Madhubala Episode 138 Update on Friday 11th May 2018


Part 1
Madhu ends up bumping into Radha while leaving for home..! She shares that she is going to her moms place! Radha asks her to convey her apologies to Paddo for her behaviour ! Madhu reassures her!
Madhu shares with Radha that she has invited RK for lunch at her moms place ! Shammo asks Trish not to force Paddo. .but Trish refuses to budge! She keeps rubbing it to Paddo that Shammo did it all for Madhu.! Shammo defends Madhu saying Madhu is right in her place! Trish fumes!
Trish reminds Paddo about Shammos sacrifices for them ..and accuses Paddo of having used Shammo! Shammo slaps her! Asks her to apologise to Paddo but Trish goes off! Shammo reassures Paddo that he wont be around when Madhu comes..!
Madhu arrives at the chawl, recollects her words with Shammo..! She sees Paddo! Madhu asks Paddo what she is doing in Romas room? Paddo diverts saying she had gone to clean only! Madhu feels awkward inviting RK to the chawl but Paddo asks her to relax!
Paddo shares Shammo isnt around as he thought things would get messy and about Trish, she has gone out for work! Madhu says..she will win over Trish soon enouf!
Paddo is worried about what to cook for RK n Madhu says.. daal-chawal! Paddo asks Madhu why the sudden plans? Madhu feels shy!
RK is getting ready and Madhus dupatta falls on his head! He recollects the water splashing incident.. n other moments with Madhu! Dips arrives n taunts how RK is lost in someones thoughts.. n RK says.. Madhu.. HIS WIFE!
Madhu is all excited n Paddo asks her to calm down..! RK walks straight out of the house..n Radha tells Bittu to handle the meeting .. as RK is going to Madhus place for lunch! Madhu keeps trying RKs moby but its switched off! Madhu says she wanted to introduce her RISHU to Paddo..the guy she loves n Paddo says..she knew before Madhu ..that the duo love each other! Trish arrives clapping!
Part 2
Trish says that RK din come coz he din want to come..! Paddo chides Trish.! Trish asks Madhu to wake up… says…RK married her to avenge his insult.. n he isnt serious about the marriage!
Trish tells Madhu that while she dreams of a perfect life with RK, Paddo has left Trish n Shammo!
Part 3
Trish taunts Madhu for destroying their happiness n gives baddua [ill wish] to Madhu that may she never be happy .. not in her life.. not in her love.. nor in her marriage n nor with RK! Paddo and Madhu devastated! Madhu goes away!
Precap — Madhu calls Bittu and asks where is RK? Madhu says..he isnt at home..! Madhu shocked… Radha asks what Bittu said? She says.. doesnt know where RK is..! Madhu wonders where RK is?