Cosita Linda Episode 68 Update on Thursday 10th May 2018

Tiffany complains of Olegario’s attitudes to Diego. Dulce has sex again with Cacho.
Meanwhile in the house of Rincon, Consuelo tells Ana that Diego is in love with a woman for whom he has cried more than once. Dulce loses consciousness. Palmira tells Olegario what she thinks of her relationship with Ana. Tiffany is very jealous and wants to take revenge on Olegario. Ana thinks she has seen Mariana with her brother but Marijosé dissuades her. Palmira is not afraid and faces him and faces Laura in the elevator.
Episode 68
Olegario has a surprise for Ana Lorena. What he does not know is that in trying to make her happy, he has made her uncomfortable. He brings him to a formal dinner during which he will introduce him as his fiancée. When they are at Lujan’s mansion, she finds herself face to face with Diego, now being the future wife of Olegario. She would like to tell him the truth, but it’s impossible. Vivi can not contain her joy now that she can openly taunt Ana Lorena with the baby she is waiting with Diego.
But it’s a very dangerous game. It is sometimes difficult to predict what can happen between Diego and Ana Lorena when they are close to each other. Even if they still hope not to make certain decisions, sometimes they let their passion for each other run wild and end up kissing, which could hurt more than one person it knew. Marijose goes to see Debbie and when she leaves, she runs behind Fede, who confronts him about his infidelity.
Really, he saw Mariana kiss Santi but since he does not know that they are two sisters, he thinks it was Marijose. The lie is about to be revealed. Ana Lorena is betrothed to Olegario and sooner or later she will have to meet her little sister and at that moment, the truth will burst forth. Nobody knows the consequences that will result in the life of Lujans or Rincons. But she tells him that she has a surprise for him and that soon they will live in luxury. In the meantime, Gaston gets used to living with Prudencia and Mariana and they act almost like a family. Tiffany is angry because of the engagement of Olegario and Ana Lorena and she continues to show it. She uses a silly excuse to take Ana Lorena away from people at the party and faces him abruptly.