Timeless Love Episode 142 Update on Tuesday 15th May 2018

First I get to see Alvaro in his hoodie which makes him look strangely normal now toting the unconscious neighbor with Leoncio’s help to strip his clothes, tie him up and take his car.
Manuela shows off the freshly pressed white wedding gown to celebrate with Kari the only marriage she made for love. Alvaro dons his bad beard and wiggy wig, he is so proud of how unrecognizable he is, but he is clearly such a loco that it shouldn’t matter what disguise he puts on. Fina pouts in the jardin de locas bemoaning Roberta’s rejections while Augie bemoans Renata’s rejection while imagining Renata coming innocently through the woods in the red dress and him knocking her out then climbing on her to spray perfume then sniff/lick it off. He even shoots some of the scent on his own face, I’m hoping the spray hit his eyes, but I can’t say more, I’m gagging here.
The real Renata is talking to herself about being positive and getting the best out of this uncomfortable situation with Jero’s twins and double life. She gets a call from Augustin, He assures he doesn’t want to cause her problems with Jeronimo but wants to know about her other family problems like how is dad and good old mom? She says he is getting better, but the Mad Bad Mom had her day in court and is now in the funny farm. He wants to come comfort her but she says it is best to leave things as they are. He begs to see her and she says yes they can meet but only to return his engagement ring and the necklace. Not to give up ever, ever, he says he won’t accept them back. 
Alvaro urges Leoncio to write some story about what happened didn’t quite make sense but on we go; poor Leo thinks if he is caught as an accomplice he will be lynched. Alvaro waves more peso notes that he will give him when his job is finished and adds the glasses to his costume that is nearly perfect now. 
Senor Hernan X who was so moved by Matias’ talk at the conference is talking to Honario. Hernan declares he is impressed with their recuperation and wants to invest in the company to offer needed liquidity and to help them develop horizontally: they should take him on as a partner (socio.) Hernan’s theme music is vaguely ominous, I’m just warning you to listen up.
Roberta has a great new plan she shares with Gonzolo and Regina, she wants to do something and she wants to work at Empresas Monterrubio and she faces the shocked faces of her parents with saying she knows she isn’t as capable and experienced as Renata but she is smart and learns fast. Regina wants her to work at the center with her so they can spend more time together getting close. Roberta can’t do that but makes Regina feel guilty by telling her that she can’t enter the center because all those pregnant women around will only make her sad that she can’t be one of them. She wants her way and that is to work at EM, so dad writes on his electronic tablet that she should talk to Honorio and tell him that she will be working at the Empresa. Roberta is so pretty when she has just gotten her own way. They all bask in her brief sunshiny smile while the menacing, warning music swirls around her lovely coifed curls. 
Manuela straightens his tie while she tries to calm Lorenzo who is shaking in his boots. Why this more than handsome man let them dress him so badly, who knows. Jero explains his dilemma of juggling the twins, trying to take part in every moment of their life. He insists that his interest in Marina is only as the mother of his offspring and he is dedicated to keeping Renata the happiest woman on the planet. Carlos acknowledges the difficulty Jero is facing. He wouldn’t want to be in either his or Renata’s shoes today.
And surprise, surprise even to Jero, Marina shows up first in THE RED DRESS. Carlos beats a hasty retreat with things to do. Jero asks how the pregnancy is going and she says she showed up because it might not be to anyone’s liking but if she is going to share but still lead her own life, she can do things like crash this wedding. Hmmm.
The beautifully white dressed bride is being accompanied by her group of girl friends. Renata comes to congratulate Kari in her happy day and for the love she has fought for so long. Kari is grateful that she is there in spite of her family’s problems in Mexico City. Renata wouldn’t have missed being with her friend. They all laugh that they are so glad to be there for Kari.
The suspicious looking JUDGE shows up but Lorenzo is too nervous to notice who it really is under all that nylon hair. Kari asks for a moment alone in the bedroom to thank the Virgin for making this her perfect wedding day. 
The RED DRESSES finally meet and we can see that they are mirror images. Marina blames Renata for her situation and being there and if Renata had not insisted she would have gone away but no, Renata had to be honest and tell on her so she can’t escape so there! You get red dresses copied for making me do this. Marina still resembles a junior high school bratty girl with this little speech. Even after a refreshing week in Mexico, I am still annoyed at her adolescent blaming behavior but it is almost funny. Maybe she had a talk with Roberta while I was gone? No, just standing her ground, which she would probably like to crawl under. At least Marina and Renata both get to tell each other how uncomfortable this is for both of them without an audience to see the shame of matching dresses and hairdos and only one galan between them. 
Renata approaches Jero outside to ask why didn’t you inform me that Marina was coming to the wedding? Because he didn’t know until she showed up. Renata admits that this is much more difficult than she imagined it would be. She is frustrated but he assures her he will keep her and Marina as far away from each other as possible. She reminds him that a relationship with his children will necessitate a relationship with Marina too, the mother of his children. They swear love to each other and another crisis is averted. I bet Renata would like to slip into her closet to get a different dress. 
Adriana and Matias talk about how much they think the addition of Hernan would add to the liveliness and vibrance of the empresa and make it more than just a family business even though having more children will assure the family heritage of the the company’s future. Hernan’s only son is an artist and won’t want to join the nepotism game ever. They decide they will work on each of the Papas to convince them to accept Hernan. They kiss and wink at the idea of MORE children.
