Bride With Benefits Episode 112–114 Update on Thursday 10th May 2018

MAY 10

The episode starts with Phool warning Ayodhya that he needs his money back in 2 days, else he will takeover this house. Ayodhya angrily tries to hit him, but Dev and Natru stop him. He asks how dare they are to think of snatching his house. Assistant says it is our boss’s. Ayodhya tries to hit him and again Dev/Natru stops him. Phool says he is a businessman and does not like violence, warns them to return their money in 2 days and leaves.
Natru starts his drama and shouts that Phool betrayed him and sent police and people. Ayodhya consoles him. Santoshi scolds Ayodhya that he and his dad’s fraud mind got them on road and she will not spare them if her children’s shelter are taken away. Dev scolds him that he wanted to drag him in his forgery and now is repenting
himself. Gulkan starts her turn and says their bad deed is taking them on road. Payal says instead of fighting, we all together should find a solution.
Payal shows her jewelry to Dev and says she don’t think they can arrange 1 crore with this jewelry. Dev says he will apply for loan and take help from all his friends and relatives.
Rajath calls his assistant Jatin and asks him to speak to don Thakurji and get more contracts as all his money is looted in flat deal. He thinks he will take dad and demand money from Natru and Ayodhya.
Ayodhya and Natru fume reading newspaper news about their forgery. Rajath enters with Bhuvaneshwar. Natru murmurs that they came to add fuel on fire and greets them in. He asks Santoshi to bring tea for samdhiji. Bhuvaneshwar consoles natru and says he can pay him later as it is family issue. Ayodhya shouts that he came for money and not as a family member. Rajath says he is misunderstanding. Natru yells that he is not and says Bhuvaneshwar forgot all his favors of getting his daughter married without dowry and even got discount on flat, at least he would have forgotten the money thinking it as daughter’s dowry. Bhuvaneshwar and Rajath are shocked to see his true color.
Bhuvaneshwar asks what is he talking. Natru says they have come to scratch his wounds and leaves with Ayodhya. Santoshi apologizes on Natru’s behalf. Bhavaneshwar says he is tensed, so he blurted out and he did not feel bad. He asks about Payal and she says she is in her room. He goes towards her room.
Payal says Dev that she is going to bank to seek loan and sell her jewelry. Gulkan comes and says she was against her always and blamed her always, but she was wrong. Dev apologizes her if he and Payal had hurt her by mistake Gulkan says her brother gave 1 crore and many items in dowry and when she told Payal not to marry Dev, she went ahead, so she got angry on her and thought she is trying to enjoy lavish life here. She later reailzed her goodness. Natru wanted a service wali bahu and got her here. Soon, she converted this house’s male dominance to equality. She got an younger sister in her and she promises that she will help them in saving this house.
Payal raises her head and is shocked to see her papa and brother hearing their conversation. She tries to speak and they angrily walk down. Rajath shouts at Ayodhya and Natru to come down and holds Ayodhya’s collar. Natru asks him why is he making rukus, he will pay his money when it comes. Rajath says he came to know about his truth via Gulkan. Natru makes his usual mangoose faces.
The episode starts with Bhuvaneshwar fuming on Natru for thugging him and getting his daughter Payal married to his incompetent son Dev for her salary. He reminisces Gulkan telling Natru wanted dowry every month and asks how can do just a big fraud. Rajath says it is waste talking to these filthy dirty people. Payal tries to intervene and says she cannot see her sasural’s insult. Bhuvaneshwar says he will not let her in this house and drags her with him. She stops at door and says this is her house now and she will not leave her family during their tough times. Rajath asks why is she taking these thugs’ side. Payal says she knew all this from before as Dev informed her everything before marriage and is not involved in all this. Dev is a very nice man and loves her a lot. He is
trying his best to open coaching center and she is sure one day he will for sure. Dev interferes and says Bhuvaneshwar that he has right to take Payal from her, but he just needs 1 chance to prove himself. He will open his coaching center in 10 days and will prove he is competent for his daughter, else he himself will drop Payal at his door.
Bhuvaneshwar calms down and says his happiness is in his daughter’s happiness. He just wants to see her happy, says 10 days… and leaves with Rajath.
Payal runs to her room weeping. Santoshi comes with Gulkan and apologizes her for her mistake. Payal asks her not to apologize. Gulkan says she is very courageous and brave that she took this decision. Santoshi says her family troubled her so much, but she did not utter anything. Gulkan asks her to wipe her eyes and says she has to tell her something.
Dev with Rajesh meets bank manager for loan. Manager says he cannot give him loan but has a job for him. Dev accepts job and Rajesh asks what kind of job. Dev says he can do anything.
Santoshi and Gulkan bring their jewelry and tell Payal that they can sell all these and repay loan. Gulkan calls jeweller.
Bhuvaneshwar and family tensely discuss about Payal’s situation and Maama asks what to do now. Rajath says we should get her divorced. Bhuvaneshwar scolds him and asks if he did not see Payal love for Dev. He promises Indu that he will set things right.
Phool laughs and tells his assistant that he is waiting to grab prasad nivas. Assistant asks what if they get money. He says he will not let that happen.
Jeweller comes and Gulkan asks him to evaluate jewelry and she is sure it is more than 1 crore. Jeweller says these are fake jewelry. All 3 are shocked and asks how can it be. Jeweller says Natru insisted to make fake jewelry and threatened him not to tell it to anyone. Gulkan tries to hit him with her slipper, but Payal stops and says it is not his mistake. Santoshi says it is natru’s trick.
Indu cries and tells Bhuvaneshwar that Payal’s life is ruined. Bhuvaneshwar says he will get Payal back home and gave Dev 10 days as he saw same love which he has for Payal in Dev’s love. Indu says what will happen to Neelu’s marriage now. Neelu comes and says she will not marry.