Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 236–238 Update on Thursday 10th May 2018

Starts with the court scene and Tatya ji comes to tell his good bye. But, LB asks him to stay back and take care of naag pooja. Tayaji agrees. 3 witches are planning to kill GR while LB does the naag pooja for the next 10 days. LB goes to her room and places bal gopal in the temple. The ghoongat lady comes there and gives some gyan to LB and then disappears. LB prays to god to make her agooba well soon and then starts writing a letter to her agooba. GR comes there and is staring at LB writing the letter followed by a few eye locking scenes.
There 3 witches and Malcom are planning on how to kill GR and that they still did not find a suitable person close to GR who would cheat him.Malcom then suggest Raghunath singhShocked. 3 witches ask how are they planning to do this and he answers just wait and watch how they will make this Rajput cheat his own kingShocked. The 3 witches decide to separate GR-LB againSleepy.There GR is still staring at LB and the staring session continues back and forth. Finally LB asks GR to leave as she is not able to write her letter.GR says he is not doing anything and he is just watching her. LB asks what does he want and GR answers LB. Then GR tells some poetry and tells I am not touching you anyways and now you are putting condition on not even seeing you. The ghoongat lady is watching them again. Just when GR is abt to kiss LB, Kashi walks in and GR is upset. Kashi tells Malcom and captain Ross are waiting for him in the court.
Malcom comes in and complains to GR that all there is no law and order in the 11 villages since LB left and dakus have been attacking the villages for a while now. GR asks Raghunath to go the village and check what is the problem. Immediately Malcom and tells Raghunath that even the dakus are Rajput and will he be able to kill his won people.Raghunath is really mad and takes his sword out and Malcom & Ross vs Raghunath are shooting glares at each other. GR asks Raghunath to be under control and take the sword off Malcom. Raghunath asks for forgiveness and that give him permission to let him go and kill the dakoits. But Malcom butts in and tells that British do not trust Raghunath and if GR can guarantee that Raghunath will do his job correctly. Else GR’s adminstarion will be questioned and there will be a review board to decide if GR can be the king or not. GR is mumed and LB asks Tatya tope to go and take care of the dacoits. Raghunath is hurt
Precap:GR-LB doing nag pooja and the ghat bandhan is on fire.
Everything is so confusing for me right nowConfused. I still dont understand how Malcom can ask GR to gaurantee if one of his own men will do the job correctly or not. And if GR cannot gaurantee abt that particular person they will take away the throneConfused. If that is the case then GR would have lost Jhansi long back to the British. I think the CV’s are seriously messing things here cause they are lost in making JKR all abt scheming and romance. And whats with GR getting mum all of a sudden in the court, he was doing so much bak bak just a while ago infront of LB
Starts with Raghunath leaving the court dejectedly. LB suddenly sees the Ghungaht lady there the 3 witches are happy with the outcome and Lachoo goes to Raghunath who is already mad with the current scenario and tries to poison him against GR?Raghunath walks away from there dejected. The ghoonagt lady sees Lachho.  There 3 witches and  Malcom are discussing who will betray GR and simultaneously all the 3 people Raghunath, Tatay ji and Pradhan Mantri are shown and the 3 witches tell its not them . There Raghunath is summoned to the court.GR tells Raghunath LB has something to tell him. LB tells Raghunath that she has no doubt on his abilites, but she also understood what the dhoorth British were planning. They wanted to provoke him so he would go and kill the Rajput without thinking nad there the British would have also gone to the other Rajput and provoked them against him .They wanted to separate us so we would kill eachother. LB further adds that is the reason she chose TG and SS to go and look into the matter. The 3 witches are not happy with LB, but Raghunath is really happy to hear this from LB and takes his leave. GR is happy with LB and her thinking and gifts her Nevlakar Khandaani Sword.LB is very happy wiht the gift and GR tells her, until he is alive he will make sure she is always happy. GR then tells LB from today onwards they will practice sword fight every morning.LB is happy. 
LB is walking with Kashi and see a jhoola. Kashi tells LB, GR has got this for her specially. LB is on the jhoola swinging happily and GR watches her and remembers good old days with Chota LB. LB is talking to Kashi as to why she remebers GR what ever she does but she gets no reply. She turns back and sees GR staring at her. Some romance btw LB-GR and then GR helps LB with the swing. Just then Kashi arrives and tells GR that preparations for pooja are done and Tatya ji is waiting for them.
3 witches are ready for the pooja along with the Ghoongat lady . Janaki asks if everything is going according to there plan and they show the Ghoonghat lady giving a wicked smile with some crazy villanous music in the background.LB and GR do the pooja and are praying when suddenly the ghat bandhan catches fire and the 3 witches are happy.Tatya ji puts of the fire and tells he will do maha mrutunjay vrath to protect GR. LB is worried and is praying to god to protect GR and also bless her with a heir. Just then the ghoongat  lady arrives there and tells doing gods seva will definately protect GR and LB agrees and continues with her praying while the ghoongat lady is looking viciously at LB and then the sword on the wall. 
Precap: Some one with gloves takes the sowrd and is appling poison on the sword and later LB has the same sword for practicing sword fight with GR
Hats off to the invisible ghoonghat lady, hats off to CV’s for making everyone in the kingdom blind and idots, hats off to the music director for telling us the ghoongat lady is the villan with the scary music, cause I would not know that she is the culprit , as I have lost my mind after watching not so Historic show JKR 
Starts with the Ghoongat lady talking to LB and then Kashi come to inform LB GR will be waiting for her the next morning. LB turns around and finds that the ghoonghat lady is leaving. The 3 witches are talking abt putting poison on the sword and GR will die and they shows us some one in Ghoongaht putting poision to the sword. Then after few minutes the ghoongat lady comes and is abt to take the sowrd but LB arrives and the ghoongat lady leaves. LB sees some foot prints in mud near the sword and at the same time they show Raghunath washing his legs covered with mud.LB alerts GR and GR blast Pradhan matri and Raghunath. Later LB and GR are practising and the ghoongat lady is outside the palace for alms, but she wants it only from LB. Tatya ji tells LB is busy but the lady is adamant. The lady then tells if she does not get her wish fulfilled she will give shrap to the whole kingdom and Sunder hears this and is shocked. There LB and GR are practicing  with the 3 witches watching and waiting for GR to die. Sunder comes in at the right moment and tells LB abt the beggar.  GR is mad and tells sunder to ask the beggar to wait, but LB tells it is not right to make a beggar wait and leave with leaving the 3 witches disappointed.
The beggar asks LB to give her something she received recently from someone close. LB realizes its the sword and the lady asks her to do abhishek before giving it to her. Sunder, Kashi pour the milk for abhishek and as soon as LB puts the sword in milk  the milk turn black. LB realises that there is poison on the sword. LB runs to see the beggar and there the 3 witches are talking to someone that this time GR is saved but next time this mistake should not repeat. The shadow leaves . LB reaches the gate but the lady has already left.
Precap: GR-LB sword fight and GR is struck by the sword and GR falls down immediately with LB staring at him.