Three Sides of Ana Episode 13 Update on Thursday 10th May 2018


We start with the depressing scene from yesterday’s episode, where Llora agrees to decline trip to Costa Paraiso in exchange for a hug. She doesn’t even get that. Instead she goes back to her room to cry some more, where she is later joined by Abuela. Abuela is outraged Ramiro turned out to be such a shady despicable character.
(Somewhere Ramiro’s ears were ringing during this conversation, such was the amount of “love” dumped on him.) Abuela will never let Ramiro come close to her nietas again, and so what that Llora is in love with him – with time she will meet someone else. (Ok, I am outraged too, along with some of you based on our comments. Outraged that a person of Abuela’s age and supposed wisdom does not really recognize the character of either of her granddaughters, as well as a close family friend. Oh well, another cliche in Count’s and Urban’s lists!)
Later at night Valentin calls Llora to wish her good night. She whines a bit about her difficult night and he expresses compassion. They agree to meet the next day. Valentin hangs up and…stares at the pictures of Llora and her entire family – abuela, Mariano, Ana Le, etc. on the wall!! Their meeting was definitely not by chance. Valentin Montecristo is out for vengeance. 
Abuela spent part of this episode agonizing over slapping Ana Le with Leonor consoling her. She then busied herself depressing Llora some more by expressing her anger at Ramiro’s behavior. And when that was checked off her list, went to Ramiro’s father to ask him to take swift action to knock some sense into his son and to make sure he never comes close to her nietas again. This was a tough episode’s worth of work for Abue, so I am sure she is now pooped and somewhere taking a nap. 
Poor guy’s day went from bad to worse again (seems to be trend?) and after having been rejected by the love of his life and thrown out of their house, he comes home to his own father demanding he turns in his keys and leaves. He heard from Abuela what Ramiro has done and will not have it. No amount of explanation seems to convince this very un-sharp looking father of his. Ramiro must give all of this love for Llora and search for Ana Lu up, or leave father’s house. Ramiro collects his things and departs. 
He arrives to the sad dark mansion of crying next day and meets up with Leonor, who believes him unconditionally and will help him. Ramiro must be patient though and wait his turn. Ramiro agrees and gives Leonor a letter to give to Llora. Leonor promises to do so. Anyone wants to place any bets on whether the letter will get to Llora? 
Ana Le 
After thoroughly depressing Llora, Ana Le spends some time at the club and then at tio’s office, where Inaki stood her up yet again. She then manages to get home, see Leonor speaking with Ramiro, and fly down the stairs and swiftly grab Llora’s letter out of Leonor’s hands. She taunts her with the letter and warns her against saying anything to Llora. And even though that letter is right in front of Leonor’s nose, she does not think to use the same tactic and grab it back. 
Ana Le goes back to her room and reads the letter, where Ramiro professes his love for Llora, says that Ana Le was bothering him since before Marcelo’s death, he is not interested in Ana Le and Llora is his only love. He will prove himself worthy by returning to San Nicholas and finding Ana Lu. Ana Le, predictably, is not fond of this idea and tears the letter to pieces. 
Ana Lu 
Meanwhile Sole’s pretend faint worked and Ana Lu is not going to San Nicholas, but Sole is about to be disappointed once again. Ana Lu leaves to go to pharmacy and runs into Evaristo. That was fast finding! She is suspicious, as no one knew they were in Mexico. Ev tells her he is a talented investigator and her mother is hiding lots of things from her. He wants to talk. Now is not the time, says Ana Lu and they agree to meet over coffee. 
She does not tell Sole she ran into Ev, though she takes Santi to the meet. Santi sees Ev and says he does not trust that men. No memories triggered though. Ev does not see Santi and Ana Lu goes to meet Ev alone, while Santi stands the guard. Ev spins a ton of stories, offers Ana Lu money which she refuses, and finally tells her he asked Sole to leave, because a dangerous man was after them. He shows her a picture of Santi and tells her that man is a criminal. 
Elsewhere Inaki got a new apartment and bragged to his brother about it and we found out that Remedios, much like us, watches telenovelas and actively participates in the lives of its characters. We end of Soledad joining Remedios for a chat to ask for something to do at the hostel to keep busy, while Rem watches her TN. Soledad sees a picture on the wall – picture is of Rem’s dead husband and his former business partner Evaristo. First time in the series Soledad actually does not feel well at the news