Timeless Love Episode 139 Update on Thursday 10th May 2018


Augie reading some book and planning to work on Renata’s head…
He calls Berta to ask her what lotion/cologne Jeronimo uses. She kids around. He needs to find out. Want your sister and jeronimo to split for good? Then do as I say!
Connie and Hono with Gonzo… she can’t get over Fina’s attitude at the trial… Hono says she is probably resigned to stay in jail for good. They feel relieved at that. Gonzo opens his eyes and Connie gets startled… Hono encourages her to keep talking to Gonzo… Gonzo lifts his hand and caresses her. Hono tells her he is remembering their growing up together… Gonzo even cries…
Chema’s dad and accident sister Julieta talk about Adri’s plan to pass as Chema’s girlfriend to help him out. He tells her to talk to Adri… they will all team up to not let Chema get upset, Doctor recommended as little stress as possible for Chema.
At hacienda, Marina is reprimending Carlos for not using gloves, he got burned with acid… They comment that Manuela is great with home remedies for illnesses… egg whites for the burns, tomato for fever…
Ezeq and Alfo eating something she cooked, he is praising her cooking… but plays a practical joke on her first… they say you conquer a man via his stomach…
Alfo says once she starts working she wont’ be able to pamper him as much. He asked for permission to go to Kari/Laz’s wedding. Ezeq says Augie was even interested in the details… he might have something planned regarding it. HE is worried that Augie’s issue is obsession.
At la bonita kitchen Herminia says the Carlos accident might be about Mati’s curse. Carlos mom overheard it… She demands to know what is it about Mati’s curse.. right now.
The trial continues… they ask Fina to say something. She fakes confusion… After getting the question repeated to her, she says she is not Fina, she is Regina Soberon. She wants THAT WOMAN to return her daughter to her. Gina gets really upset. (wow, Fina can play Gina to the tee!). She took my daughter and stole my Roberto, the love of my life. If I get my daughter back, my Roberto will also come back to be with me.
Nata and Jero comment that Fina has turned crazy.
The defense lawyer requests a psychitiatric evaluation done on Fina and the judge agrees and stops the proceedings.
Marina prescribes an antibiotic for Carlos… some of the burns are almost 3rd degree so some portions of the hand will take long to heal. Carlos keeps reassuring Mati, but she suggests they split while he heals. Lazaro asks her to stop the silliness of the curse.
Marina laughs when she hears about the curse… The world is full of accidents, not only for the people in love. Carlos says he will find someone else to do his work. Lazaro says he can learn, after all Carlos had promised to teach him all he knows. So there is something positive from the events.
At his farm, Augie tells Ezeq that the spurts of plants look different from the La Bonita… Augie says he can’t wait for the Bonita spurts to come up, he ordered the same grape from Europe. It was very expensive but his ‘renacer en ti’ wine can’t wait long. He will get that production batch out whatever way he can. Ezeq is amazed at Augie’s resourcefulness. Auggie says you should know by now that I get what I want.
Coming out of courthouse… Gina is finding it hard to believe Fina’s act. Nata says she can’t believe it either, when she came to visit her she looked very sane.
They all agree that in the end, what matters is that justice is done.
Ines, Isidro, Matt and Adri leave.
Gina, Jero and Nata head to hospital to see Gonzo.
Julieta calls Matt, agrees to meet with him and Adri at the office… something about Chema.
The Fiscal(DA) is angry about Fina getting away with delaying the trial… he doesn’t buy her story because she knows that will change her outcome.
Connie and Hono reprimend Berta that she was supposed to watch Gonzo. She claims Gonzo was sleeping so she went to the cafeteria. She brags that she bought some presents for him. She gets away with making Connie feeling guilty … Hono is not so fast … ‘crea fama y echate a dormir’ (interesting line… build fame and go to sleep, meaning if you get everyone used to you behaving some way, the stream will continue running)
Hono gets phone call telling him what happened at Fina’s trial. Connie is upset about it.
