Jukulumessu Update on Monday 14th May 2018


Jikulumessu:Ivo’s Secret is out !!

Ivo refused to confess despite Djemila’s ultimatum but finding out the truth about his double life came so easy.Jordao sustained injury while he went to play basketball and Nayr place was where he stayed till the doctor arrived.Gerson decided to offer Joel ice for Jordao and that is when he finally noticed his father’ s picture and had to confirm who he was from Gerson,Celso corroborated this and Joel was shocked.
Meanwhile Djemila was waiting to reveal truth to Joel too,she later went back to Dieji and tolsd Joel while she had been avoiding him and what she knows about the Ivo and Nayr story.

Joel made sure his father jettisoned his absconding through the help of his uncle Bruno and feels his dad calling a family meeting to reveal his lies will help.

Nayr is now more determined to tell Gerson the truth but got more surprises when she found out at Joel’s house Laura had been dead for fifteen years and Ivo did not tell her!Ruth feels something is up especially after Nayr fainted on hearing the death of Laura.

Vanessa suspects her mother is having an affair with Paulo and she decides to play detective on the matter.

Williams wants to recruit a new student into their prostitution ring.

Carlos is going to a weekend getaway and it is the same place Gerson mentioned for his getaway to his mum (I feel these guys are gays ……just like Windeck we will only conclude and not see ‘anything’)

Nayr needs Joel to help her with Gerson but he would not follow her method as she wants to shut Ivo out of their lives and not meet his siblings.

Kim is going to travel to the same place Carlos is going to get info about him after Vanessa spilled about her husband’s movement to her as they need an ace since he will be handling the Ericcson Leo case on behalf of Bsports.