Color of Passion Episode 120 Update on Tuesday 8th May 2018


Nora runs upstairs and proclaims to Rebeca that she hates her and SHE no longer wants to be her daughter. Rebeca runs after her and stops at the other side of the stairs while Lucia looks up at Nora and Rebeca from the landing below. Nora looks at Rebeca with pure hatred then looks at Lucia with eyes that say “I’m Sorry” and climbs over the railing. She extends her hands and finally, slowly, lets go…She falls as Rebeca and Lucia scream and lands on the floor below, Alonso’s picture frame smashed below her. 

Lucia is the first to react and goes to see if Nora’s alive. She is…barely and Lucia whispers why did she do it. Lucia steps aside as Rebeca comes and asks her to call the doctor. Lucia obliges and Rebeca begs Nora not to leave her, please. Nora looks at Rebeca as blood spills from her mouth and she proclaims, once again, that she hates her. Rebeca begins to cry but Nora is gone…Rebeca hugs her corpse as Lucia breaks down by the phone.

Someone rings the doorbell and Tere runs to answer it. It’s Marcelo who immediately asks Tere why she’s crying. Tere reveals that something terrible has happened…it is Nora…Marcelo runs inside and finds Rebeca crying over Nora and Lucia hugging herself by the stairs. Lucia looks at him and he runs over to comfort her. He asks her what happened and Lucia confesses that Nora found out something terrible, argued with Rebeca and threw herself off the railing. Marcelo asks her what she found out and Lucia reveals that Nora found out she wasn’t Alonso’s daughter but Alfredo Suarez’s. Rebeca lifts her head up and damns Marcelo a million times before hugging Nora again. He looks at Lucia and leaves, looking at the tragic scene one more time. Outside, he finally allows himself to cry.

In Mexico City, Milagros and Rafaela have had a good lunch and they are all smiles. Milagros tells her that Marcelo’s father also enjoyed the food and Rafaela agrees that the food was delicious. As they near the entrance, Rebeca runs into Aida and her friend. They both wish her a good afternoon and so does Milagros through clenched teeth. When she’s gone, Aida’s friend comments on the fact that Milagros was civil this time. Aida agrees; they have nothing else to say to each other because everything they had to say has been said. 

Milagros is sprinting down the restaurant steps and Rafaela can barely keep up. Milagros tells her that it was an error to pick that restaurant but Rafaela tells her that she shouldn’t be scared to run into Aida. Milagros confesses that it’s anger because she ensured that the only living child she has hates her. Rafaela tells her that she really wants to change she should stop blaming others for her mistakes. Milagros agrees but tells her to hurry up.

Lucia calls Magdalena to tell her that Nora passed away. Magdalena asks her what happened and Lucia explains. Once she’s hung up, Lucia goes over to Nora’s body and hands Rebeca a handkerchief, which she uses to wipe the blood off Nora’s face. They both kiss and caress Nora as Tere watches behind them, crying her eyes out. 

Sergio fills in Mario on all the gory details of Ligia’s murder: Amador killed her but they don’t have any proof so they can’t arrest him. Mario asks if he’s just going to be able to walk free but Sergio explains that he’s also been accused of indirectly murdering Trini. The police have Vinicio’s testimony and they went to arrest Amador but he disappeared. Mario then receives a call from Magdalena who informs him about Nora. When he’s hung up, Mario tells Sergio that Nora has died and he laments that this has happened. Mario leaves to be with Magdalena. 

Daniela calls Rodrigo and asks if he can come to Mexico City. Rodrigo tells him that he can’t come right because he has a lot of things going on but he will tell her as soon as it’s available. Daniela tells him it’s not important then and he’ll see her around. They both ponder the awkwardness of their conversation. 

The lead detectives are wondering how Amador was able to run away from them and they are going to make sure that he hasn’t reached out to his family. They could be helping him even if Brigida did give testimony that he killed Ligia Cervantes.

Magdalena and Mario arrive at Casa Gaxiola and Marcelo tells them that Nora’s in the atrium and they haven’t moved the body. They ask why he isn’t inside with Lucia and Marcelo explains that Rebeca is with Nora’s body and he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for him to be there. They understand and run inside. 

Inside, they find Rebeca hugging Nora’s body and Lucia in a corner. Mario gets closer to Nora as Magdalena goes to hug Lucia, fiercely. Lucia explains that she couldn’t do anything for Nora; she just threw herself off the railing. Lucia beings to cry again and Magdalena makes it clear that she isn’t to blame for anything Nora did. Mario comes and advices them to take Rebeca away from Nora’s body so she doesn’t presence the usual spectacle that follows a death. Magdalena tries to get Rebeca to move but she doesn’t want to leave her daughter. She wants to stay with her because, if she doesn’t, they’re going to take her away. Magdalena tells her that Lucia and Mario will take care of her and Rebeca obliges. She whispers in Nora’s hear to go to Alonso because he’s waiting for her and Magdalena is able to take her upstairs. Once alone, Mario tells Lucia that he’s going to make a few calls and steps out. 

