truth. Berta asks Nata if she really believes Berta would be with a farmworker, who is married, a nobody. ‘I was the victim. That wretch took advantage that I was half drunk. If he were alive I would force him to tell the truth.’ Nata gets up anxious, refusing to believe…  Berta doesn’t care if Nata believes her or not, it was a mistake to bring it up. Berta runs out, Adri comes to hug Nata.
At Ensenada they are taking Jero’s statement… the officer says the statements of the other people who cared for Dr Nesme are not in agreement with Jero’s. Bottom line is Jero will have to stay detained until the investigation is done, at least 72 hrs.
Carlos hands him a picture of virgin of guadalupe that Mati sent him. Tries to cheer him up. Jero very thankful.
Augie is showing Anibal the barrells of wine… Melesio is with them. Augie’s cell rings. Some other guy tells him Jero was arrested. Augie wants Jero to stay detained as long as possible.  (Could they be planning a murder attempt for Jero in jail just like Nesme?)
Apparently the director of jail or clinic declared lies against Jero.
Augie tells himself after Anibal leaves the area: Whoever does it to me pays for it, Linares.. oooh! Too bad you can’t ask Ezeq anything.
Jero asks his lawyer to get him a permit to call Nata.
Jero asks Carlos to tell everyone at hacienda not to tell Nata anything about this.
At MR offices, Adri is in disbelief of everything that happened at hacienda… Adri is in awe of how far Berta can go. She learns Berta is very charming with the new associate.
Adri tells Nata about the fake relationships Adri-Chema and Matias-Julieta they will show at wedding.  Nata is confused about this, what is up with that.
Jero left Nata a voice mail saying he could not leave town because of Nesme’s investigation but did not tell her he was arrested.
Nata tells Adri she is getting a sadness feeling inside from hearing Jero’s voice, his voice sounded melancholic… he said she should not worry so she won’t. Adri encourages this.
Isidro gets with the guy who had collected the fingerprints of Berta… He is certain that Berta is not Gina’s daughter (Regina Gamba). The prints don’t match little baby Gina! Isidro impactado… (FINALLY!!!)
Isidro asks the usual question… ARE YOU SURE???
Isidro asks the guy not to tell anyone… as a personal favor… Gina is his friend and has lived a hell all these years. Can’t just run and tell her the one she thinks is her daughter is not… the guy trusts Isidro to tell her ASAP.
Gina and Gonzo seem to be at an outdoor restaurant by office. Berta joins them. She is happy.  Gonzo gets a cell call. Gina answers. It is the bank manager lady. Very good news. She recovered part of the money she had given Fina.  Gina asks the manager to put the money back in Jero’s account, after all he loaned the money to her.  Gina tells the good news to Berta and Gonzo, Berta realizes they just took the money out of Fina’s bank account (mommy won’t be a happy camper fur sur).  Gonzo offers to put in the rest of the money once the company gets liquid assetts again. They celebrate that their daughter is with them (… NOT!!)…
At mental institution Fina and Blanca talk … If anyone finds out Fina went out, they are in trouble. They think this doctor Leandro is stupid. He left and won’t be back until tonight.  (seems they are beginning to think to get rid of him )
At LaB, Mati and Prissy meet at the fields… Prissy says have a question for Charlie.  (are we missing a third armed angel here?) Prissy laughs and mocks Mati when Mati tells her to ask her the question about the wine mixes…
Manuela and Kari talk about Alfo not attending the burrial. Alfo walks in looking like a dead man walking. Poncho runs to hug her.  Poncho asks her why she did not go, Alfo brushes him off. Poncho runs out and Kari asks Alfo if she feels better.  Alfo has even lost her breast milk so Manuela will give the baby reg milk. Kari tells Alfo she has to overcome it. Lazaro insists Ezeq did not abuse Berta… but he did sleep with her. Alf says if Ezeq did not kill himself, she would have killed him.
