Kuch Rang Episode 61–62 Update on Monday 11th May 2018


Dev asks Sona how will he know when love happens. She says everything will look beautiful around you and u will be in pleasant mood, everything will look pink rosy. He says it is like saying with pink tainted glass everything looks pink. She says his heart will know when he is in love. He says seriously..heart’s function is to pump blood. He keeps her hand on his chest and asks if she senses something else than heart beat. She feels his heart beat and gets engrapsed in his eyes… She then gets conscious hearing his voice. He drops her home and leaves.
Sona enters her room and tells Elena that Dev is her friend now. She tells he asked about love and laughed on her when she told it is related to heart. She continues why can’t he see that she is in love and know what love is.
In the morning, Sona gets back to work and gets busy in kitchen. Garib ki Beti Radha sees Ranveer and Neha chatting in hall and fumes.. She sees Ranveer wearing gold watch and thinks he stole Dev’s watch. She starts insulting Ranveer and says he is a thief and stole Dev’s gold watch, all poor people are thieves, etc… Neha asks her not to misbehave with her teacher. Ranveer says his students gifted him that watch. Sona comes and says this is different brand watch. Garib ki beti Radha then starts yelling at her to stay away from family issues, etc. Dev and Ishwari also come in. Neha warns Garib ki beti Radha again to behave with her teacher and agrees that she loves Ranveer. Dev is shocked to hear that. Garib ki beti Radha starts yelling how can she think of loving a poor man. Her husband comes and warns her to shut her mouth. Ranveer says he will leave now and asks Dev to check if it is his watch. Dev says it is different brand watch. Ranveer leaves. Dev asks everyone to leave as he wants to talk to his sister. Radha tries to speak, but her husband drags her from there.
Garib ki beti Radha’s husband takes her to a room and scolds her that he told her not to create trouble in this family, but she tries always. She tries to speak. He shuts her mouth and says if she tries to play her dirty selfish tricks again, he will leave her and her useless son.
Dev asks Sona why did not she inform about Ranveer before and if her decision is final. Neha says yes and tells mom that Ranveer proposed her before, but she did not accept his proposal, but now after much thought realized he is perfect for her. Dev then asks mom how can Neha do this. Mom tells Dev that she knows Ranveer is a mature man. Dev says he is poor and how will Neha survive without money. Mom says is important, but not necessary much to lead a happier life.
Neha thanks Sona for taking Ranveer’s side and making her realize howmuch she loves Ranveer. Sona says she is lucky to realize her love, else for some people it is one-sided love. Neha says she can just pray for her to get her love soon, she leaves. Dev comes down and Sona says he did not have to apologize Ranveer. He says he can bend his head in front of anyone for his family, he leaves. Sona says silently I love you.
Dev goes to Neha’s room and apologizes for overreacting. She says she realized she loves Ranveer late and she wants him to make Ranveer rich so that she can lead her life peacefully. Dev agrees. She says he can marry Natasha anytime he likes, even before her marriage.
Bejoy watches cricket match with family and jumps in happiness with Kolkota team batsman hits sixer. Asha leaves for cooking. Batsman outs. Asha comes back. Bejoy scolds her she left for a min and his batsman got out and orders her to sit till match finishes. Sourav ccomes and jokes. Bejoy says he kept his name on world’s #1 cricketer Sourav Ganguly. Sourav and Elena say #1 cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar. Family’s nok jhok continues.
Garib ki beti Radha goes to Neha’s room and asks how can she marry Ranveer. Neha thanks her for making her realize love for Raveer Radha continues yelling that Ranveer just wants Dev’s money and does not love her. Neha confront and sends her away.
Dev calls Sona at midnight and says he is standing outside her house. She hurriedly wakes up, wears earrings, applies makeup and goes down. Dev asks if she sleeps with makeup and jewelry on or forgot. She nervously smiles and asks why he came at this time. He says to drink coffee with her and offers her coffee. He chitchats with her and says he is confused with Neha’s marriage. Sona suggests him to listen to his heart like he does.
In the morning, Sona comes back to work and seeing Vicky asks him to pick something he dropped. He starts his jokergiri and says he is owner’s brother and she is employee, she cannot order him to work, she does not know its impact, etc. Sona says she does not need to explain him who does not even know spelling of impact. He says IMPAKT. Sona says she got her answer. Dev comes down and clashes with her by mistake and asks if she is fine. Their chit chat continues…
Precap: Natasha asks Sona how she handles her boyfriend in this kind of situation. Dev says Ms. Bose does not have boyfriend. Sona says she has a boyfriend.