Lucia is finally alone with Nora. She goes over to her and whispers that she is her sister and she always will be…She hugs Nora one last time and cries over her. 

That night, Sara is advising Leti to take the money Ricardo had in the bank because if she doesn’t the bank will stay with it. Leti doesn’t know if she should since it could’ve been dirty money and Sara reminds her that not everything her father did was dirty. Leti agrees and then decides she will give it to Sara. Sara doesn’t want it though; it is all Leti, no matter how much it is. Leti doesn’t feel comfortable taking it though so Sara suggests she use it for charity because there are plenty of people who need it and the bank doesn’t. Licha comes and tells her Sergio is there to see her. Leti finds it strange since they didn’t agree to meet today but she goes. 

At home, Nazario confesses to Normita that going to see Vinicio did nothing to make him feel better. Normita also confesses that Lalo was right since he always suspected there was something sinister between Vinicio and Amador. Nazario doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and Normita gets up to leave. She wanted to see how he was with everything that was going on and they can pick up their talk later. Nazario stops her and tells her that they should talk about it now because he needs to know her decision: does she chose to stay with him for the rest of their lives? Normita smiles and grabs his hands. She confesses that it’s what she’s wanted since forever and they hug. 

Sara comes into the living room and finds Leti, alone. She inquires about Sergio and Leti reveals that he was with Mario when Magdalena called him and told him that Nora had died. Sara is shocked. 

In her room, Lucia grabs a picture of her parents and begs them to take care of Nora. Mario then asks to come in and he gives her a note from Marcelo and leaves. In it, he tells her that he loves her now and will love her forever and she shouldn’t forget it. She starts to hyperventilate and looks out the window to find Marcelo leaving. They look at each other for a moment and then he leaves. Lucia goes back into her room and cries on her bed, holding the note. 

Outside, Marcelo runs into Alfredo, who asks him if Rebeca is inside. Marcelo imagines that she won’t want to see anymore, least of all him. Alfredo infers that he knows the truth and tells him that he had no idea but he’s sure Nora will never see him as father. Marcelo reveals that Nora committed suicide and Alfredo begins to cry. He curses himself for what he’s done and Marcelo confesses that they all have a little bit of blame in what happened to Nora and leaves.

Daniela is in the hospital signing documents for an abortion. She looks over the paperwork and sees a patient go into one of the rooms for her own abortion. She looks at the doctor, questioning her decision. 

Sergio is filling in Rodrigo on Nora’s death. He explains that last he heard it wasn’t an accident…Nora committed…Rodrigo doesn’t need him to say it aloud. He understands that he loved her for a time and it hurts him. Rodrigo confesses that he always thought she did it for attention but now they know that she meant it. Sergio didn’t want to add to Rodrigo’s problems but he thought he should know. Rodrigo thanks him and Sergio asks if he has heard anything about Amador. 

Amador is currently at Talavera Gaxiola. He walks with slow, measured steps to a truck out front but finds it locked. He makes his way to the door and goes inside. He ransacks Nora’s desk and then Rebeca’s office, throwing vases on the floor as he goes. He goes into Marcelo’s office and finds what he was looking for: a set a keys. 

In her room, a freshly showered and dressed Rebeca tells Magdalena that Nora fell from the same railing as Adriana and landed in the same spot. Rebeca knows she did it to punish her and do to her the same thing Rebeca did to her sister. Magdalena tells her that Nora wasn’t in the right state of mind but Rebeca reiterates that she did it on purpose because she hated her and didn’t want to be her daughter anymore. Magdalena tries to comfort her but Rebeca runs away from her touch and tells her that she can’t keep living without Nora. Nora was the only thing she had that was hers. The only thing that she loved. Magdalena tries to get her ready for Nora’s funeral but Rebeca just wants them to bring Nora to her so she can be with her, alone. Magdalena will tell Mario and they’ll arrangement everything according to her wishes. 

Outside, the police take Nora’s body and Mario asks that they sped up the process as they already know what happened and they don’t need to prolong the family’s suffering. Mario looks off into the distance, pondering his own life. 

The nurse comes out of the operating room and asks if Daniela finished filling out the paperwork. She finds the waiting room empty and rips up the unsigned documents. 

Magdalena comes out of Rebeca’s room and runs into Mario. He explains that he asked the police to have everything ready as soon as possible. Magdalena chides him for alerting the police but Mario explains that the funeral home would have done it anyway since they have to determine cause of death. Magdalena argues that they know the cause and Lucia witnessed it but she agrees that it wouldn’t be prudent to ask her or Rebeca anything. Mario tells her not to worry; no one will ask them anything right now. Mario hugs her fiercely and Magdalena confesses that she can’t believe this is happening; as much as she resents Rebeca, she can’t stand to see her hurting this way nor is it fair for any of them to lose Nora. Mario understands and Magdalena asks that he hug her and give her the strength to make it through everything. He does. 

