My Sweet Curse Episode 117 Update on Tuesday 8th May 2018


Aurora thinks about how she is going to tell Monica that the situation has changed and that she is pregnant for Rodrigo and therefore can’t give up Rodrigo any more, but what she doesn’t know is, Rodrigo and Monica are now married.
Monica gets worse.
Xochitl takes Wenceslao straw doll to go see him to makes sure that Wenceslao is fine and she reveals to him the truth about her mum’s black magic against him to cause more pain but now that her mum is dead, she is sure the spell is broken but he warns her she never wants to see her again.
Luca and Corina laugh at Maximina.
Xochitl picks up her mother’s corpse at the police station after doing some signing.
Camilo bumps into a music manager who looks for Ines because he saw her video clip on internet and wants to manage her and Camilo pretends to be Ines’s agent.
Severo finds out that Aurora is his daughter because the DNA test prove that there is 98% blood match with his and Aurora’s.
Corina and Luca make Camilo invest his money in Luca’s company because the trick really had effect on him as he believed their words.
Severo has to be operated again because his situation continues to be worse. Severo recalls all the bad things he did to Aurora and he becomes really remorseful for treating his own daughter as such. She then demands that they call Aurora for him so he can speak with her
Brigida intentionally goes to the hospital to give her support and asks Aurora that she leave the town and go with her to the city, but Aurora already made a decision to stay back in El-Salado.
Severo confesses to Aurora all of the wrongs he did to her with Macrina and Dionisio and asks her to forgive him because he now realizes she wasn’t responsible for killing Carmen but Macrina’s doing.
Felipe goes to examine Monica. Monica threatens Felipe that if he never convinces Rodrigo to continuously stay with her since she could die any moment, she will tell his wife. Another favour is that Felipe stays in the ranch to control Rodrigo to stay by her side always if not knowing Aurora is close by will get all of his attention off her to look for her.
Armando arrives to speak with Severo and bumping into Aurora, she gets to know through their snappy conversation that, he is Severo’s employee and seriously, Aurora goes speechless.
Severo asks Armando to leave his every property under Aurora’s name because she’s his daughter and Armando becomes shocked and asks how he got to know that and he reveals to him about the DNA Test output and his affair with Carmen before their breakup. Armando thinks the table has turn around since the one he ended up hating very much turns out to be his offspring.
Corina manipulates Maximina to also invest her money in Luca’s company and she accepts.
Aurora prays to God to help her to be able to forgive Severo and all of the things he did against her. 
Felipe remains in the hacienda in case Monica feels sick again.
Aurora goes to forgive Severo and she kisses him and he had wanted to tell something to Aurora thus he being his father and also the wicked person Monica is but he couldn’t because they take him to the surgery room to operate on him.
Aurora is puzzled for what she heard from Severo by comparing her to her daughter and also mentioning something about Monica but he wasn’t able to do so and father Basilio hopes that the surgery turns out successful so Severo can tell her everything he wants her to know.