Kuch Rang Episode 43–44 Update on Tuesday 1st May 2018


Sona’s mum is with her. She’s praying/thanking the God.
Outside, Dev recalls Sona’s accident and checks on her. Sona’s mum goes to him and tells him to go home, she’s with her. He says don’t worry about him, he’s fine. He asks if she needs anything. She says no. She breaks down. Dev makes her sit and says nothing will happen. Everything will be alright. Sona’s mum asks how did that happen. He was with her, right? He tells her how accident happened. He says he couldn’t trust his eyes. She asks how come he couldn’t see. What was point of him dropping her, if he can’t take care of her. Are they kids that they were walking in middle of road. She cries.
Sona’s dad wants to go hospital. Saurav comes and says she was very serious, but operation is done and she’s alright now. He starts crying. His dad says nothing will happen to her. He calms Saurav down and hugs him.
Sona’s mum is not around. Dev keeps opening Sona’s room door and checks on her. Sona regains consciousness. She tries to get up, but struggles. Dev again checks on her. He sees her struggling and runs to her. She hugs him tight. She gets scared seeing blood on his shirt. She asks did he get injured? Did he show it to doctor? He says he’s fine. She hugs him again. He says she had an accident, but now everything is fine. She faints and is unconscious again. Dev calls doctor, nurse and shouts at them for not being there. Sona was trying to get off the bed. Nurse says, there is nothing to be worried about. It’s just her BP is low. He’s angry at her. Sona’s mum notices. He calms down and tells nurse to be careful next time. He turns back and looks at Sona. He says even in this condition, Sona cared for him, not for her. She was bothered thinking he got injured.
In morning, Dev’s mum comes to his room and is shocked. Mami asks what happened. She says Dev never came home in night. She’s worried. Mami tells her that she doesn’t tell him anything. If it was her, then she would have called him 100s of times. Dev’s mum says she called, but he couldn’t talk. He just messaged. Mami says she doesn’t understand anything. He’s grown up. Dev’s mum is confused. Mami says she used to worry about Vicky as well. But they should understand that they are grown up now. He doesn’t have as many friends as Vicky, but he might be with a girl. Dev’s mum says he is not like that. He has his 3 sisters to take care of and there can be no one else. Mami says there is one more. Dev’s mum is shocked. Mami says, you. No one is greater than her for him. Mami leaves.
Sona’s family visits her. They all have good time. Sona’s sister and brother tease her with Dev saying she got into an accident to get Dev’s attention. Their dad tells them not to bother Sona. Sona’s sister says they are making her happy by talking about Dev. Dev comes in. Sona’s dad thanks him for saving Sona’s life. Dev says anyone would do that. Sona’s dad says, no, not everyone is like him. He insists him to go home and rest now as he has been there whole night. Sona signs him as well. He says okay.
Mami is still around Dev’s mum asking if he picked up. Just then Dev enters. His mum gets shocked seeing blood. He tells her about Sona’s accident and him being in hospital whole night. His mum says she was feeling something wrong. She blames herself and says she wants to meet her. Dev tells her she is out of danger, she can go later. He says he has to go to office . She says he won’t go anywhere. He has to take rest. To hell with work. He asks what about how she was working day night. She says she was helpless. He says he has learned from her only to do hard work and come first in everything. He goes. Mami says, very bad Sona had an accident, but she was right about Dev being with a girl whole night. Dev’s mum just walks away.
Sona’s sis is alone with Sona. She’s checking something. Sona asks what’s that. She says love detector. Sona says shut up. Her sis tells her to listen to heart before it’s too late. Sona says she has nothing in her heart. Her sis says really? There is nothing between her and Dev? Sona says no. Her sis asks then how did her accident happen. Sona says they were talking and walking. Her sis says but she was saying he doesn’t talk. What they were talking. Sona says casual. Sis asks question 2, why long walk. To spend time with each other? Sona says roads were blocked, so he couldn’t drive her. Her sis asks how come she didn’t see car. Sona says what rubbish. Her sis wishes Sona could see her face..how much she’s blushing. Sona says it’s nothing like that. She was telling him her childhood. There is nothing between them. Her sis says, but what Dev did yesterday..no one else would do it. She tells her how he called everyone to arrange blood. He waited whole night until doctor said she was out of danger. She doesn’t know what kind of guy she wants, but she won’t find anyone like Dev. Sona says, how many times she has to say there is nothing between them. Will she lie to her? Her sis says, whether she lies to her or no, at least don’t lie to herself.
Her family is back. Her dad says, at least she got to rest. Now no more work for a month at least. Sona says no. Her sis again teases her saying how she can stay away from Mr. Obedro for one month. Sona asks why she is calling him Mr. Obedro. When did he talk to her rudely. Her sis says, possessiveness. She gets jealous if someone else calls him that. Saurav also starts teasing. Their dad tells Saurav to stop.
Dev’s mum comes to visit Sona. Sona introduces her family to her. Sona’s sis whispers to Sona that saasu-maa has come. Dev’s mum asks Sona how she’s feeling. Sona says better than before. Sona’s mum tells Dev’s mum that “Devbabu” helped a lot yesterday. Dev’s mum asks who? She says Dev..Dev babu. Sona’s parents tell her how Dev called his staff..how he didn’t move till Sona regained consciousness. He took care of her a lot. Saurav says this is not first time. He’s such a big businessman and still takes care of small things. He brought cake on their mum’s birthday. Who would do all that? Dev’s mum just listens all..and doesn’t give any reaction.
Ishwari goes to hospital to meet Sona. Saurabh says Mr. Dixit has very helping nature and describes how he went overboard and brought cake for his mother and other incidents. Ishwari says her son is of helping nature and he would have helped anyone even if it is not Sona. Sona’s stops smiling hearing this. Family continues their praises for Dev. Ishwari gets jealous.
Dev asks his secretary Tina about recent client meetings. Tina says clients are very upset with his ignorance in recent times. Dev says he will meet clients personally soon and goes to Sona’s hospital room. Bejoy seems him and says he will get coffee for him. Dev says he will get. Bejoy insists and goes to get coffee. Dev sits on a sofa. He falls asleep. Sona opens eyes and imagines herself getting out of bed and walking towards Dev and Dev holding her hand. She gets out of her imaginatino and sees Dev sleeping still and she on bed. Dev wakes up and their romantic nok jhok starts. Dev leaves for home next.
Ishwari informs Radha how Dev went overboard to help Sona. Radha tries to brainwash her. Dev reaches home. Ishwari asks why is he late even today. He says nothing and goes to his room. Radha restarts her brainwash and smirks.
Sona’s family writes their comments and wishes on her hand’s plaster of paris bandage. She asks them to leave some space. Bejoy asks for whom. Their jokes and quality family time continue. Once family leaves, Dev enters. She gets attracted to his love and care again and starts smiling. Their romantic nok jhok starts again. He feeds her food. Kuch rang pyar ke…..song.. plays in the background. They both look at each other.
Precap: Bejoy and Daadi request Dev to find a suitable match for Sona. Dev says he will try.