Three Sides of Ana Episode 15 Update Tuesday 15th May 2018

Santi is discussing with Remedios why he remembers Ev (just saw him, not actually recovering memory, Rem is disappointed). Santi needs to talk to Ev, as he holds the only key to finding out who Santi was and why he was with Rem’s husband in one car on the day of the accident. 
Ev is huddling with the grandsons, tells them to follow Sole and Ana Lu and watch out for Santi/Marcelo. Gives them Marcelo’s picture. What should we do with him granddad? Why – kill, of course. 
New stuff: 
Ana Lu and Sole discuss Ana Lu’s complicated situation. Maybe Evaristo is wrong and Santi is not a criminal. No one knows who he is, Santiago doesn’t exist, wisely says Sole. He might wake up a completely different person tomorrow. The fact of the matter is that from now on Ana Lu will never see him with the same eyes, now that she knows he might have a criminal past, says Sole. 
Meanwhile in San Nicholas Ana Lu’s BFF is boarding the bus, presumably to Mexico to see Anibal if we are to believe her chaotic reminiscing and thoughts. 
Family of crazies – Abue, Ana Le and Mariano – is at the airport. Abuela sees the dude she had a thing with and is impactada. This is not lost on Ana Le – do you know that man? No, Abue brushes it off and they leave to buy some magazines for Ana Le. The man noticed Abue as well. 
At the hostel of lost memory, Santi has a day off, so Remedios prepared food and they are all to go away for a day. Sole is not crazy about the idea, but she is outvoted by everybody and a very excited Ana Lu. They load themselves and their things into Santi’s taxi, and in the background we see Ev’s grandsons watching them. When they arrive to their destination, Sole and Remedios pick a shady place to sit and Santi and Ana Lu are off to walk around. 
Sole is helping Rem put the blankets down and asks her if rich people come to this place. No, says Rem, rich people have their own places. Wonder why Sole is so interested… 
Ev’s grandsons are still in the background. 
Ramiro is knocking on a fence of Sole and Ana Lu’s former residence in San Nicholas with a coin – interesting strategy. Chana is watching him but does not approach. 
Llora is listening to sad music and remembering Ramiro gifting her a CD of Tchaykovsky. In the memory, Llora marvels at how well Ramiro knows her tastes and asks if he knows his fiancé the same way. He doesn’t , they don’t share the same tastes,  fiancé hates classical music. Llora then cries about her fate, who can ever fall in love with her given what she is missing. Well Ramiro is almost ready there, he sweetens her up and leans in for a kiss.  Gina interrupts them in the memory. And Leonor interrupts Llora’s sad memories in real life- Valentin is here. Crazy eyed Tin is looking around the house while Llora comes down.  He came to keep Llora company while her family is away. Run, Llora, run!!
Back at the hostel not everybody’s day is going so nicely as Santi and Ana Lu’s. Inaki’s father for one is none too happy – Inaki is moving out. Why must he leave? Well, that turns out to be an interesting question that sends Inaki on a rant on how he is excited to be out of this dump, wants more out of life than his father has or could give him. Inaki despises what his father does, his father is mediocre and Inaki doesn’t want that for himself. Father is hurt and Inaki leaves in a cab. I don’t understand the point of this dramatic move-out. Could he not move out quietly and thank his father? What’s the need to throw his new-found (literally 5 mins old) ability to afford a better place into his father’s face? 
Llora and her crazy beau Tin are playing sad music in unison. Leonor is watching them. This scene is depressing on many levels. 
Meanwhile out at the park, Santi and Ana Lu are enjoying life and being watched by Ev’s grandsons. 
Remedios is staring at Sole and remembers Sole telling her that if Santi one day gets his memory back, he might not be the same person and Rem might regret helping him.
Santi is also staring at Sole, remembering that Sole asked him to get out of the house and told him he was a danger to them. Santi promised to find out what Sole and her daughter are hiding. 
To complete this endless train of memories, Sole is remembering Marcelo threatening her and wonders why Ana Lu fell in love exactly with Santi. 
