Bride With Benefits Episode 105–107 Update on Tuesday 8th May 2018


Natru asking Payal to slap on his face. Payal is shocked. Dev interferes and tries to make him understand his mistake. Natru gets angry and calls him joru ka ghulam. He says I did a mistake and got her married to my son. She has insulted me and now apologizing shamelessly. Payal says she came to give tea. Natru throws the tea cups and asks them not to show their faces to him. Payal goes to room. Dev reminds him about his behavior towards Payal. Santoshi asks Dev to come. Natru tells that he will strike this deal for sure and will throw money on her face. Bhuvaneshwar and family are happy thinking about Payal’s birthday celebrations. Rajath gets a call from someone and asks to give 100000 Rs, which he gave to keep it safely. Rajath thinks how to repay the money as he spent
it on Payal’s jhumkas, Alka, Neelu and Indu’s shopping and on his cars. Bhuvaneshwar thinks he is thinking to retire as Rajath is happily taking care of home.
Payal is in her office and recalls Natru asking her to beat him. She thinks Natru has wrong thinking and thinks she needs her dad’s help. She thinks about Bhuvaneshwar’s words and looks on. Rajath tells the vendor to return the money. He makes an excuse and thinks how he will run his business. Dev comes to Payal’s office. Payal asks him to come in. Dev apologizes to her. Payal says it is not needed. Dev says whatever has happened was wrong. I am fed up of their behavior. I will talk to them and give them warning to leave their wrong wishes. Payal says she will talk to Natru and make him understand. She asks him not to talk to Natru, and says he is elder than us. He is our father and we should respect him. She asks him to have patience and everything will be fine.
Bhuvaneshwar tells Alka about sacrificing many things. Indu praises Rajath. Rajath says he will go to any extent to give happiness to his family. He thinks it will take time to set up his business, and have to find a way out. He recalls Thakur ji( goon) proposal about illegal business. He thinks this is the only way out. Natru looks at Payal’s pics and tells Ayodhya that his value has been down in the market because of her. Ayodhya says nobody is ready to give us money. He wonders how they will do the project. Natru says he did never accepted defeat and says this project will happen for surely. Ayodhya asks how? Natru takes out house papers from almira and tells Ayodhya that he is the owner of the house. Ayodhya asks what you want to say? Natru says this house will fulfill our dream and complete this project. Then only we will slap Payal and show her place.
Rajath comes to Thakur ji. Thakur ji sees him and says I knew you would come for money. Rajath asks how to do this? Thakur ji says you want to earn money like me, and asks not to get scared. He gives him 2 lakhs rupees in advance, and asks him not to fall in police trap else he don’t know him.
Santoshi sees Payal coming home and asks Basanti to bring breakfast and tea for her. Payal says she will take it herself. Santoshi says Basanti will bring. Payal says I want to give you something, and asks her to take her salary. Santoshi is about to take the envelope, but Natru comes and snatches the envelope. He asks who asked you to give salary to us. He asks her to keep her ego with herself, and asks Santoshi not to use her money. He throws the envelope on floor. Gulkan gets up and asks do you have any conspiracy in mind as you are not keeping money being greedy. Ayodhya asks her to keep quiet. Gulkan calls him father’s puppet, and asks Natru to return her dowry. Natru says they will return their dowry and salary and asks to keep patience till then.
Dev asking what is she hiding. She nervously says nothing. He says mom told what Natru told and says Natru is crossing his limit day by day and will never change, so she does not need to help him. Payal says Natru will change seeing her goodness and if she stops giving her salary, how will Santoshi run this house.
