Timeless Love Episode 138 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018


Matias reacts reasonably well to Adri’s plan to pretend to be Chema’s girlfriend until he kicks the bucket. He tries to convince her it’s folly and that Chema should know the truth, plus they won’t be able to keep the truth from him forever. Adri knows, but she wants to make him as happy as possible for as long as possible. They’ll cross the Truth Bridge when they get to it. Matias is weepy, but he understands why Adri wants to do it. They both dissolve into tears and hug.
Jero returns from his talk with Obispo Juan Cristobal and meets Nata at the hospital. She greets him with a kiss (wiping away the lipgloss she leaves on him), and they chat about what a blessing JC (the obispo, not Jesus) has been in their lives. His story and words of wisdom have brought them both peace. They smooch some more. Luckily, Berta isn’t lurking around the corner with a scowl this time.
The next day, Fina’s trial begins. Berta begs off attending (she’s such a delicate flower you see) and gets the royal stink eye from Hon&Con. Everyone else attends. In the first row sits Isidro, Inez, Regina, Renata, and Jero. In the next row sits Matias, Adriana, Honorio, Connie and Antonio. They are later joined by the private detective. Fina is behind bars directly in front of them, and behind the judge’s back. She stares at the crowd with disdain and gives them an evil half smile. The charges are read one at a time. The list is long.
-The kidnapping of Regina Jr. (Gina flashes back to the empty stroller and her panic.)
-The death of Roberto. Fina’s lawyer says there’s no proof. It’s Gina’s word against Fina’s and Roberto’s death was ruled as a natural death by heart attack. (Gina flashes back to Roberto on his death bed trying to tell her Pepa did it.)
-THREE attempts to murder Regina. The peanut gallery is shocked. Fina thought bubbles that she can’t believe she failed so many times to kill Gina.
-The murder of Rafael.
Jero gets up and leaves the room and Nata follows. He can barely contain himself and can’t stay in the room to hear the details of Rafa’s murder while staring at Fina’s ugly mug. Nata understands and says he can go home and she’ll see him there later. She tells him she’s sorry. Jero wants to stay and support her. They hug, kiss, and go back to the room arm in arm. When they get back inside, Gina asks if they’re alright and calls Nata “hija”. Nata tells her she loves to hear Gina call her that, and they hold hands and send each other waves of love and support.
Meanwhile, Berta takes the cash Fina extorted from Gina, which she got from Jero, and shops till she nearly drops.
Chema takes his dad produce shopping and talks about his work with the center. Dad is proud of him. Chema talks about his great girlfriend Adriana. They run into Hit n’ Run Sister, aka Julieta, who has come to buy ingredients to make a friend’s birthday cake. Chema offers to make the cake for her and she accepts. Chema then passes out in the market. A while later, he’s sitting and drinking juice. He is now sure something is wrong with him and remembers he has to go to the doctor to get his test results. Since the doc told Chema’s dad that he WOULD tell Chema the truth if he came to him, Chema’s dad stalls him by saying he’ll pick up Chema’s results and talk to the doctor. He assures Chema he likely just has a vitamin deficiency.
Later, in Chema’s apartment, he’s tucked into bed, and Dad talks with Julieta. Julieta, like everyone else, tells Chema’s dad that he shouldn’t keep the truth from Chema and he’ll figure it out soon enough anyway. Dad is determined to keep up the ruse for as long as possible. And with the drugs the doc gave him, which he has started to give to Chema, these fainting spells should diminish.
In the wine country, everyone is excited about the upcoming wedding of Laz and Kari.
Leon (Alvaro’s spy) gets more info from Mati about who’s getting married and when. (She brings him fresh lemonade and affectionately calls him chiquitito. How can he betray these sweet people?!) He reports to Alvaro. Alvaro gets Doc Tumor to use his contacts and money to get him two fake passports for him and Kari. He wants to take her to the States. It’s only after he gets the passports that he tells Doc Tumor that he’s a fugitive on the run. Doc Tumor does NOT want the cops on his trail, so he tells Alvaro to get out and not to come back.
Augie returns to Cruz de Amor and gets the wedding details from Zeke (so that he can start to make his evil plans). He wonders why such a religious woman like Kari, who is a widow, is not getting married in the Church. Zeke dances around the subject without giving away the fact that Doc Nasty is still alive. After he leaves, Augie channels Doc Nasty by saying if Nata can’t be his, she can’t be anyone’s.
Manuela invites Alfie to the wedding, and to be a witness, on behalf of Kari. Alfie is pleasantly surprised, but Manuela tells her Kari has forgotten all about the past so Alfie should too.
New character alert! Manuela has received a disturbing call from her son in the States. He and his wife are trying to send their teenage (15-16) daughter Alison to an eating disorder clinic, but she refuses to go. Manuela wants to bring Alison to La Bonita to stay with her instead. If after being around Manuela’s delicious cooking for a while, Alison still can’t kick her disorder, then she’ll be sent to the clinic. Since they don’t know how Jero and Nata will feel about another person in La Bonita, Kari offers to have Alison stay with her and Laz in their new house.
Mati and Carlos are super cute and loving, but sad that with the Padre out of commission, their wedding will continue to be delayed.
Kari and Laz get frisky and talk about starting to make lots of babies. Kari makes Luz Maria’s baptism gown and loves being a godmother for the first time.
Luz Maria is doing so well and has grown so much that she doesn’t need the heat lamp anymore or Marina’s daily check-ups. Alfie says she will miss seeing Doc Marina each day (they’ve become good friends). She tells the doc about Jero coming back for the wedding and wonders if she’ll attend. She doesn’t know if Nata is coming back too. Doc Marina looks excited at the prospect of Jero returning alone.
Avances: I can’t remember much, but I did see another avance later in the evening that was different and looked like they were previews for the rest of the week. I won’t give it away if no one else saw it. I will say that there is a huge surprise in store for the Nata-Jero-Marina triangle!