Jukulumessu Update on Thursday 10th May 2018


Jikulumessu:Payback time for Bianca
Vanessa goes to the lunch date with Ruth Kapala .Nuno swings into action immediately as he starts t ransack Joel’s office he was almost caught but he sure got something to show his boss Bianca.She got the information  that Silva is back and it really destabilised her.
Claudia grants a press conference on her pet project and used that opportunity to talk about Ericsson Leo’s doping scandal by resurrecting her own story and blaming it on Bianca and had the video confession of Silva the Masseuse Bianca used to corroborate her story.
Ivo refused to accompany Jordao to Dieji for the basketball tournament but Joel eventually did.
Djemila is going to tell Joel what she knows ,Ivo tried so hard not to make her reveal but she will not bulge.
Soraia’s mind is made up on her vacation and not all the excuses of  Walter and her ill health is stopping her mini vacation.,she also warned Magharita about her job resumption else the whole world will know their shady deals.
Phillipe is star of the tournament at Dieji as Claudia and Joel intimate him of their plan and he is delighted to be on their project.
Bianca wants Carlos as the company lawyer  to do everything he can to clear Bsports name from the scandal .
Jordao sustains injury while playing basketball and he is taken to Nayr’s place to wait for the doctor,Nayr is shocked when she hears Jordao is Joel’s younger brother!