At office, Julieta wants to talk to Matt and Adri. Julieta tells Matt that Chema gets really stressed with Matt’s hanging around.
Jero, Gina and Nata arrive at hospital, Hono tells them that this ‘crazy spell’ of Fina’s is very convenient for her. Berta overhears it and thinks that Fina got away with her wish again… Berta supports the idea that Fina has gone crazy… brilliant mind, but psycho. She wants Fina to stay locked, no matter where. Nata agrees, as long as she is locked somewhere she can’t harm us.
At nuthouse patio, Fina meets with Blanca again at fence… Fina says she took the first step… Blanca tells Fina she has to act like that ALL THE TIME. Fina asks her for more info, what do they ask, what tests do they put her on… Blanca tells her she has to convince them she committed all the crimes under an unconscious state of mind.
Julieta tells Adri and Matt that they need to be very convincing. She offers to play being Matt’s girlfriend in front off Chema… Adri says she is not totally thrilled with the idea, but it is good. Matt looks like he is not a happy camper either. But agrees too.
Dona Elvira is concerned about Carlos… She tells Carlos it was because of Mati’s curse. Carlos gets mad at his mom. Lazaro pulls Mati away… Carlos bans her from mentioning that his accidents are because of Mati.
Lazaro consoles Mati… she has to forget her curse silliness…
Chema brings Adri to present her to his dad as his girl. Chema walks away to make capuccinos for them, Adri explains to him that she and Matt will fake being Chema’s girl and Matt will fake going out with Julieta for Chema’s sake. Dad is very thankful… there are still angels in this world. God bless you for what you are doing for my son.
Alvaro seems to be giving questionable prescriptions to some patients… he gets paid and is scanning the bills weird… the short guy calls him and tells him that they are saying that Kari is a widow but is not a widow… Alvaro hangs up and wonders if Kari knows he is alive… of course, Jero must have told you! And even then you are marrying? … darn wretch (moving hand as if he is strangling her)..
At La Bonita they are all excited about upcoming wedding Kari/Lazaro… from kitchen they hear Carlos yell… seems Mati is trying to spoon feed him but the meat pieces are too big… he needs someone to cut his meat… he is clovered by his mom and Mati… he turns them both down and asks Lazaro to cut his meat for him. Mom insists in doing it. He just burned his hands, but does not want them to treat him like a small kid… Mom offers to stay longer but he insists she go to the house to sleep… if he needs something he will ask… Lazaro is really enjoying the scene, along with Manuela and Kari who are standing around the other three.
Fina says she has to be smart and do things right… what drag to have to cry so much. Some other woman comes by, she says she doesn’t buy her play… she needs a maid and wants her to do it… the cop lady comes and gets the presa off Fina, but then demands money, not gratefulness… LOTS of money if she wants more protection. Fina offers the money once she gets sentenced… When the cop leaves Fina laughs saying she is dumb, keep waiting for the money…
Jero and Nata are about to leave the hospital so Nata goes in to say goodbye to Gonzo for the night.
Everyone else is leaving.. exc Berta and Matt.
Nata is saying goodbye to Gonzo, Gina will stay for the night, Nata is not good company today… she is a bit unsettled by everything her mom said… to stir back the story with her dad… Gina tells Nata that no matter what, her dad loved her, and her goodness she inherited from him… Nata is moved by those words… Gina gives Nata the picture of her dad with Gina and baby ‘Berta’… Nata says she wishes she could have got to know him. Nata thanks Gina… Yes, my dad was a good man, a man who loved me and who was named Roberto Gamba…
Gonzo opens his eyes, looks at her and says ‘I am your dad’… (Gina and Nata impacted)
Previews: Gina and Nata jump for joy…
Voiceover: Fate smiles again at Nata but…
Marina calls Jero: Jero! We are expecting twins!! / We are having twins?? (happy Jero, Nata sees this)
Voiceover: Hard blow for Nata, and lucky streak for Agustin!
Berta: Marina is expecting twins, so you better take advantage of this moment.