Madhubala Episode 140 Update on Tuesday 15th May 2018

Part 1
Madhu asks Dips where RK is? Dips says… enouf.. ! Bittu tells Madhu that they have located RK … he is at Karjat Farmhouse! He says RK has called Madhu there! Radha thanks God ..n asks Madhu to chide RK!
Madhu says.. they [she and Bittu] will go today itself n chide RK! Shammo chides Trish for talking rudely with Madhu..! Paddo shares with Shammo that RK is at farmhouse n Madhu has gone there as well .. n duo heave a sigh of relief..! Trish taunts again on Shammo-Paddo bonding just for Madhus sake! She taunts that Madhu got a hubby …n that too Superstar RK .. n all got what they want except her! Shammo tries to reason with Trish but she says.. he is talking from Madhus area..where he cant see anything ..! Trish walks off… Paddo tries to follow but Shammo stops her keeping his hand on her shoulder!
RK is sitting recollecting Dips taunts..! He breaks a lantern sort of thing ..n same time Madhus car breaksdown..! Driver is checking..says..will get mechanic..! Driver asks Madhu to wait and heads off..! Madhu is at a marriage venue n there are fireworks and loud music..! Madhu is scared in the dark..! RK feels Madhus presence! He comes to the spot..! BG-Hum hai dewane instrumental..! Madhu walks towards RK ..! Eyelocks
Duo ask each other.. how the other found out..that they are there? Both say.. just got to know! RK asks Madhu what she is doing there? Madhu asks..why he din call? RK says..he did. n Madhu says..’Jab jaan nikal gai’! She asks why he din turn up but RK evades! RK is fixing his car and hears fireworks and says.. ‘Wonder who it is.. who is ushering in another storm by marrying on this stormy nite..’! RK hurts his hand n Madhu blows air on it n bandages with dupatta..! BG- Hum hai dewane!
RK says he is fine! Asks why she came? Madhu says she was angry ..he was missing..din call..din come to her moms place! She says she came to disobey him! RK says coz he said to go left n she went right! Madhu is hurt n says its not a joke!
Part 2
RK says its funny that just as her anger is bursting on him.. fireworks are bursting too! He says..its funny that his pain is on her face.. that he could feel she is here n she too could feel his presence!
RK says.. god had time so sent her in his life… he is mad..she is madder.. n despite it all …he loves her like mad..! Madhu is stunned!
Part 3
RK says.. 10 crore gals of his age.. but he fell in love with her..! Madhu is in tears n in a daze! BG – Hum hai dewane… flashbacks of RK-Madhu scenes!
Precap — Madhu asks RK to say it.. slowly .. whichever way he wants.. n RK grinds his teeth and says.. ‘I LOVE U MADHU’ … n says it three times..! RK closes in on Madhu for a kiss…! Madhus eyes are closed..!