Three Sides of Ana Episode 24 Update on Wednesday 30th May 2018


If you remember from Friday we ended on Ana Lu calling Sole and Sole going off on her for disappearing without any notice. 
Meanwhile Ramiro shows up to meet Inaki at the apartment to sign papers and instead meets with the surprise presence of Ana Le there. She shows him the ring that she fished out from the trash can after Llora dropped it there. Ring is cheap, she says – couldn’t he have afforded something better?
Ramiro admits ring isn’t expensive, but it’s the feelings that matter, and regardless of what Ana Le says or does, he will find a way to Llora’s heart. Well, says Ana Le, blood is thicker than water, and Llora will always back Ana Le for the love she has for her sister. We begin to believe her that even if Ana Le strangled a puppy in front of Llora, later Llora would be convinced that the puppy was an evil alien sent in by Ramiro as a part of his super evil world domination plan. 
Ramiro thinks Ana Le will prevent him from signing the contract for the apartment. She has no such intentions. We, like Ramiro, wonder why. Ana Le, in turn, wants to know why Ramiro wants to have this particular apartment. Well, he made a promise to a good friend. Ana Le laughs this off. He delivers an impassioned speech on his feelings for Llora that will endure time, no matter what Ana Le thinks or does, and he will find their lost sister to reunite her with Llora, and should that sister be dead, he will give the peace of that knowledge to Llora. Ramiro will reconcile with the whole family soon and there is nothing impossible for him. 
Alright, nice speech and all, but was it really so necessary to not so much even speak it, as breath it into Ana Le’s face, standing oh-so-very-close? What point was that supposed to make? You are trying to seduce me or frame me, so I will make sure to put myself in the most compromising position possible, just in case someone should happen to walk in? 
Ana Le wants to know if he has any info on Ana Lu. Ramiro says he doesn’t, but he will certainly promise her that she will be the last to find out when he does. Ah, he has a sense of humor it seems. Ana Le thinks that it’s interesting such a studious, even boring, kid as Ramiro, now grew up to not only want to live in Marcelo’s apartment, but be an investigator. Does he want to emulate Marcelo? Ramiro reads through her and says that it seems to him she would prefer Ana Lu was dead. 
So next time we cut to these two, Ana Le is ready for Ramiro to sign papers. She stretches out her…um…butt and suggests Ramiro uses this unusual firm (soft?) support for paper signing. Now I was expecting him to at least attempt to sign the papers on, you know, that folder he was holding, or any of the dozens of surfaces around, but he wasn’t even fazed. Yup, he’ll sign them right there as soon as she produces the papers and he makes good on his promise. Ok…really?? 
Mariano spent the first half of the episode putting his foot in the mouth and the second half having trouble with its removal. He goes to see Llora and tells her that he is like a father to her and ask her to trust him more. Llora cries and thinks she doesn’t deserve what Ramiro has “done” to her. We respectfully disagree and opine that she deserves to be hit over the heat with a heavy stick, preferable made of common sense. Llora wonders why she can’t be more like Ana Le. Why, because she is insecure and sensitive, says tio Mariano. She should also know that she doesn’t need to be by herself, she will always have family backing her up. Llora thinks he means she can’t fend for herself. 
Mariano explains the difference between men and women, and what each gender is looking for in a partner: women, apparently, look for sensitivity and intelligence, and men look for “other things”. Llora takes it to mean exactly what it came across as: outer physical appearances. Mariano does nothing to correct this. He really should have quit (while only a little behind) a couple sentences into this conversation. 
Mariano leaves Llora to her crying and goes downstairs to wonder to Ernestina that he felt like his words did more harm than good. Well, duh, dude. 
Back in San Nicholas, Chana takes a phone call from Sole, who informs her that Ana Lu will be coming by her house and under no circumstance is Chana to either disclose the truth or let Orlando speak to Ana Lu. 
Ana Lu has already, in fact, run into Orlando all on her own. Cue usual telenovela verbal exchange of misunderstandings: Orlando wants to tell her the truth about why Sole had to leave town so quickly. Ana Lu already “knows”, and it’s sensitive personal info, so she asks Orlando to stay out of it. Orlando is very confused. 
Creepy Valentin has come to visit Llora and cheer her up. He is entertained by Abue, who listens to his story, but says that Llora won’t be able to see him – she is very depressed. Tin asks to play oboe to abue, and when Llora hears him play from upstairs, she interrupts her blame relocation session (in which she was explaining Leonor how what happened with Ramiro is all Leonor’s fault, as the latter encouraged Llora to go after Ramiro) and joins Valentin downstairs. They play for a while and she cracks a smile. Let’s finish Llora’s storyline right here at this smile, as I doubt it will get any better and I am not sure how many more crying sessions we can take. 
Ana Lu comes to visit Chana, and gets money for the things in their store that Chana sold. Ana Lu asks Chana to read cards to Santi. Chana says she sees a woman, who meant a lot to Santi, sees intrigues and betrayal. She sees three women. One of them is noble and her love can potentially save others.  One woman is his wife and another is his lover. Santi needs to prepare – things are about to change and there is death in the cards as well. 
Ana Lu is affected by this reading. Chana asks for a couple of minutes alone with Ana Lu. Ana Lu tells her again about her own dream of three women and three girls. Chana insists that when Santi finds out truth about his past, Ana Lu will understand the significance of three girls. (Ok, Chana – you could just tell her a part of this truth right now, couldn’t you??) Santi is about to go to Costa Paraiso, meet his wife and ask for divorce, explains Ana Lu. He will go, says Chana, but will not return (are we to understand that this means the memory will be recovered soon??). His wife won’t let him go and she needs to make peace with that. Ana Lu is not the wife, she is the lover of a married man. 
Ana Lu is distraught, but they make plans to leave anyway. Turns out all the tires are flat on Santi’s taxi, and he is off to get that fixed. Who could have done that, wonders Ana Lu. Well, Chana’s list is short and only has Orlando’s name on it. 
Meanwhile at the house of depression, Valentin wants to know what troubles Llora. She doesn’t want to tell him, as she betrayed him. She finally spills the whole Ramiro story. If Llora will still have him, Valentin is willing to forgive it all. Will she be his girlfriend? She will, and she also promises to never betray him again. She also reiterates her promise to not trust anybody any more (I have to say, Valentin played it well here – right into Llora’s issues. He started lamenting that he is an “incomplete” man compared to Ramiro, what can he expect from women. Llora ate it right up).
Tin later tells Abue that he is in love with Llora. Leonor listens and tries to burn him with her gaze. Later, in a conversation with Llora, Leonor tells her that she didn’t expect it and Llora is making a mistake. Leonor wonders if, perhaps, all Ramiro told Llora about Ana Le was true, and Llora is appalled at the suggestion . 
Meanwhile at the constructora, Ana Le brings the signed contract and hands it to Inaki. He is to remember nobody must know about it, and if he spills the beans, nobody can know that Ana Le signed the contract. Why would she do this in the first place, wonders Inaki. Ramiro is an old friend and she wanted to help. Inaki leaves and Ana Le is giddy with the knowledge that Inaki will be fired this very day. So she was planning on spilling the beans herself to the uncle, with a side of some Ana Le made-up events. 
Inaki, as it turns out, is not that dumb and not having bought this act, goes directly to tio’s office and tells him that Ana Le signed this contract despite the problems the family has with Ramiro. Mariano is outraged and storms into Ana Le’s office for an explanation. It will definitely be entertaining to see her find her way out of this one tomorrow. Though, like a cat, she has seven lives.