My Sweet Curse Episode 119 Update on Thursday 10th May 2018


Armando wants to speak with Aurora and she takes him to see the sanctuary Severo made for his mum and there she reveals to her the affair her mum had with her mum and Armando after knowing that believes that, the love Severo had for Carmen wasn’t just an obsession but real and so he confesses to Aurora that Severo actually was her real father and Aurora goes confused and she doesn’t want to accept that Severo was her father but Anselmo is her father. Armando then shows her the DNA Test Severo conducted with their blood samples and Aurora sheds unceasing tears.
Brigida finds out that Luca left the hotel without telling her and she goes mad and tries reaching him but it went to voice mail.
Aurora now recollects when Severo wanted to tell her something because she remembers he called her daughter but she never understood why and Armando says he asked him to fix all of the damage he caused her since she remains as his only heir and go confuse again.
Chalo tells Rafael about his business with Ines.
Whiles Emma and Ines argue about Loli and who her real mother is, the girl over hears that she’s Ines’s daughter and now she thinks that Ines abandoned her and that is how come she ended up in Emma’s hands but the two of them explained things to her but she still thinks that she abandoned her.
Rodrigo day in and out continues to think of Aurora and her wellbeing and how he can be with her again but Elsa always reminds him about his marriage to Monica and how it’s his responsibility to stay by her side and learn to love her but Rodrigo tells Elsa that he can’t love Monica.
Brigida realizes that Luca swindled her and since she has nowhere going, she confesses Aurora that she was only trying to seek revenge on her for stealing her husband from her and trying to killing her back then and Aurora again realizes how wicked her auntie is.
Maximina also realizes Luca swindled her and Altagracia says she isn’t going to help her in any way after acting so childish believing that such a young man like Luca will even love her only for her to realized that, she was also robbed of her savings. Aurora asks her auntie to report Luca to the police so they arrest him and give their money back to them. So, they go to the police station to give their report.
Loli wants to go with Emma because he thinks Ines’ lied to her but Chalo speaks with her and make her see to reason so she understands Ines and accept her as her mother and forgive her and now the girl accepts Ines and they asks Emma to be coming there for visit anytime.
Brigida looks very remorseful and ashamed for trying to ruin Aurora but it turned that it backfired and now Aurora is the one rendering help to her by letting Brigida live in Severo’s house with her. The two sisters the seizes the opportunity to ask for Aurora’s forgiveness for thinking the worse of her because of Macrina’s pollution.
Aurora takes Brigida to Severo’s house and asks her that she will be responsible for taking care of Severo’s pigs and she says no but she has no choice than accept to stay in the house and take care of the pigs.
Camilo finds out from the Batista sisters that he was also swindled and he also reports the case to the authorities. 
Aurora finds out through Armando that Severo was a very rich man whose richness is highly above standard that he can even buy the whole town of El-Salado and that is why he became his financial adviser and with him he was able to generate more interest for Severo with his money in the bank. So, he suggests to Aurora that even if she wants to go to any university in the world she is free to do so with the money. Aurora doesn’t know what to do with that huge money all she wants is to go to school and take care of her unborn child she never wants Rodrigo to know about.
Armando then suggests to Aurora to let him manage her inheritance for her because he isn’t a bad person but only obeyed Severo’s orders which made him look so. Armando asks for Aurora’s forgiveness for all the wrongs he committed against her and Aurora forgives him.
Father Basilio asks Rodrigo to talk to Aurora before she goes to Mexico because she will come to the parish to say goodbye to him but Monica eavesdrops their conversation and she tries to avoid that Rodrigo speaks with Aurora. So, she confronts Father Basilio as to why he will advise a married man to see his ex-girlfriend.
Father arrives in the parish and asks Aurora to tell Rodrigo because he won’t be long to get there but she still insist that he never know about the pregnancy. Immediately he left, Rodrigo doesn’t arrive on time to speak with Aurora and tells her he left.
Monica receives a letter Corina left behind for her and after she reads that her mother left her telling her that since she never even cared about her, she’s gone for good and she will have to think about herself from now onwards. Monica then asks Elsa to do her best to help her with her marriage with her son since now they are the only family she has.
Altagracia throws her sister Maximina out of her house for acting childish and allow a robber into their house to leave them financially handicap.
Apolonia is worried for Aurora because now she has no money as the little she saved was robbed from her. Same vein, Elsa also looks worried with same thought.
Armando and Aurora arrive in Mexico City and he buys her a well-furnished house and assures her he’s willing to do more for her since that was Severo’s last words that he takes care of her because he doesn’t want to leave Aurora alone. Aurora begins to study right away for her future.