Kundali Bhagya Episode 103 Update on Saturday 12th May 2018


Prithvi asks Sherlin to kill him if she is angry, he would die if she cease understanding him.
Outside, Karan decides to call Preeta. He gets a call from Rishab. Rishab asks where he is. Karan makes up he is in practice session, Rishab says he couldn’t see him there. He warns Karan not to put himself in any trouble, even if he doesn’t intend to share his problem with him.
At home, Sarla was excited to see Janki’s hand move. Shrishti hurries to go bring Preeta.
There, Karan decides to call Preeta’s family here, they will witness themselves about the character of Prithvi. He decides to call Shrishti and ask her bring the whole family. Only then Prithvi can be caught red-handed. Shrishti looks around for Preeta. Dadi was dialing doctor’s number. Karan finds the line busy.
Dadi informs Shrishti that doctor is busy with some operation, and will come in the evening. Janki weakly opens her eyes for a while. Sarla was restless and apologizes Janki. Bee ji asks Sarla to give her sometime. Sarla holds herself responsible. Shrishti gets a call from Karan, he wanted to speak to Sarla. Sarla apologizes Karan for forgetting to inform Preeta about his call, and cuts the call in a hurry. Karan sits outside to wait for Prithvi.
Bee ji sends Sarla and Shrishti outside the room.
Prithvi asks Sherlin about the man appointed to spy for him. He asks Sherlin to inquire Kareena about the man. Outside, the manager advices the room service man to be polite to the guests. He recognizes Karan. The waiter says Karan is staying in their room, he was in the same corridor sometime ago as well. Karan makes up that he was locked out of the room and forgot the keys inside. The manager comes to open the door for Karan. Karan decides to see the face of Prithvi’s girlfriend and takes the keys from manager. Prithvi was alert inside. He tells Sherlin someone must be behind them and was cautious.
Karan returns the keys to manager who leaves with the waiter. He returns towards the door, but Prithvi opens the door to look outside. Karan hides himself and thinks he needs to inform Sarla, till then he cant be caught.
The waiter comes into the room. Prithvi confirms he has seen someone attempt to open his room door. The waiter denies and carries the trolley. Karan was hiding inside the trolley. Prithvi decides whoever it was must have run away.
The waiter brings the food trolley into a room. The girl asks him to leave the trolley with the food here. Karan decides to get out of the room someway. He comes out from under the trolley. The girl was excited to see Karan here. She tries to flirt with Karan but Karan says he is in a hurry and gets out of the room somehow. Outside in the corridor, Karan was curt about helping Preeta who doesn’t care for him. He can no more delay the matter, then gets an idea to call Sarla here. He thinks twice, then calls Sarla and says Preeta had an accident. Karan tells Sarla he brought her inside the hotel as the accident was right outside it. Sarla and family panic and leave for hotel. Karan feels bad for the lie.
Rakhi and Kareena was excited. Sherlin’s mother was also there. Rishab comes to greet them. Kareena tells Rishab they are getting a date for his Sangeet and Mehndi. Pandit ji says day after tomorrow is a good day for both functions together. Everyone was excited.

PRECAP: Preeta requests Karan not to go against her proposal. Karan says that proposal would ruin her life. Sarla comes inside and slaps Karan hard on face.