Jukulumessu Update on Tuesday 15th May 2018

Jikulumessu:Carlos is on the hot seat!
Kim travels to trail Carlos and she was able to get something against him.he was with a fellow male and not a conference like he lied to his sister and family.Coincidentally Gerson was in the same town and place as Carlos….hmmmmm
Vanessa spying on her mum yielded nothing as all she had with Paulo was a working relationship.
Ivo finally confessed to Ruth about his affair with Nayr and that he also has a son with her.She is very angry and tells him it is over and just hanging around because of Jordao(Are you sure Ruth or it is because of the luxury)She visits Vanessa for a makeover and shopping spree,she came back looking fabulous and asks Bruno what he feels about her new look.
Djemila goes to visit Joel and the lovebirds conclude that even if Ruth is angry she is not ready to leave Ivo who was at her beck and core at the swimming pool side.
Nayr will not tell Gerson Ivo is dead after her conversation with Bruno and Weza ,She makes herself happy by inviting Clydee who is looking for an apartment to stay with them to her son’s annoyance but she made it clear to Gerson that is her candidate for him as a wife.
Bianca wants Ericsson Leo sued at all cost and not buying Carlos story . 
Greg wants the produce the phone cover Sara markets for Exclusiva which prompts him to request for Sara’s number from Elena who is hopeful this might make her daughter return to Angola.
Lemba was able to video chat with Pedro as Lui connected them before they commenced their work chat.He is yet to be married just like Lemba.
Ivo is to join Claudia as  a basket ball coach on a project.
Bianca rendered no help to Marcus despite his plea so he decides to leave and spend sometime with his dying step mother.