Constanza acknowledges Regina’s discomforty at being in Fina’s house of so many years. Regina says she knows how much the house means to them and she is happy to be with Gonzo where ever. She plans to add her own touches. I’d start with that evil black wallpaper on the bedroom wall. Gonzo sits in a bit of a stupor.
Honorio teases Adriana babout ut calling Gonzo suegro and she thinks Don Gonzo is too formal. Hon says Gonzo will be ver y happy to hear her call him suegro . He will talk to Gonzo about this Hernan proposition.
Chema breaks in through the receptionist while Adri and Matias manage another lovely kiss. Chema wants to announce the opeingi nof his new restaurinat. So fast? Chema tells how much his Papa has accomplished and now it is ready to open and he wants Adriana there with him and mentions to Matias that Julieta will be there too and he knows how much that means to Matias. Everyone swallows hard and agrees. Matias leaves. Chema talks of his dreams and hugs the patient Adriana.
The wedding starts the witnesses come forth to sign the register while Leoncito takes keys out of the cars (didn’t anyone’s father warn of the danger of leaving keys in the ignition?)
Augie drives along dreaming of licking Renata’s face and sees the tied up, underwear clad neighbor. He stops to untie him and learns that it was done by Dr. Alvaro Nesme, who is not so dead at all. He attacked me and took my car. Augie forgets the sniffing dream for a full minute while he calculates how this happened and who besides Jero is to blame for keeping him from his fun dominator/sniffer fantasy.
Leoncito grabs more keys from more ignitions while the wedding witnesses finish signing and then the judge asks Kari to come around to sign on his side of the table and she cheerfully does so while Lazaro looks on with an idiot’s smile. The nylon hirsute Alvaro/Judge pulls a gun, thrusts it in her ribs and grabs her around the neck as she shouts ALVARO. He totally has the upper hand and another frozen crowd watches him do what he wants. 
THE TWO WHITE GOWNS enter the doctor’s office. To his question, now what do you want? Blanca tells him that if he wants to grant certain special favors, Fina is a very rich woman who would gladly share her fortune for some freedom. Fina smiles like the croc that swallowed the clock and says yes, it would be desirable (conviene) for her too. 
Meanwhile back at the wedding turned nightmare in the vineyard. Everyone is screaming for Alvaro to let go of Kari and Jero points out that the police will get him he has fled from justice. He swears he will never go back to jail. He shoves Kari into the back of the red car as he fires off a shot and everyone hits the deck. Marina looks traumatized but I don’t think she or anyone else was hit. 
Jero has the presence of mind to get to a phone and call Penal the officer who should have taken care of keeping Nesme out of circulation. He complains that they talked him into helping and now his people are in danger. Penal apologizes then assures him that he will bring out all the officers necessary to catch Nesme. He can’t believe this tragedy occurred at the happy wedding. Renata soothes him. It wasn’t his fault. She is always so positive that things will work out. 
The ladies all come into the La Bonita livingroom buzzing around Marina who is having pains. She is having cramps and a bit of blood. They all curse Alvaro for ruining the perfect moment.
Alvaro is in the back seat of the little red car, man-handling Kari as if this would make her melt with desire, but she sobbingly tells him that she wants out and she loves Lorenzo. She pleads with Leoncio to not be an accomplice in this crime, to save him self and to save her. The wig and beard are ripped off, our suddenly agile doctor has time to shake and bruise Kari while taking off his disguise and thumping Leoncio in the head while he drives. It’s the hardest he has worked in the entire telenovela. The horses and SUV’s are in hot pursuit of this nasty little red car but all the horsepower in the world can’t seem to outrun this rent-a-wreck. 
Jero is taking leave of Renata to go see what is happening in the pursuit and rescue mission when Matilde comes in to say Marina has taken ill. He rushes off to the living room where Marina is making small of the situation. Jero asks her to not put herself or the babies at risk (expongar) while Manuela begs her to tell Jero the truth. A small bit of placenta as broken loose and there is danger of a miscarriage if she doesn’t begin total bed rest immediately. (gee only that? Renata kind of rolls her eyes as we all do) Jero begs her to think of the babies’ well being and not the nasty political situation she has created by dressing like his wife and coming to this disaster of a wedding unannounced. Renata keeps her cool and is the voice of nobility as always suggesting they all keep cool until they find out what the doctor says. 
The reign of the ignoble continues, Alvaro threatens his red car mates while leaning out of the car and shooting at Lazaro who is gaining ground with the magnificent black stallion. Lorenzo takes a hit and falls from the horse.
Jero is calling the Marina’s gynecologist who is in surgery so he will call Jero back soon. The Nurse says it is dangerous for Marina to move even though she keeps trying to say she wants to leave. Finally Renata tells her they should wait and please don’t feel uncomfortable. The babies welfare and her health are more important. They should wait for the doctor to call back with advice. 
Alvaro has Leoncio pull over by the horse under a tree (look, I don’t know how he saw it either.) Alvaro orders him out of the car, takes a swig from the flask then gives Leoncio a drink from the bottomless flask. while Alvaro pulls his gun out of his belt with its unending supply of bullets. While telling Leoncio in a eerie voice how much he likes him (me caes bien) while he cocks the pistol. We stop the episode expecting the worst. 
Next: Marina claims to be humiliated, Alvaro claims to be justified while Kari begs for mercy and Fina claims to really love Roberta and wants her out of the evil clutches of Regina (really she just wants all that money.) What can I say? She’s the one in a white gown with dreams of domination. Sorry for leaving you another mess to sweep up, Jules.