Cosita Linda Episode 71 Update on Tuesday 15th May 2018

Episode 71 
Vincente invites Palmira to the cinema and she accepts. Olegario is furious because Tiffany threatened Ana. He goes to his office and asks him to respect his future wife. Cacho and Pleon go to the inn but Dulce refuses them. Nico receives a bad note from his mistress because of his performance at school, he hides the note but his mother finds and is disappointed with his son. Ana feels that everything related to her dance and a disaster and that daily problems affect her work. The director decides that she and Roxi are competing to win the main role of the game.
However, Romina will take the place of Claudia because she went to work in Spain. Benny gives Marina the opportunity to do an interview and she is very excited. Olegario asks for Diego’s opinion because he feels that his marriage with Ana Lorena is in danger. Diego does not want to help him. Then, Olegario thinks to open a dance academy. Diego is not sure at first but decides to do it. He talks with Laura to start the project. Marijose who saw Fede with a pistol ready for Santi, runs towards him. Marijose asks Santi to go with her to have something for the wedding. Santi agrees.
They go to see some dresses then Marijoses takes him to the university to record it for the admission test. Santi can not believe it because it is the dream of his life. Palmira has a fight with her boss and she is fired from the bar. Santa and Lupe make additions to the house and find that they do not have enough money for the hostel. They decide to manage the money differently so they increase the rent of Palmira’s room. Dulce tells Maya that she is late for her period. Maya tries to comfort her and tells her to go for a pregnancy test. A few minutes later, they see that the test is positive.