My Sweet Curse Episode 110 Update on Wednesday 25th April 2018


Severo goes to the station to tell Aurora that, the townsfolk are here demanding for her lynching and the only way she can be free from them to save herself is by going away with him but Aurora thinks she’s done nothing wrong to be afraid of. Just within some seconds, Macrina shows up at the Police Station leading an enraged mob that wants to lynch Aurora by burning her alive.
Severo then steals Weceslao’s gun and uses it to rescue Aurora from the enraged mob that wants to lynch her, and he drives away with her in his van but unfortunately, they have an accident because Aurora tries getting away severo tries preventing her and the two begin to struggle and that i show come the accident happend.
Whiles going on horse back ridding, Luis calls Rodrigo to ask if he can allow a friendo of his to stay in his apartment in the city for a few days and after Rodrigo’s acceptance, Monica intentionally shouts aloud behind the phone to tell Luis that she and Rodrigo are in a relationship now.
Boni tells Luis the problem evolving Aurora and Luis tries calling Rodrigo to let him know about what is happening to Aurora, but Monica is the one who answers the call and she doesn’t give the message to Rodrigo because she knows what Luis wants to talk about.
The District Attorney’s Agent tells Wenceslao that several crimes were committed at the crime scene and takes his statement.
Aurora tries getting help from somewhere so the person can assist with Severo’s wound but he disputes that and Severo rather takes Aurora to a cave, and Aurora hides the gun because she fears what Severo might want to do with it. Severo tells Aurora that they will be safe in that cave while they wait for the townsfolk to calm down, because if they were to go out at this time, they’d be burned alive; he also says that he’s sure that the police also want to arrest him for rescuing her.

Gloria is still in very serious condition at the hospital and she is the only one who can confirm what happened between Dionisio and Aurora at “El Huateque”.
Aurora asks Severo why he rescued her and she becomes surprised when Severo tells her that he rescued her because he didn’t want others to ruin his chance to get revenge on her.
Monica and Rodrigo returns home from their horse back ridding and Elsa tells Rodrigo about what happened with Aurora and how Severo took her away and Rodrigo decides to go look for Aurora.
In the cave, Aurora insists on going to Severo’s house at night to call the hospital to ask about Gloria’s condition, but he says that she would only be putting them at risk but for her part, she insists that he should be examined by a doctor because he has broken ribs.
In the end, Aurora gets to go to Severo’s house but she becomes really shocked to find Rodrigo there.