Timeless Love Episode 141 Update on Monday 14th May 2018

Jero admits to Nata that he slept with Marina because he felt rejected and hurt; he took refuge in Marina the same way that Nata did with Augie. Nata tells him she never slept with Augie. Jero apologizes and understands why Nata’s feelings He was honest with Marina from the start about what their relationship was. None of that matters now, says Nata. Maritata is expecting his babies regardless. Jero assures Nata that they can face the future together. Nata wants to believe him but she is terrified that they won’t be able to withstand it all. Jero holds her close and comforts her.

Augie asks Zeke if anyone has heard from Arely. He lectures Zeke on loyalty and I start fearing for his life.

Things have lightened up tenfold over at Jero and Nata’s. They enjoy breakfast in bed and several flirty kisses. Nata hurries off to shower and Jero waxes poetic about becoming a father.

Chema’s Padre and Adriana show Chema around his new restaurant. Needless to say, he is in love with the place.

He-Who-Should-Be-Pushing-Up-Daisies sneaks into a legitimate Doctor’s office to steal money out of the safe.

All the ladies of the hacienda help Karina prepare for her wedding. She looks radiant.

Jero checks in with Marina. She is excited but nervous about having twins. They will need double the care and love. Jero agrees to help her every step of the way. He wants to cover all the expenses concerning their children. Marina softens to the idea.

Nata meets with Roberta in the hospital waiting room. Berta can’t waste a good opportunity to pour salt in Nata’s wounds about the twins. She calls Marina a home-wrecker but Nata doesn’t feel that way. Nata and Jero were separated when Marina got pregnant. “But how can you accept it?” Berta asks. “Marina has already done your job by giving Jero children. And any babies you have with him will probably be born crazy like your mother.” Oh, as if we needed more proof that Fina’s viciousness is genetic. She’s sitting right there on the couch talking out of her…uh…big mouth.

The psychiatrist looks over Fina’s file and worries about her state of mind. Fina stares off unresponsively.

Nata begs Berta to keep a lid on it about the twins. Berta agrees but not before asking why Nata thinks Augie is a murderer. Nata tells her to keep her lip zipped about that too. Berta calls Augie to debrief him on the fact that Nata thinks he is a murderer like Fina. She warns him that if he doesn’t clear his name soon, his plan is going to fall through.

Regina, Constanza, and Nata visit Gonzo. He’s allowed to return home that very day! The ladies tell Nata that the Monterrubio Mansion is now Nata’s. Nata how considerate Gonzo is but she doesn’t need the house. As they continue talking, Nata succeeds in making Gonzo smile in his slumber.

In a montage of the next day, we see the doctor freaking out about his empty safe, Lazaro and Carlos fiddle around in the lab and Carlos injures himself, Gonzo is brought home and is comforted by his family, and Fina is evaluated by the prison psychiatrist. Fina whispers “I am Regina Soberon!” Hmm. This bit seems so rushed and out-of-place it makes me wonder if they cut scenes and edited this together to speed things up.

Nata and Jero arrive at the hacienda and are greeted warmly by Carlos and Matilde. Jero teases Carlos for how accident-prone he’s been recently. Mati questions Nata about her family.

Meanwhile in the D.F, the day of Fina’s sentencing has finally arrived. Regi & Antonio, Ines & Isidro, and Hon & Con wait with baited breath to hear the verdict. The judge declares Fina mentally unstable and decides to have her sent to the female manicomo. The Monterrubios and Friends are outraged and Regina bursts into tears. Fina sneaks a wink at Regina, which goes unnoticed by the cops and the press.

Alone in her room, Berta revels that Fina is going to spend the rest of her days behind bars. Though a momentary shadow of sadness crosses her face. 

Regina cries to Connie and Ines about Fina’s wink. She wonders what Fina would have to gain by playing crazy if she was going to be in jail regardless. Connie is sure it’s because Fina will be treated much more gently in the madhouse than in prison. “How can the experts be so fooled by her?” Connie (and the audience) wonders. Regina takes small comfort in the fact that Fina will be in jail for life. Fina giggles in her mind. “You think this is a goodbye, but it’s only a ‘see you later’, Regina. And to the rest of the Monterrubios!”

Matias gives Gonzo an iPad-like computer so he can type out his thoughts and listen to music. Of course, the song that’s played is the Gonzo/Regina love theme. I have to wonder why no one thought to get one of these back when Connie was the mute in the family but I digress.

Matias promises Gonzo that Fina is going to jail and will never hurt any of them again. The entire family is going to support Gonzo’s recovery. Mat reminisces about when he was a kid. He and Gonzo went fishing together and everyone called Gonzo “El Priata” (The Pirate) because he was always looking for treasure. Mat says the greatest treasure is the love and care that Gonzo has given him throughout the years. D’aww.

Regina speaks to the press about the crummy verdict. Monterrubio and Co. regroup outside. Antonio tells everyone that he is going to continue on the path to becoming a priest. He’s going to study in a parish in Ensenada, mostly because Nata and Jero live there. As everyone strolls away, Regina can’t get Fina’s wink out of her mind.

La Bonita is all aflutter about the wedding. They’re preparing a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and everyone is hard at work arranging chairs and setting tables.

Matilde and Alfonsina chat with Karina and tease her about pre-wedding jitters. Karina decides once and for all that Doc Nesme is dead to her. I can’t imagine a better wedding gift than his head on a silver platter.

Leoncio greets the Disaster of Disguise at a bus stop. Leo will get paid for his efforts so long as he doesn’t get cold feet.

Nurse Elsa convinces Marina to go to the wedding. Marina worries about seeing Nata and Jero there together but decides to go after all.

Zeke assures Augie that Nata and Jero will be at the wedding. Augie sniffs his magic bottle of perfume and lusts after Nata.

Nata calls Connie to ask about Fina’s sentencing. Yep, Fina is going to be shacked up in the wacko-basket for life. Connie is hopeful that the nightmare is finally over. They can all move forward. Nata is still depressed by the news that her mother has completely lost touch with reality.

Regina returns home and happily hugs Gonzo. She tells Matias about the verdict and doesn’t tell the Monterrubio men about the wink to avoid worrying them.

The cops take the handcuffs off Fina and leave her in the manicomo lawn. She and Blanca congratulate each other on their villainy. Blanca has the director under her thumb and will put in a good word for Fina. They agree to start their revenge immediately. Their first targets? Constanza and Regina. 

Leoncio flags down an unsuspecting driver and Doc Nesme (who looks like a reject from a boxing ring) clocks the guy with a stick. Doc steals his clothes and glues a dollar-store costume beard to his face. He just won’t give up on Kari. Blech. 

Manuela delivers Karina’s freshly pressed wedding gown. She’s positive the wedding is going to be marvelous because Laz and Kari’s love has withstood so many obstacles. Setting anvils up to watch ’em fall!

Fina is unsettled that Berta has not come to visit her. She has to get Berta back on her side.

Oh, what a lovely image to end on. Augie huffs his happy juice and looks back longingly on the time he chloroformed Nata. He gets crazier by the capitulo.

Avances: Renata is surprised to run into Marina at the wedding. Doc Please-Stop-Breathing-Our-Air interrupts the ceremony, grabs Karina, and shoots into the crowd. Ay, por favor! Another shooting at a wedding?!