Color of Passion Final Part 2 Update on Friday 11th May 2018

Rebeca inflicts her final soul-crushing blow on Lucia, who the day before witnessed the suicide of her sister Nora, and has just come back to the Gaxiola Mansion of Horrors after burying her. Plot Gun has its last hurrah as Rebeca cradles it and spews her hateful venom.

R: Nora was right. Your father always loved you more than her. You shone too bright and she was in your shadow. She could never reach your level, and she couldn’t take it.
L: That’s not true, Aunt. I was never better than Nora. I was never better than my sister.
R: But she wasn’t your sister! Don’t you know that?
L: For me she was, and I’ll always think of her that way.
R: I can’t keep thinking of things that can no longer be, because of your fault! Why are you still here, if she isn’t? Why do I have to keep looking at you, if I can no longer see her?! Goodbye, Lucia.
Rebeca raises the gun and points it at Lucia, who closes her eyes and gets ready for the inevitable impact of the bullet. Three seconds later, it still hasn’t come, so she opens her eyes and sees her aunt has put the gun into her own mouth. The camera pans outside of the mansion, from where we hear a gunshot and Lucia’s scream.“NOOOOOOOOO!”
Far from the horrors of Casa Gaxiola, Rodrigo and Daniela stroll through a peaceful park in the center of Puebla. He asks why she called him the other day. She tells him she’s pregnant. It’s deja vu for Rod, and his potent rod, all over again. Yep, it was that one time in Sergio’s place that did the trick, Dani confirms. She admits she almost got an abortion. She’s not asking anything of him, since they barely know each other, but she thought he should know. Rod knows they have a long way to go to get to know each other, but he wants to be near her and wants to support her.
Marcelo has made it to D.F. to Casa Milagros, and it’s a true miracle because Mili greets him with a teary hug and humbly thanks him for coming. Rafaela asks for deets on Nora’s death, and both she and Milagros looked suitably shocked to learn the young woman took her life, as Federico did. “Her mother is suffering the same way as you did.” As Marcelo leaves for his apartment, Mili continues her penance by giving up her Precious— Fede’s ashes. “I protected him all his life. So much so that, according to him, I never let him breathe. Take him with you, and spread his ashes in the way you believe he would have liked.”

Teresa finds Lucia on the floor, staring at the bloody corpse of her aunt, and quickly takes the weeping girl out of the room. Instead of resting, as they were supposed to be doing, Magdalena and Mario sit tensely on the edge of their bed. Magda springs into action when the phone rings, expecting it to be Lucia in need of them. But she could never imagine just how badly her niece needs her in that moment. Teresa gives her the horrific news about Rebeca. Magda drops the phone and can’t even get the words out when Mario asks what’s wrong. She dissolves into tears on his shoulder.
Brigida is also a puddle of tears when Rod gets home. She tells him that Amador was taken from the local jail to prison. Rod doesn’t mean to be harsh, but he reminds his mother they knew this was going to happen, and there’s nothing they can do about it. He hugs Brigida and assures her they’ll do what they can for him. As they speak, we see Amador being led through the perp walk—he’s given his new khaki uniform and taken to his cell. His new neighbors do NOT look friendly, and things really go downhill when he meets his cellmate. “Hey, boss!” The ever-cheerful psychopath Vinicio lets his old patrón know that the script has flipped, and Amador’s going to have to learn some humility, real quick! Amador looks like he’s going to be sick.
Mario and Magda race up the stairs and find Lucia collapsed in the hallway outside of Rebeca’s bedroom, nearly catatonic. Magda hugs Lucia, while Mario enters the bedroom to assess the gruesome situation. Lucia begins to weep against her aunt’s chest. “Aunt, take me out of here! Please! This house is cursed! This house is cursed! Take me away from here, please!”
One month later…Mario and Nazario chat in Casa M&M. Naz tells Mario that he saw Marcelo a few days ago in Mexico City, when he returned Plot Gun to him. He doesn’t intend to mention it to Lucia, because just the mention of Marcelo’s name saddens her. Mario tells Naz that someone was here a little while ago who just might be able to change that…
In the cemetery, Lucia and Magda bring fresh white roses to the gravesites of Adriana, Alonso and Nora. It’s Lucia’s 25th birthday today—the saddest birthday she’s ever had, she tells Magda. She doesn’t have her father or sister. Or Marcelo, Magda adds. She asks if Lucia has had any news of him. Magda thinks enough time has passed that they can now both open the lines of communication—they were both in such bad shape after the tragedies of the prior month. Magda points out that they’re letting Rebeca win. “Yes, I know. And he knows too.” As they head to Nora’s grave, they run right into Milagros. Magda leaves Lucia to speak to Mili alone. Mili says she has an important question for Lucia…
Sergio also has an important question for Leticia. He fumbles for the red box in his pocket, and for once, Leti is nearly speechless. “Will you marry me?” “Si!!!” He puts the ring on her finger as she wriggles with excitement, and they seal it with a kiss. She never thought she would actually get married before Lucia!
