Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1050 Update on Sunday 13th May 2018


The Episode starts with Purab telling Disha that he brought chocolate for her and asks her to come to room and have it. Disha takes Sangram’s interview and he tells his name as Rama Swami. Purab asks her to come. Disha asks Simonika if she checked his papers. She says yes and takes to kitchen. She says Disha couldn’t identify you, but Pragya will. Sangram plans to get Disha.
Abhi comes to pragya as she says fuggi becomes fugga. He asks if she accepts that she is fuggi and tries to get romantic. Purab and Disha come there. Abhi teases them. Purab tells them that he was in Police station and felt that cook is innocent. Pragya says if he is innocent then he shall be freed. Abhi says Police will do the work and goes to make album.
Taya ji tells that Disha has hired a madras cook. Simonika comes and asks did you see cook. Dasi says he must be in kitchen. Mitali asks if he is her relative. Simonika says he needs to give food to pragya and disha. Sangram thinks he feels to be naked in dhoti and thinks he did wrong deal. He hears Disha laughing. Disha asks Purab to share chocolate. They talk romantically. Sangram gets angry. Kuch toh hai song plays…Purab sees someone standing. Sangram goes. Abhi says lets go. Purab says I will be back. He checks in the room where Sangram is hiding. Sangram thinks their plan will end if caught.
Abhi and Pragya come there. Disha says we will not give a chance to you to laugh. Purab tells him that he saw someone shadow who was hearing them. Pragya thinks even she saw some reflection. Abhi says he must be having misunderstanding. Purab asks Pragya not to take tension. Pragya says purab was telling truth, that person can harm Abhi.
Purab catches Sangram in Disha’s room while she is sleeping. Simonika regrets to involve Sangram in her plan..