At MR manor, Gina is planning to call Jero to let him know about the money, will do her will after the honeymoon, whatever she has will be for Berta (Reginita?)
Nata joins them.  Gina tells her the good news about the money. Nata tells them Jero won’t be able to come to the wedding… a problem in town with a case, so can’t leave town. Too bad.
At jail, lawyer tells Jero can’t get him out, at least for 72 hrs… doesn’sot have right to bail … Jero frustrated that he has to pay the price for trying to save the life of that beast! (now you realize it?? Too late, buddy)
At the church, Antonio brings a wheelchair to Marina (who had mentioned in yesterday’s ep she wished she had a wheelchair or an electric one, very fast acting, Antonio!)  … She is very thankful.
The ‘habit’ does not make the monk… there was a time I was away from God… but repented. (Does anyone get the idea that Marina and Antonio will end up together here?)
At laB, Manuela is with Alfo and the kids… She offers the help of her granddaughter Alison to watch the kids… Alfo wants to go back to work asap. The house is full of memories of the un-nameable…  Manuela says baby is too small (to be left with anyone else)… Alfo will pay Alison for caring for the baby while she works.  And if Jero is not against it, she will begin on Monday.
Antonio and Marina are testing the wheelchair to living room. Padre Severino gets home. Comes with the news that they arrested Jero.  Seems the issue of Dr Nesme is not over.
She is in disbelief… But seems the authorities don’t care that what he did, he did to save Dr Death’s life. 
Augie gets home. Anibal wants him to take him to see Alison at LaB. Augie seems a bit too pleasing for my taste, he must have ulterior motives to go to LaB. 
Alison and Manuela at LaB kitchen talking about Anibal…  Manuela tells her she has a job for her… Allison is in ‘why me?’ mode.
Isidro tells Ines about the Berta identity or lack of… Ines reminds him that Pepa gave the toothbrushes of Nata and Berta to Gina… but Gina also had a hair brush out of Berta’s purse. Isidro tells Ines the truth… with the promise she won’t tell Gina yet. Fingerprints of Berta and Gina’s baby don’t match… Ines asks what if Gina’s daughter is Nata instead of Berta?  Ines begs Isidro to tell Gina… Isidro is more sane and says they don’t know if it was Fina who caused the confusion.  Ines says Berta continues meeting with Fina, and outside the psych hospital.. That is why Panchita thought she saw Pepa in a car talking to Berta. They called the director of the clinic and he assured them Pepa was there. Isidro says the more reason you should be quiet until he can get the evidence that Nata is Gina’s true daughter.  He will investigate and will find a way to get Nata’s fingerprints.
At clinic Connie and sleezy mom with baby… Girl says she doesn’t even have drinking water at her place. Connie offers to care for baby… but noone should know, not even her husband or Gina.
At LaB they are aware Jero won’t get out anytime soon. For now he is just detained… Mati again acts as knowitall…
Nata is ready for the wedding with a very nice dress on… calls laB and Mati tells her Jero went out. Nata is confused, Jero left a message. Jero left with Carlos. She asks that Jero call her. Or better yet, she will call him when the wedding is over.
Wedding is at MR Manor… Fina calls Berta by cell… Fina wants to know who saw her.. someone told Gina they saw Berta outside with her. She wants to make sure it was not her… find out who it was! Berta says they can suspect if she asks too many questions. Fina says unfortunately she won’t be able to get out so she yells at Berta asking for info. Berta asks her not to threat. Fina says not threat, it is warning that she will call Gina and tell her Berta is not her daughter. Berta hangs up and asks’don’t you get tired of repeating that threat? Dog that barks does not bite’…  Fina calls the MR manor phone to show Berta.  Panchita answers, tells Gina the call is for her, it is a woman and she needs to tell her something related to her family… Three way screen: Berta, Fina and Gina.
Previews: wedding day: I declare you man and wife!
Nata finds out Jero is detained…
Marina visits Jero and tells him she will always love him.
Fina warns Berta either you do what I say or Gina will find out you are not her daughter.