My Sweet Curse Episode 113 Update on Tuesday 1st May 2018


Aurora goes into cave secretly in the night and finds letters from Severo and Carmen trying to express their love to each other. Searching thoroughly, she finds a love hole in the sanctuary and wonders what it meant and going deep, she finds a box which contains letter and some items like her mum and Severo’s pictures and after she reads a letter from her mother to Severo in which she tells Severo that she loves Anselmo and is going to marry him.
Onesimo calls Rodrigo that Aurora is fine, but that she asked him not to reveal her whereabouts.
Monica wants a potion which can help take off the pain so she can be well for Rodrigo and Macrina asks Monica that the potions she gave her have damaged her body and so she gives her a new potion to try to heal her and get rid of the pain.
Rodrigo insists on knowing about where Arora is but Elsa tells Rodrigo that he should forget about Aurora and devote himself to Monica as that is the path he’s chosen to go.
Severo goes to the cave and unfortunately bumps into Aurora there and he grows furious for going behind her to enter his sanctuary but Aurora explains to him that she only came there to know much about his relationship with her mum and in deep pain and tears, he tells her that her mother loved him very much, and that his friend Anselmo stole her from him, including her body after she died.
Monica asks Rodrigo to stop looking for Aurora and concentrate on their love and give their relationship a chance because it hurts her to see him insisting on something that is never going to happen with Aurora.
Severo tells Macrina that he never wants to hear about Aurora again because he’s gotten in plenty of trouble because of her and he never tell her that Aurora is staying with him. But Macrina doesn’t quite buy what Severo and Onesimo telling her about Aurora being gone from town and she suspects something fishy.
Aurora is doing everything possible to keep Severo’s house clean so, she’s brought all of the pigs outside and that is where she feeds them and Father Basilio bumps into her whiles looking for Severo and he tells Aurora he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea for Aurora to be staying in Severo’s shed, but she says she has good reason to stay there, and that Onesimo gave her a gun and a cell phone, just in case.
Brigida orders Luca to find Aurora because she still wants to carry out her plans to ruin her but Luca thinks Brigida is getting more and more ambitious about destroying Aurora and that is wickedness but she is still willing to take ruin Aurora and therefore care less about any advice Luca gives her.
Maximina tries convincing Altagracia to allow them invest their money in the business fund Luca has been talking about but Altagracia thinks it’s not a good idea at all.
Aurora thinks Severo’s hair looks like a dirty pig skin and so he has to keep it neat and wash down to get well soon but he snubs her.
Ines dances to a tune as she plays the music in the house unknowing to her that, Chalo was videoing her and after he does the editing and seriously he enjoys the dancing move very much.
Whiles Severo falls deeply asleep, Aurora shaves his hair and bear off without his notice and he wakes up looking very furious but all the same he agrees that she trims it very well for him to make him look nice.
Rodrigo goes to Severo’s house looking for Aurora, but he tells him that he heard she had left for Mexico City but what he isn’t sure of is if Onesimo was the one who took her there.