Kundali Bhagya Episode 104 Update on Sunday 13th May 2018


At home Sarla accuses herself for causing all the problems. Karan thinks about Sameer’s words. He wonders if he was jealous of Prithvi and took him wrong. He comes to apologize Sarla, that it was because of him that Prithvi broke the proposal. He will apologize with Prithvi and make everything perfect again.
Sherlin gets a call from Kareena that it’s her Sangeet after three days. Sherlin was dancing with Prithvi. After the call Prithvi was happy takes Sherlin for celebration. He says he is happy to have won over Karan today, Preeta must be feeling unlucky to get two broken engagements. They will no more get time to spy on them anymore.
Karan and Preeta go to leave in the car together. Preeta says he doesn’t want his head down, but he must apologize for the wrong he has done. Karan
calls her complicated. Preeta says he interferes a lot in her life. She shared with him that Sherlin isn’t a good person, but she blamed her for the right. Karan stops the car and comes out saying he has changed his mind. Karan says he couldn’t risk for not telling them about Prithvi’s reality. He had to do this all, he can’t take a 1% risk taking her. Preeta says she only understands this proposal is the smile of her mother, it’s her family’s hope. Couldn’t he call her once? Karan says she didn’t call him back once. Preeta says she wasn’t idle, and had to do a lot at home. Her family will have to bear a lot if this proposal is broken. He doesn’t value relations. Karan stops her saying he is going to join her important relation. Preeta warns if he doesn’t genuinely and properly apologize Prithvi, their friendship is broken. Karan stops the car with a jerk and realizes it was only a day dream and that he had lost concentration over driving. Preeta consoles Karan that she understands he did it out of friendship, his intentions were right. Anyone can have a wrong judgment at any time. Karan thinks Preeta is really nice, he has caused a great trouble in her life still she is positive towards him.
Sherlin pours a drink for herself happy that she will get married soon. It will get Rishab’s neck in her hands, she will do whatever she wish for. She asks for celebration and brings him a drink. Prithvi says nothing can make him happier but the thought that she will marry Rishab in days. Sherlin asks if he won’t miss her? Prithvi says their relation is more serious than that boring Rishab. Sherlin says she loves his insecurity towards her. Prithvi says he is really sure about their relation and their love. Sherlin gets closer to Prithvi, he holds her by her waist.
Karan and Preeta reach outside the house.

PRECAP: Prithvi tells Preeta they must go to her home together. Preeta doesn’t like holding his hands.