Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 248–250 Update on Tuesday 15th May 2018

Starts with GR-LB talking abt there milan, LB thanking women who have enlightened herShocked and helped her and then finally they thank each other and god.There Malcom is outside planning to burn GR alive sets fire to the temple. GR-LB realize they are on fire and start escaping and find a path but the path is blocked with some pillars.Suddenly the invisible lady appears and tells them abt a secret path. GR-LB come out and Malcom is abt to shoot them and Tatya ji comes and hits them from back. GR-LB finally see PM, Raghunath and the rest of the soldiers lying unconscious. They wake them up and hear a gun shot. LB-GR find Tatya who says Ra Ra and finally dies
Some emotional scenes follows and LB declares the culprits are someone else and Tatya was just a pawn.The 3 witches enter the palace and outside GR-LB are being welcomed. On the way Moti bai shakes her head  at LB and LB shakes her head in agreement. Moti bai then thanks god 
3 witches ask GR if they know who is the culprit and GR says he does not yet and tells they will definitely punished. 3 witches want to be there in the discussion, but GR tells only LB, PM, Raghunath will be involved in the meeting. GR orders PM and Raghunath to go to the temple to find any clues and also find the invisible lady. LB tells she already found out abt her and no one in the palace saw her. They decide to make a painting of her and finally the invisible lady is on the canvas. Moropant arrives and sees the potrait and is shocked, so are the rest of the clan seeing Moropant’s reaction.
precap: Moropant staring at the portrait and the rest of the clan staring at Moropant and LB asking who the lady is.
Starts with Moropant telling LB that the potrait belongs to her mother. LB then tells she has seen her so many times and she runs calling maa maa to her room. LB asks her maa to come back once .GR comes and consoles her. Suddenly LB hears someone calling Ma’am and she finds a small kid. Indu enters and tells its her Bhatijaa and LB is very happy. LB tells him she will teach him sword fighting, horse riding etc etc GR is very happy seeing LB and her pyar lutao session on her bhatija.
GR comes to LB’s room at night and sees the bhatija siddesh sleeping in LB’s lap and dreams abt his kid 
Lord Dalhousie has appointed James Mansion who wants revenge on LB and they show all the Bithur scenes where LB beat him upStar. There Ross is worried that Tatya said Ra Ra before he died. Ross tells Malcom he better save him else he will take him down along with him. Malcom and Ross come to meet GR and want an investigation on Tatya’s death and his last word Ra Ra. Malcom tells since its Ra Ra it means Rajput. GR tells Ra could also mean Ross and Malcom and Ross are ready to faint .
Precap:No precap
Starts with Malcom and Ross blaming Rajputs for Tatya ji murder adn GR telling Raa can also mean Ross. Just then Raghunath arrives and tells that the fight btw Rajputs and BrahminsConfused is finished and they chose Samar Singh as the head. Samar singh, tatya Guru, Karam are shown in the village and they decide to meet LB and GR. There in the palace LB is playing with Siddesh and GR is watchign her .
SS, TG, Karma and some villagers meet LB-GR. SS as the head of the villages gives his full support to Jhansi and GR is happy. Since we need one black sheep out in every track there is one person in the group who is not happy with SS as the head since he wants to become the head of the villages. SS also presents LB with some childern clothes and wishes that she has a heir soonDead. SS invites LB-GR to his sister wedding, but GR tells he needs to meet the king of Jhodhpur and LB will fill in for him.
There Ross is worried that GR took his name and jsut then Nelson comes and kills Ross. Nelson then plans to implicate SS and Jhansi for Ross’s murder to get control of Jhansi stating anarchy. It si showed that the black sheep in SS’s group stole SS’s necklace and gave it to Nelson. Nelson places the necklace in Ross’s hand and also puts a Rajput stamp on his forehead.
In the palace LB is ready to leave and GR-LB romance for a little before LB’s leaves. On her way out LB sees Nelson and remembers Manson and the beating she gave to Manson. 
No Precap.
Episodes continues from yesterdays scene where manu gives a cold stare to Nelson before leaving for Samar Singhs sisters wedding, whilst Nelson is watching Manu leave with a smrik on his face.
In the court room: GR soldiers refuse to let nelson and malcolm enter the courtroom and blocks his entrance with spears but he manages to barge in willingly.
GR upon seeing the fiasco is left flabbergasted in a fit of rage.
both malcom and Nelson greet GR, this infuriates GR even more and he clenches his fists and questions them in an anger tone……who r u and how dare you enter the court room without my permission?…..
nelson replies forgive me ur majesty…..in emergency situations one has to act rapidly………
GR then replies in an affirmative tone that i do not talk to ill-mannered and shameless people…….Nelson on the other hand replies: i am no stranger and gives an brief intro about himself…….I am a special agent for jhansi, and I have been appointed to rectify the mismanagements that have occured recently in jhansi…..then he goes onto criticize the rajput……..saying how they have created havoc in jhansi region…..and blames GR for rewarding them instead of punishing them……
Raghunath intervenes and in a fit of rage shouts at nelson tellling him to control his tongue and not criticize the king in the courtroom.
Nelson replies we british officers never talk without proof…….he then motions his men to bring something inside……..which is a coffin……..Nelsons men open the coffin and inside is a dead body of Ross…..everyone in the court room are startled by what they had just witnessed………GR is utterly shocked too………GR begins to says who was ross murdered by to which nelson replies the same person that you rewarded………dacoit samar singh……
GR is astonished hearing his name……..and refuses to believe this………..and Nelson goes onto say this is the truth and that Samar sing was the one who also tried to conspire against killing you…….GR refuses to believe this without any proof…Nelson says he has proof toooo……and takes out a golden necklace from the coffin near ross’s dead body………..this is the same necklace GR had gifted to Samar singh……GR is left startled………..Nelson further tries to influnce GR into believeng that Samar singh is the actual killer……but the minister in the court room opposes…….GR is contemplating as to why Samar singh took such a drastic step and killed ross……but later reverts back to his previous words believing that samar could never do such a thing but is left confused as all the evidence is pointed towards samar being culpable………….
Nelson goes onto to say I have come here to capture samar singh and arrest him for conspiring to kill the king of jhansi and murdering ross…..GR opposes of this and says i will punish him……..to which nelson replies No ur majesty, ur co-operation is not needed…..
GR then says to Nelson that if the evidence he has provided are factual then u can capture samar singh and arrest him……….everyone in the court room are flabergasted at GR statement,……but GR warns them to arrest Samar singh after his sisters wedding ceremony and rituals are complete……….Nelson accepts GR condition and tells him to sign the arrest warrant ……which GR does sign………….Nelson says to GR we will honour your words and leaves with malcom……….
preps r going on in full swing for samar sighs wedding…………