In the middle of the deep blue sea, Marcelo sets out in a small boat to exorcise his demons. He spreads the ashes of his beloved little brother over the ocean, and tosses the gun that took his life into the same watery grave. He sheds tears as he finally lets go of his brother, and the guilt and anger he’s carried with him since his death. When he returns to the dock, he finds a vision in white waiting for him. He asks Lucia how she found him. His mother told her that he had gone to spread Fede’s ashes over the ocean, and Lucia just knew it had to be this place (their special place). Marcelo slowly takes her hands as he looks into her eyes, which reflect that she is at peace, as he finally is. He takes her into his arms, and gives her the kisses they have both missed in their month of separation, reflection and healing.
Sometime later…Marcelo is rushing to finish last minute work at the office, giving Normita final instructions on what to do while he and Lucia are on honeymoon. Nazario is the only one who can approve contracts while they’re away. He runs back in a few times with additional instructions, but the last time is just to give Normita fodder for a sexual harassment suit by picking her up and kissing her repeatedly on the cheeks. She seems to like it though.

Marcelo stops to chat with Nazario and Lalo on the way out. He warns Lalo not to be late, since he’s one of his witnesses at the civil ceremony. Naz wants to know why Marcelo’s still there, when he’s getting married that evening. “Hey, I’m just one more employee here. I don’t want the boss (Lucia) to scold me!” He thanks Naz for letting his mother and Rafaela stay in his house for the wedding. Naz is happy to host them—they can stay as long as they want! Plus, it gives him an excuse to go visit Normita.
Lucia’s still packing for her honeymoon, when Tere comes in to tell her she has a surprise visitor—Dr. Roman Andrade. “What?!!” She runs down to greet the failed psychiatrist. Viewerville will be happy to note that both Lucia and Tere now live with M&M. Lucia is happy to see Roman, and mentions that he pulled a disappearing act these last months. He admits he felt ashamed and guilty about the way he failed Nora. Lucia must be pulling from her own therapy, because she’s totally zen as she points out to Roman that they ALL felt guilty afterwards, but Nora was the one who made the decision, and there was nothing that any of them, including Roman, could have done. Roman doesn’t quite accept that, but he’s come to give her his congratulations and well-wishes. He tells her how strong and brave she is, despite all the bad things that have happened to her. They share a happy hug of friendship.
In the waiting room of an orphanage, Mario is getting antsy and impatient, while Magda anxiously holds the yellow receiving blanket that was knit by one of her elderly patients. A nun brings out a baby boy, puts him in Magda’s arms, and tells M&M that he is ready to go to his new home. The strawberry-blonde cherub looks up at Magda with wide brown eyes, while the usually dour Mario becomes a cooing, dopey, doting daddy, right before our eyes. “Do you know how long we’ve waited for you?” The nun asks what they intend to name him, and Magda immediately says, Mario. “Like his papa”, says Mario, with tears in his eyes. He and Magda chuckle and kiss over their new son. The nun wishes them well—she knows little Mario will be raised with lots of love.
Marcelo arrives at one of Puebla’s many fab restaurants to meet Rodrigo, and apologizes for being late. Rod has an offer for Marcelo—his mother’s (formerly, Amador’s) shares in the fábrica. Marcelo is pleasantly surprised and accepts. Rod says they’ll discuss the selling price at a later point—he knows Marcelo’s not in the right headspace at the moment, since he’s about to tie the knot. Marcelo graciously extends a wedding invitation to Rod—he knows Lucia would love for him to be there. Rod turns him down. He and Brigida have business in Mexico City that they have to take care of right away. The two former rivals share a civil handshake as Marcelo wishes Rod well.
It’s visiting day in the prison. Amador asks Brigida why Rod didn’t come to see him. She keeps it vague and says Rod had to go see someone. Amador wants more info, so Brigida tells him that their economic situation is getting worse, so she and Rod have decided to sell their shares in Talavera Gaxiola. Amador thinks she’s joking when she says they’re selling to Marcelo. She believes it’s logical, since he’s about to marry Lucia, the sole heir to the business. This is all too much for Amador’s fragile ego to take, and he starts laughing uncontrollably, right on out of the visitation room. Brigida looks concerned that her criminal hubby’s lost his last remaining marbles.
At Casa M&M, Mario is also losing touch with reality, but Lucia and Magda humor him when he says that Little (ginger/fair) Mario looks just like him. Pequeño Mario has become the star of the household and everyone wants some cuddle time with the little guy. M&M go upstairs to feed him.
Later that evening, Magda helps Lucia get ready for the wedding. She fastens the clasp on Adriana’s talavera cross necklace, as Lucia says that today she needs her mother with her more than ever. Magda knows that wherever they are, her parents are happy to see her so content. Lucia admits she can’t stop thinking of Nora, and her death. “You’ll never be able to forget it, Lucia. But don’t permit that to affect this moment.” Lucia hugs her aunt and says she’s right. “Aunt, I love you. Thank you, for all you have given me. Thank you for taking care of me; for your advice. I love you.” “You have nothing to thank me for. You deserve that, and much more.”
Magda looks in Lucia’s jewelry box, and finds Plot Earring. She asks Lucia about it. “It was my Aunt Rebeca’s. I saved it because…for no reason. It’s no longer important.”Lucia throws Plot Earring into the trash, and keeps looking through the jewelry box for the perfect pair for her wedding.
