My Sweet Curse Episode 109 Update on Tuesday 24th April 2018


Monica kisses Rodrigo but he looks uncomfortable with her kisses, but she tells him that she intends to make him love her as much, or even more than he loves Aurora and she tried calling him sweetheart but Rodrigo asks her not to call him “sweetheart” because that is what Aurora used to call him and that makes him remember her.
Dionisio breaks into Aurora’s room at El-Huateque and tries to rape her, but she puts up a fight to defend herself and whiles they struggle, Gloria arrives and comes in Aurora’s defense but Dionisio beats her up and Aurora breaks a bottle to defend herself and in the act of struggling, Dionisio falls on the broken bottle and he ends up dead with Gloria collapsing.
Monica goes to see Macrina and she asks Macrina to give her a potion to make her feel better now so she can enjoy her relationship with Rodrigo and Macrina says she will but she is afraid that Xochitl could be capable of spilling the truth to Elsa that they have been behind all of the wrongs happening to Aurora and Monica assures Macrina not worry about Xochitl because she will make sure she doesn’t snitch on them as she knows how to manipulate her remorse.
Lots of townsfolk show up at “El Huateque” and they start to yell at Aurora calling her a murderer and Brigida becomes cold towards Aurora when she tries to explain how Dionisio tried to rape her for the second time, and that she was just trying to defend herself, not kill him.
The ambulance team arrive and Gloria is taken to the hospital, and at the Police Station nothing can be done because they can’t contact Chief Quiñonez since he was out of town.
Xochitl looks at Wenceslao’s straw doll and she thinks she can’t throw it away if indeed he is Wenceslao until she does everything possible to break the spell her mum cast on him. So, she decides to keep the straw doll by her side until then.
At the police station, Brigida tells Aurora that she is going to find her a lawyer and that she won’t let Dionisio ruin her life.
Monica looks for Xochitl to ask for her blessing to date Rodrigo since she’s been his caretaker since childhood and becomes happy for Monica taking her view into consideration. Xochitl also tells Monica that she regrets all the things she did to Aurora and that she feels she should tell Elsa about it but Monica tells her that Rodrigo would never forgive her if he gets to know about everything they have done to the love of his life, so Xochitl agrees to keep her mouth shut.
Brigida tells Luca that she is waiting for the right time to bury Aurora but not actually to get her out of the trouble she is in.
Severo goes to the station to tell Aurora that, the townsfolk are here demanding for her lynching and the only way she can be free from them to save herself is by going away with him but Aurora thinks she’s done nothing wrong to be afraid of. Just within some seconds, Macrina shows up at the Police Station leading an enraged mob that wants to lynch Aurora by burning her alive.