Jukulumessu Update on Wednesday 30th May 2018


Jikulumessu:Pedro Kiala is in town!
Bianca is not glad Joel is still in town ,she meets up with Magharita and they start to plan another evil even though Magharita was  initially not forthcoming.
Djemila wants Joel to stay away from anything Bianca ,he gives her his word (but not that of Kim hehehe).Kim show Joel the pictures he snapped from Bsports and immediately Joel connected the necklace to that which  grandma Candida gave him when she was knocked down
Mario was really smart as he neatly escaped,the police taught they had tracked him down but he left his phone with a maid.
Joel made a proposal to the owner of the store Djemila was accused of theft for a partnership with Musica and all she had to do was to drop  all charges against the love of his life Djemila who was really excited when she heard the news. 
Nina sold the necklace her brother gave her after all the talk from Lemba and Maria and she had to pay double to buy it back when Joel called her to ask for it.Meanwhile Phillipe is really excited about his date with Nina and his new job at Musica.
Pedro arrive in Angola and Walter informed Bianca who did not like the latest returnee,she has Joel and Sara Paca to deal with already.she even noted how the perfume Sara is using is Greg’s favourite.
Nuno has his mouth sealed about the drugs that was found at the airport and connecting to Bianca,He is sure doing all to please ‘big boss’.
Pedro is back and Greg wants his brother to disappear just like he did when their parents died but seems Pedro has other plans like having their parents house sold since he belongs to both of them