Meanwhile Jenny is getting ready for the family of Crazies to arrive. She remembers Marcelo, just only engaged, telling her the good news and she was slightly jealous because Mariano had not asked her in all these years. Arrival of crazies is interrupting her reminiscing, and she is out to meet them. Mariano had a surprise for Ana Le and Abue – the house has been remodeled by Jenny. This is not the surprise Ana Le was expecting. 
Ramiro finds Orlando at the shore. They agreed to grab some beers last time and Ramiro was looking for Orlando all day. Orlando is uncomfortable, no doubt due to pangs of conscience about beating Ramiro up last time. 
Ana Lu is staring at the picture of Marcelo. She cannot believe Santi is a killer. Well, that’s a surprise-  will we get a protagonist who actually has her own opinion? Ana Lu is growing on me. 
Elsewhere sad Llora is telling Tin about all her family, she wants him to meet both Ana Le and tio Mariano. Tio, you say, Llora? Yes, he does want to meet this tio. Tin plunges back into his own dark memories, and this particular one has Marcelo standing on his throat and threatening him to leave alone Mariano or else. Veeery intriguing. What could these two have had in common?
Ramiro is still with Orlando and tells him he needs to find and meet Soledad Hernandez. But you met her already, silly – she gave you a beer. Ramiro is beating himself up that he didn’t know that was Sole. 
Santiago is outside opening the car door and suddenly sees a gun pointed at him. That gun is attached to Evaristo’s hand, who orders him to get in the car and drive. 
Ana Lu, having decided to believe in Santi, wants to hide the photo of Marcelo, so Santi doesn’t find it. She goes to the closet to do so and instead finds Sole’s box – the one she clutches all the time. (Side question  – I must have missed that part, but what is in there? Pictures of her real daughter?) Ana Lu is about to open the box and Sole comes in and blows the gasket that Ana Lu is looking at her things. Cue in a long boring argument, Sole apologizes, Ana Lu is hurt. 
Santi is still deciding whether to get in the car with a stranger pointing a gun at him, and Evaristo helps the process by reminding him he has to think about the women inside. Santi gets in and they drive away. Anibal was walking in at the time, sees them and is surprised. He comes in the house, tells Rem about his good day and adds that he just saw her compadre Evaristo outside. Really? Rem is shocked. Oh yes, he was driving away with Santiago. 
Sole and Ana Lu are still at it. Ana Lu is hurt, but she will get over it. But now that she knows Sole is hiding so many things, can she please have her word that Evaristo will not find out about Santi living with them. Ana Lu doesn’t want anybody to hurt Santi. Sole agrees. 
Ramiro in the meantime is showing pictures of young and grown-up triplets and Ana Le/Llora respectively to Orlando, tells about their characters and wonders about Ana Lucia. He is totally oblivious to the stunned look on Orlando’s face. 
Santi is still driving with Ev and the gun in the back seat, and still does not understand where they are going. 
Predictably Orlando lies that he’s never seen Ana Lu in his life. Man, I was hoping we’d at least move this part of the story along. Another several episodes I guess. Orlando promises to investigate where Sole and Ana Lu have disappeared. 
Inaki moves in to his new house and is ecstatic.  
Crazies and Jenny are having drinks. Ana Le thinks the house reminds her of too many sad things. Abue very “helpfully” says that Marcelo was a very handsome man and she is sure Ana Le would give anything to see him alive. Ana Le remembers Ev telling her Marcelo might be alive. She excuses herself and goes up. I wonder what her game is in this. Did she or did she not have something to do with Marcelo’s disappearance? 
Santi is STILL driving, as the writers attempts to find out how many filler scenes they can fit in one episode. Current number is 1037 and counting… 
Orlando is wandering around town and remembers Sole scrambling to lock Ana Lu up when Ramiro was visiting. Something smells fishy to our little genius Orlando. 
Finally Ev and Santi get somewhere. They clearly drove all day, because it’s now dark. No wonder it seemed like that scene went on for hours! Ev wants to know why Santi is calling Rem madrina. Santi tells the whole story of accident, Rem’s husband, no memory. What about Ev – why does he want to kill Santi? Because, says Ev, Alfredo – Remedios’s husband – showed him pictures of Santi and told him he is a dangerous murderer. Santi is shocked.