Cosita Linda Episode 70 Update on Monday 14th May 2018

 During one of her appointments with her friend Ana, Olegario proposes her marriage. To Olegario’s surprise, Ana says yes. When Dulce discovers it, she asks him why she agreed to marry Olegario and Ana answers that it is to forget Diego, because she still loves him and that he already has his own life with Vivi and the child she is wearing.

 Vivi keeps complaining about being a pregnant woman and adds that she can not help but feel nauseated and sleep all day.

At breakfast, Olegario tells his family that he is engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world and that he is about to present it to him that evening. Everyone is very surprised, especially Tiffany who is jealous of not being the one that Olegario likes.

Marijose is very angry with Fede because he shot and destroyed his car which could have killed her. Marina goes to get Marijose to tell her that she is going to marry Santi and that she does not want her to interfere in her marriage.

Marijose confesses to Debbie that she can not forget Santi, that she loves him with all her heart and that she is ready to do something so that they do not get married.

When Ana tells her family that she has agreed to marry Olegario, Mr Lupe is the only one who is happy with his daughter’s decision. Santi, Dulce and Santa do not agree because they know she still loves Diego. Tiffany talks to Vivi and asks her not to accept Olegario’s fiancée and not to welcome him to the manor. Nemo and Fede see Santi at the market.

Fede can not control herself and confronts him to kiss his wife, not knowing that the girl is not Marijose but Mariana, her twin sister. Ana is so angry about everything that happens that she almost loses the lead in the musical comedy.

Debbie treats her maid badly when she brings to Marijose and her something to drink. Debbie feels that her father has put her in the house to control her because of her drinking problem.

Laura and Diego set up a new company so she can control everything in the back of Olegario. Finally, Olegario wants to make Ana a surprise by taking her home and introducing her to his family as his fiancée, without suspecting that it will be very uncomfortable Ana.

Santa can not sleep because of Santi’s condition. Marijose suffers attacks from Fede, who feels.

Ana and Diego decide to end their love and forget everything when he confirms Vivi’s pregnancy. Ana faints after the bad moment she had with Diego. Vivi waits for her to wake up and tell her about her pregnancy.

Episode 70

Tiffany and Ana are in the shower of the manor. Ana feels under pressure so she leaves. Vivi has a fight with her sister because of that. Tiffany is very nervous and tells Viviana that she will say they know about Ana’s relationship with Diego. Viviana threatens Tiffany by telling her that she will lose all the benefits she has if she betrayed him. Tiffany is about to tell Olegario about Ana and Diego’s relationship, but Vivi interrupts them and tries to deny the bad news that Tiffany has.

When Ana is home, Diego comes to tell him that he can not believe that she is going to marry Olegario and that she does not really like him. It makes him remember that if they are not together it’s because he did not dare. Ana takes the opportunity to tell him that Viviana is pregnant while he tells her that he loves her. Later, Olegario will talk to Diego to ask him what he thinks of his girlfriend. Diego answers that she is beautiful but that she does not like it. Olegario is surprised. Diego tries to know everything about their relationship, since when they are together, because he feels betrayed by Ana. Pelon and Cacho are at the rehearsal of the show.

Marijose calls Fede because Santi has nothing to do with the divorce and to ask him not to hurt him. Mariana wants to tell the truth about her identity and claim her rights as the heiress of the Lujan family. She is surprised when her mother tells her that she might have problems with Santi because of that.