In Casa Nazario, Mili’s miracles continue. This time, she proudly straightens Marcelo’s bowtie as they get ready for the wedding. She hopes that he and Lucia will come to visit her in Mexico City, especially when the grandkids arrive. She promises to be a better grandmother than she was a momster, uhm…mother. Marcelo acknowledges that he never thanked her for speaking with Lucia, and asks why she did it. “I understood that only with her would you be able to be happy.” The mother and son share a rare moment of mutual love and understanding, and Marcelo hugs Mili.
In Mexico City, Rod and a very pregnant Dani dine out with Alfredo and Brigida. Brigida and Alfredo are meeting for the first time. Brigida gives Dani a cute onesie for the baby, and she happily accepts it. Dani’s glowing, and smiling, y’all!
Alfie gets right to it and offers Rod the job of general manager of his businesses. Rod thanks him for his offer, but turns him down since he wants to build his career on his own. Both Alfie and Brigida roll their eyes. Alfie doesn’t understand kids these days! Alfie also wants Dani and Rod to finally formalize their undefined relationship, so that his grandchild is born into a stable family. Dani ignores that, but joins in encouraging Rod to accept the job (since he would be building the inheritance of their child). She then asks her dad not to pressure Rod. They all prepare to order dinner, but it’s pretty apparent Rod’s going to cave and accept that sweet new job with his (likely) future father-in-law.
Back in Puebla, all the wedding guests gather outside the church. Marcelo chats with Normita and tells her how on his first night in Puebla, he saw Lucia for the first time in front of this very church, dressed as a bride. He would have never imagined that, a year later, he would be standing here, getting ready to marry her. Mili tells Marcelo to get his butt inside the church to the altar. She tries to suppress the urge to roll her eyes at everyone. Leti gossips with her man Sergio about Rod and Dani. Are they really going to try to be a couple, for realz? Sergio thinks so. Rod really likes Dani, and not just because she’s his baby-mama. Leti doesn’t get what Rod sees in Dani. Their gossiping is interrupted by Gloria, who has just spotted Roman and wants to know who the hottie is! Leti informs her that he was Nora’s psychiatrist. “I need therapy, urgently!” Leti yanks her back before she can make a fool of herself by jumping the hot doc’s bones, in front of the guests and the Padre.
M&M show off their new baby to Sara. Sara wants to hold him during the ceremony, but Magda points out that she’s also part of the ceremony, like M&M. Magda takes little Mario to Tere and Lalo, who are in the middle of debating his tie choice (Lalo should have consulted with Marcelo, not Benito). Lalo suggests they have a baby of their own soon. Tere’s up for that, but put a ring on it first, Mister! Gloria escapes her handlers, and does a masterful “trip” right into the strong arms of Dr. Roman. Introductions are made, eyes light up, and smiles are on full wattage. Leti announces the arrival of the bride, and drags Gloria with her to meet Lucia at the bridal car. Lucia wears a lace strapless gown, with a unique 1920s-headband-style long veil, and her mother’s talavera cross. She looks radiant as her godfather Nazario walks her up the aisle.
Padre Samuel starts the ceremony, and all our main players look happy, in love, and joyful for the bride and groom. Even Mili manages to change her resting-bitch-face and crack a half-smile!
As we see the rings and arras (coins) exchanged, the lasso draped across the bride and groom, and the vows exchanged, we hear Nazario in voiceover, reciting his prayer of blessing for Lucia and Marcelo, and all those present.
” Lord, I immerse myself in your forgiveness to cleanse myself of any root of bitterness or resentment. I focus my prayer on the person who has hurt me the most, and I forgive and bless them from the bottom of my heart. Even though they have hurt me, I will not hurt them. I forgive them and accept them, as they are. Through an act of my will, I also forgive all those who have hurt me from the beginning, and I ask you, Jesus, that you also bless them. I pray that we tear out from the root, grief, anger, pain, and all types of evil. I pray that we can be good and understanding with each other, forgiving each other, as God forgave us.”
Padre Samuel proclaims: “What God has joined, let no man put asunder. You may kiss the bride.” Marcelo obliges, and L&M can’t stop smiling as their family and friends applaud their happy union.
Outside the church, Lucia tosses the bouquet, and Normita catches it. Watch out, Naz! For their honeymoon, Lucia and Marcelo return to their special beach hideaway.
There is no rest for the wicked, however, and in Casa Gaxiola the spirits are restless. The tormented souls of Rebeca and Nora wander the passageways aimlessly, sadly, never even connecting with each other.
Sometime later…Lucia stands outside the gates of the now abandoned mansion, looking pensive and sad. A breeze stirs the leaves that cover the walkway and steps. Suddenly, a ray of sun shines through the clouds and Lucia smiles. She keeps on walking past her former home, which now has a “For Sale” sign out front, straight through the middle of picturesque downtown Puebla, where her husband Marcelo waits for her.  They walk hand-in-hand through the square, and stop to kiss in front of the gorgeous fountains in the church plaza, as we say farewell to them and beautiful Puebla! Fin!
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