Amaya Final Episode 165 Update on Sunday 13th May 2018


Manuel and Max checks on Constanza’s baby boy and Amaya, Carolina and Valeria also arrive to see him to and seriously they look so happy and congratulate Max for such a sweet child. Manuel then thanks Amaya for trying to risk her life to save his daughter whiles Cesar threw her down from the stairs and she also thanks him for helping her to reveal the truth.
Things are cleared up between Max and Constanza and she understands that she lost his love Max time ago because now she can see Max stopped loving her years back. Max then promises her that he will always look after her and their son and emotional Constanza also promises to never hold grudges against him.
Mauro and Juliana go in search for Lucio and luckily, they find Lucio because of the wings he painted on a wall and Mauro promises his son that no one will separate them again. Eloisa and Flavia bumps into them whiles in search of him and Lucio tells them that his mother is mean and he wants Eloisa to be his mom and looking so passionate he already sees Eloisa as his mum.
Max proposes marriage to Amaya and asks her if she wills to spend the rest of her life with him and this moves her into great excitement and kisses Max for giving her her happiness back.
Manuela and Genoveva get married and it was all fun but unfortunately, Nana Yaw only witnesses it with his blind eyes and the congratulatory messages comes to them from all their loved ones.
Mariana is awarded the best student in her class during their graduation and she seizes the opportunity to advise all teachers to never forget their roles as teachers to educate the children who are the future of their country. Ivan then rents a house for the three of them.
Alan arrives in Mexico When he is told that Alexa Is Jorge’s daughter, Alan says he always wanted siblings and the four of them are very happy.
Ulises is in jail and another convict offers cruelly to shine the shoes he doesn’t have because he lost both legs but still he thinks about Mariana.
Lucio’s school selects a winner for their national competition for young artist and it falls on Lucio.
Mauro proposes marriage to Eloisa and thinks it’s been long overdue because they deserve to be happy. Same vein, Chalo and Hector also look happy as a couple as they enjoy the morning with Max’s 3in1 coffee.
Heriberto gathers confidence and tells Mauro about his love for Flavia and she also discloses to her father about the great love she also has for Heriberto and Mauro accepts Heriberto because he believes only in love and not riches and therefore his background doesn’t matter to him but the great love they have for each other.

Flavia and Max pay a visit to their mum at the psychiatric hospital but she walks away as she finds it difficult recognizing them and this makes them very sad.
Cesar visits his mother but she doesn’t recognize him and only remembers when an overwhelmed Cesar turns his back to her and doesn’t see her gesticulating but Cesar thinks she is only pretending and should stop and help him get out of town.
Days later he enters the Nescafe plant and explodes the plant whiles they were in a meeting and Max goes after him after discovering him and Cesar flees in his car and Max persecutes him, later on foot they climb to the roof of a building. Cesar tries haunting Max with a gun but Max still advises him to turn himself up to the police but Cesar tells him he will not after taking all that belongs him and before putting the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, he says his death will be on Max’s head for taking everything that belongs to him and after, he pulled the trigger and falls down and die.
Mauro visits Lucrecia to inform her that Cesar is dead and he becomes very depressed.
The soap opera ends when Amaya and Max getting married in El-Paraiso.