Three Sides of Ana Episode 12 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018


New stuff – Llora asks Valentin about his vengeance but he backpedals ‘oh just getting vengeance  on self-pity’, and says the real secret to his will to live is appreciate the little things, like for example trees, flowers, chirping birds, and her smile and then starts asking passers by for a mirror en alta voz so she can see it for herself. She’s charmed and embarrassed.
Santiago tells his taxi bud he’s heading home for lunch, bud knows its cause he wants to see the sweet young thing who just moved in but bud calls dibs cause he saw her first. Santiago has to break it to him that she’s the dream girl he’s been pursuing for a while now, bud is all ‘every time man’ but seems pretty cool with it.
Sole tells Free spirit she lost the phone but will get her a new one when Chana sends $ Free spirit is mostly upset over losing her contacts. Sole – ‘ when I was your age I had ot memorize my friends’ phone numbers, you kids today’
Abue has chest pains but gets her pill in time, then Bad seed comes dashing in w/her great plan for the two of them (and she does mean only 2) to go to Costa Pariso. Abue says CP brings back bad memories, she feels guilty b/c she went there to hire Marcelo to find her missing nieta, Jenny worked for him, but once he saw Bad seed it was love at first sight, three yrs later they’re married and three yrs after that, he dies trying to solve the case she hired him on. Bad seed begs her to go, at least to see his grave, after all he loved her too and Leonore agrees she should go and of course they’ll take Llora with them. Bad seed covers her dismay quickly and gracefully.
Santiago gets home and offers his help in the kitchen, which consists of sticking his finger in the beans Reme is mashing and saying they need more salt. The kitchen helper sighs after him w/approximately the same face I make when he’s on screen. Remedios notices.
Free spirit tells Santiago about her lost phone and he suggests taking her back to SN for the wkend to see all her friends. They tell Sole about the great plan and Sole’s face says ‘not so great’
Ramiro tells Abue all about how he lurrrves Llora and she supports their marriage.
Some chick comes into tio Mariano’s office to yell at him about some business thing, she’s gonna sue him – he says go ahead. (this seems real random, maybe it’ll make more sense later)
Llora gets home to an ambush proposal, Abue is too, too excited and goes off to chill champagne while Llora and Ramiro talk. Bad seed is in the kitchen and when Abue comes in tries subtly to cool her enthusiasm.
Free spirit tries to get her mom to go with them on the weekend trip, Sole says ‘no, you kids go and have fun, I’ll just stay here and rest, since I haven’t been feeling well lately’ and then she faints.
The scene between Llora and Ramiro is tiresome and predictable – upshot; she won’t marry him, she saw him kiss her sister, and knows all about it and won’t listen to his explanations, also she doesn’t want to see him anymore.
Everybody fusses over Sole and they send for a doc. I can’t tell if its real or faked to keep her daughter by her side, though her refusal to go to the hospital and saying her best medicine is to have Free spirit near, indicates the latter. .
Llora, crying of course, tells Abue she won’t marry him and why. Bad seed isn’t pleased she told the why and less so when Abue swings back and slaps her, she leaves angry talking about how it isn’t her fault and she always gets blamed. Llora defends her and tells Abue Ramiro was leading them both on and runs after her sister. Bad seed has locked herself in her room crying with hurt and rage and won’t let Llora and doesn’t want to talk to her. Llora ends up sitting on one side of the door crying with Bad seed sitting on the other side crying too.
Santiago comforts Free Spirit and they put off the trip. The doc finds the fainting strange, b/c Sole’s pressure is fine, it must be something else. Somebody suggests cancer and Sole freaks – ‘No! my mother died from that, I can’t have that, it doesn’t only end the life of the sick person, but everyone around them’ Remedios and the doc try to calm her, though the doc saying having a family history of cancer makes you more likely to get it, can’t help.
Abue feels bad about slapping Bad seed, though Leonore thinks she’s needed a good slap for  a while now, and they know Ramiro, is it likely he’d really string along both girls, or is it more likely  Bad seed is trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend. Abue can’t believe she’d do that, she knows her granddaughter better than Leonore and reprimands her, so Leonore gets offended and Abue chases after her to apologize.
Llora and Bad seed yell through the door to each other. Llora bout how Sorry she is and Bad seed about how betrayed she feels that Llora told Abue about her, and how nobody loves her enough, boo hoo, but she smiles an evil grin to herself as Llora sobs ‘forgive me’ through the door.
Ramiro remembers how he tried to tell Marcelo about the kiss, but he beat around the bush so much, and took so long getting to the point, Marcelo assumed it was some other thing about Bad seed buying a car she wanted and Ramiro wimps out.
Bad Seed is anxiously waiting to find out if he told and her satisfaction when he says he didn’t is immense.
Bad Seed and Llora continue their convo through the door – Llora – ‘open the door please’ Bad seed– ‘I opened my heart  to you to help you out and you blabbed to everyone’ (she’s really enjoying herself now) ‘and if something happens to Abue b/c she’s so upset about this it will be your fault’
Llora – ‘ I had to give some explanation about why’ ‘ I’m so sorry, forgive me, ect’
Bad seed comes up w/something her sister can do to make it up to her, when Abue tells her about the trip to Costa Pariso she has to say she doesn’t want to go and make her go w/o her
Llora – ‘ but I do want to go, we three haven’t gone anywhere together for a long time now’ (she sounds like a sad little kid)
But no, Bad seed is so mad at her she won’t go if Llora goes and Abue will have to put flowers on Marcelo’s grave by herself *sob* Llora caves and agrees not to go, and asks only for a hug, but Bad seed won’t open the door and doesn’t want to see her and Llora limps away crying.