Kuch Rang Episode 37–38 Update on Thursday 26th April 2018

Sona clashes with Dev while walking towards Nikki’s room. Dev says sorry and hurries out. Sona surprisingly thinks Mr. Obodro said sorry. She enter Nikki’s room and hears a recording where Nikki apologizes her and she says she did not speak directly as she would not let her speak. Sona says it is okay. Their conversation starts. Sona says nobody said her sorry so cutely, but she should apologize Dev as she broke his trust. She starts badmouthing about Dev thathe is arrogant, rigid, etc. Nikki says her bhaiya is cute and she confronted Dev yesterday well, etc. Sona suggests Nikki to give some gift to Dev and convince him. Nikki says it is a good idea,always bhaiya gives her gift, this time, she will give him gift.
Saurabh brings new TV home. Elena says it is good, they can watch Kapil Sharma’s comedy show on 23rd April. Daadi also joins them and they all 3 promote Kapil’s show.
Nikki asks Sona what she should give Dev, Shirt? Sona says he wears boring shirts. Nikki says tie. Sona says no. Nikki suggests teddy. Sona jokes and says shaving cream. Nikki says he does not shave at all, says who will pay attention to him. Sona says she does. Nikki asks really? Sona gets nervous and says gift, gift. Nikki says they should ask mom what Dev needs. Nikki gos to Ishwari’s room and after a bit of drama asks what she Dev likes. Mom says Dev needs his childhood back, which he did not enjoy. Nikki walks out confused. Sona says she got an idea.
Neha goes to coach Ranveer’s address to meet him, but someone else opens door and says nobody named Ranveer stays here.
Nikki leaves a note in Dev’s room. Dev comes from office and reads note. He calls her and she runs and hugs him and apologizes. He calms down and asks her not to go out again without mom’s permission. She gives him gift. He opens it and sees video game and says he does not need it. She insists to play with him and he agrees. They both start playing game. Sona goes to kitchen and asks Kichu to prepare popcorn. Kichu takes popcorn to Dev’s room. Dev and Nikki continue playing.
Neha reaches home. Ishwari shows her childhood toy. Neha asks why did not she throw it yet. Ishwari says she thought she would get happy. Neha continues shouting. Ishwari asks if she her teacher scolded her. She says he did not come to class at all and goes to her room.
Ishwari prepares tea for Neha and tells Radha that Neha gets angry easily. Sona enters and Ishwari asks if she would like to have tea. Sona says yes. Radha taunts that Sona made Ishwari her servant.. Dev enters angrily and asks Sona if she kept his phone in silent mode. She says he was playing with Nikki, so she thought not to disturb them. He shouts he made a huge loss because of he and breaks his phone. Radha tries to comment, but Ishwari takes her from there. Sona confronts dev and says she saw a child Dev in him today and not arrogant Mr. Dixit and tries to leave. He asks if she is leaving job again. She says her duty is finished today and she is going home. He says he will get her new mobile tomorrow. She says money is not everything, her parents saved many months to get her mobile and it was precious, which he would not understand.
Dev feels guilty for scolding Sona and calls her landline, but nobody picks call. He then travels in car, calls Kichu and asks him to inform when Sona comes. Elena waits for auto unsuccessfully to go to Dev’s office. She comes in front of Dev’s car and driver stops car. Dev gets out, apologizes, and helps her pick her things back. He says he will drop her wherever she wants to. She asks if they met before. She says no and sits in his car. He asks where she wants to go. She shows address. He sees Ishwari communications address and asks whom she wants to meet. She says why he wants to know. He says even he is going there and asks driver to start car.
Sona comes for job. Kichu says Dev asked to inform him when she comes. She says it is okay. Radhika asks Sona to give her mobile and then taunts she saw Dev breaking her mobile and he sould not have done it, she did not even say anythin after insult…Ishwari comes and Radha stops her bak bak. Ishwari tells Sona how Dev become rich and when he first got salary, he brought phone home and said when they have phone, world comes calling them. She says Dev worked hard to be where he is now and is working more hard to keep it up, so when he lost his important calls, he got angry on her, he did mistake and even she did mistake.
Dev asks Elena whom she is going to meet at Ishwari communications. She says arrogant Dev Dixit. Driver coughs. Elena asks why is driver coughing. Dev asks what did Dev do. She starts that he is arrogant, rigid, etc.., and troubles her cousin a lot. He asks who is her cousin. She says Sona and she nicknamed him Mr. Obodro means rigid/arrogant. She then picks magazine and sees him on cover page and reminices seeing his article. She asks if he is Dev, why did he let her badmouth about him. He says she did not let him speak. She continues scolding that because of him Sona cried whole night yesterday. He asks her how to lighten her mood. She says whenever Sona used to get sad in childhood, they used to say anger looks good on monkey and not humans and she used to smile, but she is grown up now.
Vicky relaxes on sofa with legs streteched. His dad kicks him and asks if he thought anything about his future. Vicky says not yet. Dad says he will get more shocks until he finds something. Nikki passes by and Vicky asks how was yesterday’s party. She says it was bad. He says whenever she wants to enjoy party, he will take her and asks if she wants to have beer, she can tell him. Sona hears that and calls Nikki to kitchen. Her and Nikki’s conversation starts.
Sona goes home. Dev’s employee brings mobile and says Sona Dev gave it to her. Elena takes packet and reads message about monkey, etc., and thinks he wrote a bit wrong, but okay. Sona takes mobile and returns it. Elena says why did she return latest mobile, Dev is not so arrogant as she thinks. Sona asks when did she meet Dev. Elena tells her whole story.
Dev plays video game with Nikki. Nikki says he would not have scolded Sona as she just wanted to see him smiling and videogame was her idea. Ishwari calls them down and says Sona did not accept mobile.
Precap: Ishwari insists Sona to take phone and says she will think she forgave Dev. Sona says she cannot take it. Dev asks her to stop her superego.