My Sweet Curse Episode 118 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018


Aurora is puzzled for what she heard from Severo by comparing her to her daughter and also mentioning something about Monica but he wasn’t able to do so and father Basilio hopes that the surgery turns out successful so Severo can tell her everything he wants her to know.
Corina tells Luca that she knows where Maximina hides her savings and whiles about to make love, Maximina almost catches them but Luca hides Corina under the bed as fast as possible before Maximina enters to bring him all his money for the investment and she is determined to surrender to Luca.

The townsfolks from town want Xochitl to leave and they throw all kind of foodstuffs on her to kick her out.
Luca intentionally convinces Maximina to calm down for him until he puts a ring on her finger and he promises her that he will make sure to also deposit her money.
At the theatre, the surgeons try their best to help Severo in every way possible but their effort proved futile.
Rodrigo calls Aurora to find out how everything is going with Severo and she had wanted to tell Rodrigo about her pregnancy but she thinks it will be best after Severo operation becomes successful. Quickly, the doctor comes out to give them the bad news about his dead and this hits Aurora very much and looks tearful.
Father Basilio wants that Aurora tell Rodrigo that she’s pregnant.
Camilo arrives in Ines’ house asking her to sign the managing contract about her music and dancing Career but Chalo refuses to let her do so because he is going to be Ines’ agent.
Aurora wants to bury Severo near her mother because of the great love he had for her mum and she Will like to buy him a suit and a tie so he Will look like as he was before without any resentment looking very happy. Mr. Narvaez wants to make business with Chalo and Ines without Camilo coming in between and Camilo goes very angry and walks out on them.
Elsa reports to Rodrigo that she called the hospital and the message they gave her was that, Severo died through the surgery and Rodrigo wants to go with Aurora, but his mother doesn’t let him because his place should be beside Monica. Apolonia hears about it and telling Rafael, he also wants to be by Aurora’s side, but his mum stops him.
After Corina knowing she and Luca have succeeded in swindling the two sisters, Corina thanks the Bautista sisters for all they did for her whiles she stays in their apartment because she’s leaving town. The sisters think they have to do their last dinner for her so they all eat together before she leaves and immediately they left to the kitchen, Corina enters their bedroom and steals all of their money.
Severo’s funeral takes place at the cemetery and Elsa and Rodrigo arrive in the cemetery to give his support, with Monica arriving later just when Aurora was about telling Rodrigo about her plans to go the city and also the pregnancy to tells Aurora that they got married, Aurora finds out that Rodrigo and Monica got married and Aurora hold back her words and tells him that he has to learn to love his wife because everything between them is dead.
Armando confesses to the family that he worked for Severo and this makes them kick him away from their sight.
Camilo signs the documents with Luca so he can start his investment.

Aurora says good bye to Elsa, Apolonia, Rafael, Onesimo, Ponciano and all of the others before leaving to the city but Brigida still have it in her mind to ruin Aurora as soon as they arrive in Mexico.
Armando wants to speak with Aurora and she takes him to see the sanctuary Severo made for his mum and there she reveals to her the affair her mum had with her mum and Armando after knowing that believes that, the love Severo had for Carmen wasn’t just an obsession but real and so he confesses to Aurora that Severo actually was her real father and Aurora goes confused and she doesn’t want to accept that Severo was her father but Anselmo is her father. Armando then shows her the DNA Test Severo conducted with their blood samples and Aurora sheds unceasing tears.