Natru and Ayodhya go to a financier Phool’s office and wait fo him. They see many people including begger coming out of cabin and praising financcier and thinks god gives money to incompetent people except him. Peon then asks natru and Ayodhya to go in. They both get in and financir calls their name correctly. He asks what would they like to have. They say nothing. He insists they have to and requests them to sit. Natru sits and asks if
he believes in god so much. Phool says because of god he has high contacts with commissioner, etc. He asks what they need. Natru says he wants to do a big business and for that he needs 5 crores rupees and he will mortgage his house in exchange. Phool asks how can he mortgage his house. Natru says he has to. Financier says he will come and inspect his house in the morning. Natru thinks everyone would be at home at this time, but he has to. He says fiancier Phool that he can come. Phool asks them to have snacks now. Natru says he will have snacks with him in the morning. Once he leaves, Phool tells a witty dialogue.
At night, Natru and Ayohdya discuss that Payal will fail their plan if she will know that they are mortgaging this house. Natru turns and is shocked to see Payal standing. He gets afraid thinking Payal must have heard something. PAyal says she wants to speak to him. He says he does not want to. Payal sadly leaves.
In the morning, Natru and Ayodhya wait for Phool. Phool enters with his men. Natru introduces whole family members to him and asks if he found difficulty in finding house. Phool says he built such a lavish palace like house, he could find it easily. He asks how much did he spend on it. Natru says he spent his whole’s life’s savings on it. He sends Ayodhya to show house. Payal things something is wrong. Gulkan also asks same. Natru says he wants to build same house for himself, so he is looking at each thing. Payal tells Dev that the man looks greedy. Natru shouts at her not to interfere her PWDgiri in his issues and to keep away.
Ayodhya showing house to Phool and his men. Phool says his men that house is very good and he will get it at any cost.
Dev tells Natru that Payal is right, that man does not seem to be good. Payal says she meets many people in her office who behave sweet, but are arrogant and culprits in real. Natru says whatever they say, he will do what he has decided. Phool tells Ayodhya that he will sign deal. Dev asks Natru what deal he is talking about. Natru thinks if they stay here, he won’t be able to sign deal, so he will take Phool out and sign deal. He stops Phool outside and says his family ladies will get tensed if they know about mortgage, so he will keep it secret until Ayodhya’s business starts booming. Phool says he brought 3 crores and rest
he will give after signing final agreement papers. He gives temporary agreement papers, shows 3 crores and asks him to sign papers before muhurath gets over. Natru is about to sign when Ayodhya stops him and asks him to read papers once. Phool says he came with money for them and they don’t trust him, once muhurath gets over, he will not sign deal.
Natru is about to sign deal again when Payal and Dev come out and see money bag and papers. Devz asks what is all this. Phool thinks to keep Payal and Dev busy while Natru signs papers. He gets them busy, gets apers signed b y Natru and leaves. Dev asks why did he get so much money. Natru asks him to mind his business and goes in with money bag.
Payal tells Gulkan that she feels there is somethign wrong with this deal as nobody will give so much money. Gulkan yells that her husband is going to do business, but she wants to stop it. Dev says Payal is right. She yells that he cannot understand all this as he is jobless and waste body of this house. She continues yelling at them and goes to her room.
Payal gets Satish’s call and leaves for office. She informs Santosh and leaves thinking Dev felt very bad hearing Gulkan’s taunt and she will console him after coming back home.
Phool asks his men to keep an eye on Natru and Ayodhya and laughs boasting himself that he will loot both money and house.
Santoshi asks Dev not to feel bad about Gulkan’s taunt. He says she told truth, he is waste body, he tries a lot to get job but is uncesuccessful. He is just worried about Payal as she is suffering because of him. Payal calls him just then and asks him to come and pick him from office as her official car is broken. Dev says he will and leaves informing Santoshi. Payal thinks she lied Dev to console him here as she cannot at home.
Natru and Ayodhya reach contractor’s office and give him 3 crores. Contractor gives Ayodhya contract papers and asks to read it carefully. Natru says that means our deal wont be done. Phool’s men spy them and listen to their whole conversation.
Dev reaches Payal’s office. She makes him sit and asks him not to feel bad about Gulkan’s taunts, she is sure he will reach his destiny soon and is also confident that he will protect her always.