Normita and Nazario are sitting down for dinner when Marcelo arrives. They initially welcome him, happily, and then Nazario sees Marcelo’s face and asks what’s wrong. He reveals that Nora committed suicide in front of Lucia and Rebeca. Nazario asks him when it happened and why no one alerted him and Marcelo tells him that no one is thinking about that right now and goes. Normita comments that the tragedies for the Gaxiola family don’t end. 

Lucia is crying in her room when Magdalena comes in and tells her that the police took Nora’s body and they are going to bring her back ASAP for the wake, per Rebeca’s instructions. Lucia tells her that Nora confessed that they weren’t sisters. Magdalena tells her that that doesn’t matter; you can love someone and be their sister without sharing the same blood. Lucia reiterates that she loved her, with all her soul, despite all she did to her. Magdalena tells her to find comfort in the fact that she was close to her at the end but Lucia still feels bad. Magdalena reminds her that Marcelo is there to comfort her but Lucia explains that he left and she couldn’t detrain him. Magdalena doesn’t understand so Lucia hands her the letter he wrote for her. Lucia explains that there are too many obstacles in their way and Nora’s suicide will separate them for forever. Nora’s memory caused a permanent rift between them. Magdalena hugs her. 

Marcelo is packing because he’s returning to Mexico when Nazario comes in and explains that Mario filled him in on what happened. He then notices the backpack and asks him how he can live now that Lucia needs him. Marcelo tells him that Rebeca is right; if he never came to Puebla, none of what happened would’ve happened and Nora’s suicide will separate him from Lucia forever. Nazario doesn’t think it’s his fault, despite what he thinks, but Marcelo knows Lucia will hold it against him some day and he doesn’t want to live like that. Nazario asks if Lucia knows and Marcelo confirms that she does and she didn’t stop him because she’s dealing with a lot right now. Nazario reiterates that he should think things over either way because leaving isn’t the right solution. He then tells him that he’s going to take Normita home and going to the Gaxiola home but he should think things over. 

Mario tells Magdalena that he has to go to the police station because the process has stalled. He asks Magdalena if she can be alone and Magdalena confirms she can and thanks him for his help. He then asks that she comfort her niece and sister as much she can because they need her. Mario thanks her as well and kisses her goodbye. 

Daniela calls Alfredo from her house and he asks that she come to Puebla tomorrow, first thing. Daniela doesn’t want to but Alfredo asks that she come because they need to talk about something important. Daniela reluctantly agrees. 

In the park, Tere tells Lalo about what happened with Nora. She came out of the kitchen and saw Rebeca hugging her daughter. Lalo agrees that it was a scary sight and Tere tells him that Lucia is inconsolable. She loved Nora despite everything and she will always be her sister. Tere continues to cry and then tells Lalo that Lucia witnessed everything. Lalo finds it strange that she died just like Adriana and reiterates that the Gaxiola house is damned. Tere tells him that Adriana was an accident but Nora’s wasn’t. Lalo asks if Nazario knows but Tere assumes he doesn’t. Lalo offers to go to his house with Tere to let him know. They go off. 

Magdalena comes downstairs to find Lucia, dressed in black. Magdalena gave Rebeca a tea and she hopes it calms her down while they wait. Lucia tells her that she asked Rebeca to leave before but she can’t do it now. In fact, she may leave herself because she doesn’t want to live in a house where her mother, father and sister have died. Magdalena never understood how Alonso lived in the house after Adriana’s death and assumes it was because of Lucia, so that she could live in the house he constructed for Adriana, he just didn’t suspect all the tragedies that would come after. Lucia agrees and asks when they will receive Nora’s body. Magdalena assumes that it will be tomorrow morning and Lucia hugs her. She then asks Magdalena to bury Nora next to Alonso; she thinks he would’ve liked that. Magdalena asks that Lucia rest as well but Lucia prefers to go for a walk to clear her head. Magdalena agrees and then offers to clean up the atrium as Lucia walks out. 

Lucia is sitting on the outside steps when Nazario comes and hugs her. He would’ve come sooner but he had no idea. Lucia thanks him for coming to visit her and she asks if Marcelo told him. Nazario tells her that he came to the house, defeated, and is thinking about moving. Lucia confirms she already knows and Nazario asks that she think things through because she still has time to save their relationship. He asks that she call him but Lucia confesses that she can’t and she doesn’t think he’d want her to.

Marcelo is packed and ready to go. He looks at Nazario’s yard one final time and then makes his way to the entrance. He goes out the door, closes it behind him and walks to the trunk of his car to put his suitcase inside. When he closes it, a shadow comes up behind him and bids him good night. It’s Amador, who hits him in the face with a shovel. Marcelo falls at Amador’s feet, unconscious…