Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 283 Update on Wednesday 30th May 2018

Gangadhar Rao asks Laxmi Bai if she has approved of the alliance that has come from Kanpur. Laxmi Bai is completely distraught thinking that Gangadhar Rao plans to marry again.
 The pandit calls for the groom. The groom enters from the other side while Gangadhar Rao comes from the opposite one. Laxmi Bai is shocked to see Gangadhar Rao standing beside her and not with the bride. She turns to find Nanasaheb in the groom’s place.
Laxmi Bai heaves a sigh of relief and asks Gangadhar Rao why he was playing a cruel joke on her. Gangadhar Rao smiles and asks her how she could even imagine that he planned to marry again when he had a loving wife like her. But Laxmi Bai is still upset and runs away crying.
Gangadhar Rao tries to make up to her in every way. He sends a toddler into Laxmi Bai’s chamber with a letter apologizing to her. Laxmi Bai reads the letter expressing her husband’s undying love and respect for her. However, she continues to be displeased.
Nanasaheb comes into her chamber and sternly asks her the reason behind her distraught look. Laxmi Bai says that the strained relationship with her husband is the reason. Nanasahed reprimands Laxmi Bai for not making up to a loving and caring husband like Gangadhar Rao. He adds that Gangadhar Rao had visited Kanpur to convince Lord Dalhousie to release Samar Singh and Karma. Laxmi Bai is shocked to hear this and realizes that she had completely misunderstood Gangadhar Rao.
Later, dressed in royal finery, Laxmi Bai enters the marriage hall much to the delight of Gangadhar Rao. She lovingly casts a glance at him. Gangadhar Rao too reciprocates through his eyes. The following day, Gangadhar Rao announces in court that Laxmi Bai will attend all court proceedings hence forth and that all her administrative powers were being conferred back on her.
Gangadhar Rao announces in court that the idol of Ganapati will be consecrated by Laxmi Bai in the palace . Laxmi Bai is overjoyed.
Major Ellis strategizes with his subordinate on tackling Jhansi. He says that it was important for them to win back the confidence of the king and queen of Jhansi. He adds that the first step was to return them their administrative powers.
Just then, an officer arrives and informs Major Ellis that Nelson was creating trouble in Jhansi. He tells him that Nelson is brutally beating up and killing all those who are celebrating Ganeshotsav.
Major Ellis immediately rushes to the place and reprimands Nelson for his cruel act. He orders him to back off and not create any tension in Jhansi that will lead to a revolt situation. Nelson refuses to take orders from Ellis and asks him why he sympathizes with Indians. Major Ellis, however, sternly orders him to leave at once. Nelson sees red and decides to report about Major Ellis to Fort William.
Meanwhile, the news of the atrocities of a British officer reaches Laxmi Bai who is in the marketplace with Sundar to choose an idol of Lord Ganesha. Laxmi Bai rushes to the place. However, Nelson has left by then. Laxmi Bai sees Major Ellis and mistakes him to be the officer responsible for the atrocities. She gives him a piece of her mind and threatens him to not disrupt the festivities. She does not even give Major Ellis an opportunity to clarify himself. Major Ellis is left dumfounded with Laxmi Bai’s bravery and confidence.
Ganeshotsav celebrations at the palace begin. Dai maa arrives with her grand daughter to meet the Queen.
After the aarti, a guard informs Gangadhar Rao that their spy has informed that the Britishers are about to take over Sambhalpur as the King there is dead. Everyone is shocked to hear the news. Laxmi Bai too is taken aback and accidentally steps on a plate of kumkum. The kumkum in the plate falls on a diya thus extinguishing it. The gathering notices that bad omen.
Gangadhar Rao orders the court to assemble immediately after a spy reveals that the British are marching towards Sambhalpur to usurp it.
Gangadhar Rao expresses his concern over the strategy of the British. Moropant wonders how Sambhalpur can be usurped as the King there had already adopted a son. Gangadhar Rao explains that the British have attached the states using a law called ‘Doctrine of Lapse’.
Nanasaheb says that Jhansi need not worry about the developments as Laxmi Bai has already driven out the British battalion from there.
Vahinisaheb who is also present in court scoffs that the court seems to be more concerned about Sambhalpur and Satara than Jhansi. Gangadhar Rao gets angry at her comment and asks her to clarify. Vahinisaheb taunts that what was most important at that moment was to get an heir for Jhansi. Laxmi Bai has no option but to keep quiet and bear the humiliation.
Meanwhile, Daimaa’s granddaughter Ganga strays into the palace. She enters different chambers and is enamored by the grandiosity. Wondering where Ganga could be, Daimaa too searches the palace high and low.
Later, Vahinisaheb has a secret meeting with Nelson. She tells him that since both of them have a similar goal they should team up.
Ganga enters the sports arena and sees the malkhamb pole there. She makes several attempts to climb it but being inexperienced she fails. Laxmi Bai notices her and pleased with her attempts asks her who she is. Nervous, Ganga falls at her feet. Daimaa too arrives and reprimands Ganga for straying into the palace. She tells Laxmi Bai that Ganga wanted to meet her as it was her birthday.
Laxmi Bai smiles and Ganga and lovingly says that she will teach her how to maintain balance on the malkhamb. However, Ganga stops her. She pleads her not to climb the malkhamb as she would then validate all the gossip about her. Laxmi Bai is shocked to hear her and asks Ganga what the gossip is. Ganga trembles as she reveals that the people of Jhansi say that because Laxmi Bai practices malkhamb, horse riding and sword fighting she will never be able to give Jhansi its heir.
Unfortunately, Gangadhar Rao too hears Ganga’s words.