Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 242–244 Update on Monday 14th May 2018

Starts with GR telling LB that they both will deal with this issue now. There Sakku wakes up from a bad dream and is terrified. Sakku’s servant comes and informs LB asked her to come to the court. In the court PM is informing GR that kosh is full LB is staring at Tatya ji, PM and Raghunath and then at the 3 witches and thinking who out of three did the witches choose. The scene shifts btw the 3 suspects, 3 witches and LB for a while.

LB goes to PM and tells Raghunath and Tatya are with the 3 witches and are betraying GR and asks PM to keep his eye on the 2 of them. She then goes to Tatya and Raghunath and badkofiys them abt the other twoSleepy. LB then asks Sunder/Kashi/Munder to watch the 3 suspects houses and do a talaashi of there houses. LB then appoints some women to be GR’s body guards and warns them GR must not know abt this . GR is walking down the corridor and all women start following GR from behind the pillars. 

GR reaches his kaksh and is talking to LB’s statue abt his feelings and all of LB’s women gaurds are listening to his monologue GR is telling some poetry abt LBSleepy and the glass from his hand falls down. All of LB’s women army comes running including Sunder/Kashi/munder 

Some sadhu in raincoat is doing pooja of the devil mouthing “om chaamundaaya etc “and a pair of eyes (invisible lady) are watching this scene. Suddenly the raincoat man senses something and runs to the door not to find anyone there . There in teh palace Sunder/Kashi come and give a pair of gloves which they found in Raghunath’s room, poison bottle which they found in tatya room, a pair of shoes with mud found in PM room. LB is weighing her options on who could be the culprit  Just then tatya ji comes to meet LB and shows her some stuff which he found under GR’s bed. Tatya ji tells LB that some aghori baba is doing Kala jaadu on GR. Tatya ji informs that he knows one such person who does kala jaadu. LB wants to leave, but Tatya ji tells she cannot leave since she has to take part in the final part of naag pooja and also protect GR . LB tells Tatya ji she relaly needs to find out “kala jaadu rahasya soon”

After Tatya leaves Sunder comes and gives a letter. The letter is as follows ” LB if you want to know the raaz abt Kala jaado come to kaali mandir tomorrow”. There the 3 witches are talking abt there master plan to kill GR and the raincoat man is shown tampering with the Ghanti in the temple under which GR will be doing the pooja next day.  So here is the master plan of the 3 witches ” A diya is lit next to the rope of the Ghanti and the diya will burn the rope and the Ghanti will fall on GR killing him”ROFL. Screen freeze on with LB in the center and the 3 witches nad 3 suspects on either side.

Precap: The dangerous Ghanti is abt to fall on GR and LB pushes GR away and falls unconscious because of the humongous Ghanti

Starts with Malcom and the 3 witches. Malcom brings out his men from hiding and says that even if GR survives from there attack, he will be killed by his men. There LB is lying on the floor and the invisible lady goes to Moti bai and tells her that LB is not feeling well and someone might have given her poison. Suddenly the invisible lady is with LB and is asking her to getup and save GR. LB is dreaming abt GR getting attacked and killed.  There GR is walking with Tatya ji in some dark place and GR is suspicious. GR asks where are we going, because this way leads them to some secret door. Tatya tells GR that since enemies are trying to kill you and also since this is a secret pooja we are going thorugh a secret door and GR believes him. There the invisible lady is still working on LB and Moti bai too arrives there. Suddenly LB remembers what aji sahib told her abt a flower for getting rid of nasha

GR and Tatya reach the secret door and a soldier comes and informs PM and Raghunath abt GR using a secret door. PM and Raghunath attack each other but finally conclude that tatya is the culprit. GR asks Tatya where are we going now and Tatya answers to a place whihc will relieve you of all your pains and GR follows him religiously.GR and tatya reach some lake where Malcom, 3 witches and the soldiers are waiting to kill GR. Tatya asks GR to take a dip in the water and come to the temple. There LB wakes up and is on her way to save GR. PM and Raghunath reach Ranivaas to inform LB abt Tatya but they find the invisible lady. She tells them to go and prevent bad winning over good 

GR is ready to take a dip in the water and they show that the 3 witches and Malcom have planted spears under the water. LB is riding and GR is walking for abt 2 min and the screen finally freezes thank god.

Precap:Could not find the precap video online.

Starts with LB on her horse, GR still walking towards the lake, 3 witches, Malcom waiting for GR to jump and die, Tatya doing some sort of pooja and PM and Raghunath thinking of where GR could be. In the mean time while GR is taking a stroll to the lake, Sakku dreams that GR is dead and LB is crying

Finally GR gets into position to take a plunge and LB arrives and spoils the plan. The 3 witches, Malcom are not happy .LB and GR fight with Malcom’s soldiers and the 3 witches escape before getting caught. Finally LB and GR decide to flee and sit on one horse and start riding away. Malcom goes and injures Tatya saying your plan failed and you need to die. Later the invisible lady comes and taunts Tatya. PM and Raghunath finally reach the lake. They dont find GR and LB and end up in the temple where Tatya is injured. Tatya tells to save GR.

GR and LB are taking a stroll on the (poor) horse giving each other romantic looks.Finally LB-GR are surrounded by Malcoms soldiers and the screen Freezes and I jump in joy

No Precap showed.

Starts with LB-GR surrounded by Malcoms men and PM, Raghunath asking Tatya to tell where GR is. Tatya faints before telling anything. There LB and GR are(fake) fighting with the soldiers. Finally all the soldiers are on the ground and LB-GR give each other romantic look and flee on the horse again .The soldiers who were lying on the ground get up miraculously and start following GR-LB again 

Its dark now and Malcom, PM, Raghunath are searching for GR-LB each with there own purpose. LB-GR are in some dark place and they thank god for saving them and then GR thanks LB for saving him. GR-LB then lights and they make a fire and take pheras around the fire.
Malcom and his soldiers, PM, Raghunath and there soldiers reach the place where GR-LB are hiding and start fighting. Inside GR-LB are giving lovey doey looks to each other . GR is abt to touch LB but remembers LB telling him she is uncomfortable on there 2nd SR which never happened.LB tells GR she is ready and does not have any doubts now. PM and Raghunath are badly injured in the fight and LB-GR SR is shown. GR declares that finally they are done with the milan and outside Malcom is lighting fire to the place and is happy that he is killing GR .