Three Sides of Ana Episode 14 Update on Monday 14th May 2018

Free Spirit doesn’t want to believe Evaristo, but he tells her she *must* tell him if she knows where Santiago is. She asks what Santiago’s real name is and he says he doesn’t know b/c he had so many and then shows her a bundle of IDs and passports in different names, all w/Santiago’s face on them. When she asks why the police aren’t on the case, he tells her he’s a PI and works with the police sometimes.
Free Spirit asks if Santiago is married, Evaristo doesn’t answer but demands to know when she last saw him and if she knows where he is now. She claims she last saw him when they ran in to ea other in Santa Clara and doesn’t know how to find him and he doesn’t know how to find her (except that he’s waiting for her right over there and she keeps looking at him, I’m surprised Evaristo doesn’t notice and turn around to see what she’s looking at) Evaristo tells her to contact him if Santiago tries to get in touch, its super important, Sole tole him that Santiago is obsessed w/her face and thinks she is the key to his past. Free Spirit gets up, its all been too much and even though Evaristo isn’t done she leaves.

Bad Seed puts on a sparkly ring and is transported back in her memories to when she found one of Marcelo’s fake passports, looking for an aspirin for her morning after the engagement party hangover. When she asked him about it he explained that as a PI he had some rough cases and needs false IDs to protect his secret identity and gives her some kisses to make her headache all better. Bad seed yanks the ring off and returns to the present.

That woman who threatened to sue tio Mariano followed through though according to him there’s no way she can win, the law is on his side, but he’s going to give her a piece of his mind about it! She meanwhile is on the phone about how he’s not such hot stuff and right is on her side. (what is the point of this randomness? Why do I end up recapping the weird business stuff?)

Abue and friend chat bout Llora’s sad love life. Abue doesn’t care about the $$ or social status of the men her nietas pick she just wants them to be happy, unlike her own mother who was super strict and wouldn’t let her go anywhere or do anything and didn’t approve of her loving a poor man, but Abue’s mom turned out to be right, just as she was about to run away w/her forbidden love, a woman showed up and claimed to have had his baby, and evn though he said he didn’t even know that woman, Abue believed her and dumped him and still holds a grudge.

Remedios fusses over Sole (cause she almost fainted after seeing Evaristo in a photo) but Sole says she’s fine now, also Sole’s mom taught her fancy embroidery and Remedios thinks she can make a living at  it, also Sole tries to pump Remedios for info about Evaristo, but Remedios hasn’t seen him since her husband died and doesn’t want to talk about him.

In the taxi on the way home Free spirit remembers all Sole’s doubts about Santiago, and her own. Santiago asks what Evaristo told her and it suddenly sounds suspicious. Free spirit tells him Evaristo only explained why he kicked them out of their/his house and that she doesn’t want to talk about what he told her about what her mom’s been hiding right now, she needs time. Later she talks to Sole and when Sole doesn’t want to tell her the doctor’s diagnosis she says well *she’s* not into keeping secrets and telling lies and half truths and tells Sole about her meeting w/Evaristo.

The woman who’s suing tio Mariano  (maybe I’ll call her Sue till I learn her name) lunches w/ another woman  and talks a lot about what’s wrong with men and her own self sufficiency and of course her court case against tio Mariano.  (Unwillingly and in spite of my disinterest I’m starting to get an idea what the suit is about by dribs and drabs. It sounds like she’s a realtor too and her company had a deal w/the owner of a certain bldg. to sell it for them and then tio Mariano’s co. came in and snaked kthe deal out from under her and they sold the bldg.(and got the commission)  and now she’s suing them. This happens in real life, but I’ve never heard of anybody suing over it, but my knowledge is far from complete and I’m too lazy to do an internet search)

Bad seed and tio Mariano discuss first the trip to Costa Pariso  and Abue going with them and then how and why Bad seed is back to hating Inaki and doesn’t want to work w/him.

Llora tells Valentin all about her family problems, despite  that she only talks about her troubles he’s really interested in her, what she likes, and her plans for the future. She has no plans for the future, sad sigh, she never goes anywhere, she has no fun, if she smiles Bad Seed kills a kitten, (ok I may have made up one of those) she only goes to the foundation and her piano classes, and now she can’t even go on the family trip, *tears up* b/c Bad Seed told her not to. Instead of rolling his eyes, Valentin says he’s glad she’s staying and she won’t be all alone, he’ll be with her *stares deeply into her red eyes*

Maribel finds Orlando and scolds him for not going to school and dropping everything in his life just b/c Analu is gone. She says Analu isn’t thinking of him at all and wouldn’t notice if he was there or not. (Doesn’t look like she’s cheered him up much)

Ramiro gets back to San Nicolas and nope no progress on the who stole his stuff case.

Inaki apologizes to tio Mariano and explains that he tried to call Bad Seed but the number was wrong, he thinks maybe she gave him the wrong number on purpose? Tio doesn’t disagree. Inaki promises he won’t skip work again (to go to the race track) and says he would like to rent a small apt in their portfolio. Sounds good to tio and on his way out Inaki gets snubbed by Bad seed.

Llora mopes, Leonore tries to convince her Ramiro isn’t as bad as she thinks, reminds her when they were kids Ramiro stuck with her instead of playing w/the other kids even though he got teased about it and tells her about the letter Bad seed stole, but its all for naught, Llora is determined to believe the worst of him, and that’s that.

Remedios tells Santiago about Sole’s fainting and family history of cancer and they discuss again Sole’s shock and fear when she first saw Santiago. But Santiago is going to leave the past alone and live his present and future w/Free Spirit, he just doesn’t understand why he kept dreaming of her face. Remedios says when she met her husband it was like they had known ea other for a lifetime, surely he and Free spirit knew ea other in another life. She knows her husband is waiting somewhere for her and they’ll be together again.  Santiago gives her a hug to cheer her up and then sees the pic of her husband w/Evaristo *shock*

Sole chides her daughter for going to see Evaristo behind her back and Freespirit tells her he said she was using her illness as an excuse to leave and demands to know why. They go back and forth for a while, Free spirit thinks Sole knew Santiago from before and wants to know all about it, Sole insists she didn’t know him and says she was just scared b/c since she started getting sick she’s been thinking a lot about her mom dying. She’s not afraid of death, what she really fears is her daughter leaving her and she ends up alone, so when she saw Santiago she asked Evaristo to investigate and when she saw the results she got scared and fled, she apologizes for not telling her and says she didn’t know how serious things were between them, and wishes she could have spared her this pain. Free spirit wonders who is this man she has fallen in love with.

Remedios thinks his recognizing the pic means his memory is returning but Santiago explains he just saw Evaristo this morning and with who and why. Remedios says her husband was Evaristo’s only friend and they bother worked for the same company for yrs but Evaristo never mentioned Sole, who, no wonder she almost fainted, she saw the picture! Santiago realizes Evaristo can answer some of the questions he has; how he knew Remedios’s husband, why they were in the car together, what was his real name, and suddenly he changes his mind totally about leaving the past in the past. He has to know!

Evaristo has found out Sole and Free Spirit are living at the pension, and he knows who it belongs to. He sets his nietos to follow Sole and Free spirit and find out everything; what they do, who they see, where they go, all of it. Also he gives them a photo of Marcelo and tells them to keep an eye out for this guy, the nietos ask what they should do if they see him – aaand my recording ends here sorry ?  What *did* he say????