Cosita Linda Episode 82 Update on Wednesday 30th May 2018


Episode 82 
Prudencia is taken on a stretcher while everyone tries to understand what’s going on. Olegario wants to fix the situation by saying that the couple must get married and that what has just happened does not matter but the priest refuses the ceremony. Maya is happy that the wedding does not take place, but Mr Lupe says that since there is no marriage, so much to go home. Diego talks to Laura about the quarrel he had with Vicente and about the fact that they have an affair. While Marijose claims to be his sister, she leaves a note to Santiago explaining why she is not here and she leaves him, very sad, because she knows she will never take the place of his sister. Maya intercepts Marijose and tries to make her confess why she is fleeing from her husband but she can not quite do it. Despite the fact that Maya says that to Palmira and Ana, they do not believe it. When Santiago wakes up, he discovers that his wife has abandoned him and is very angry.
Debbie confesses to Memo and Juan Carlos that Mariana has a twin sister and that they have to go looking for her because Fede locked her in a house. They are surprised to see who is Marijose and are going to help his sister. When they arrive, they find Mariana trying to escape. Mariana takes her sister in her arms and when she explains what happened, they see Fede coming behind them. Marijose sees Fede become violent with Mariana, Marijose comes to defend his sister and show him that he is wrong, that he has taken the wrong person. Fede is shocked and without hesitation he takes out a pistol, leaving them all confused.
Even happens to try to end the situation. He gets in between them and helps the guys escape, he stays with Fede and tells him that what he’s doing is not good. Finally, Memo leaves Fede alone and feels really disappointed with the guys’ attitude. For his part, Olegario begins to investigate to find out the truth about the twin sisters and asks Diego to speak alone to ask him questions. Among others, Olegario lets Diego believe that they can have another brother and if Diego believes in this possibility, Olegario will be satisfied.
In the middle of the episode, Laura is really disappointed when she discovers Vicente and Palmira lying in her own bed. It makes Laura furious and says that Debbie will come live with her. Palmira is very upset and believes she has to explain what happened at another time. Then at the end of the episode, Olegario goes to Prudencia to put an end to his doubts. In the middle of their conversation, he asks Prudencia why she keeps one of the twin sisters that nobody knows about.