My Sweet Curse Episode 108 Update on Monday 23rd April 2018


Epifania asks Rafael to stop thinking about Aurora and do what exactly Rodrigo did by getting himself a new girlfriend and that is Monica. Rafael then becomes very shocked.
Aurora reveals to Camilo about Rodrigo’s loving another woman and so seizes the opportunity to tell her Aurora about his intentions towards her, but she asks him to never talk to her about love again because she is not looking for it and her stay at El-Huateque will be short. All these while, Corina was eavesdropping and after she enters to confront him for making a fool out of her because she realizes he never did love her as he said as he heard him proposing marriage to Aurora. Camilo careless because he says to her that he’s always dreamt of making Aurora her future wife.
Luis proposes to Boni to go with him to Mexico City to find best beauty school so they can set up a beauty shop as partners and she accept immediately to go with him to the city.
Ponciano looks very angry for Dionisio beating Gloria and she decides to go park her thinks and leave with her father and son and Gloria says she now realizes that Dionisio never loved her and that she only did love him and she’s decided to go with him.
Xochitl finds Wenceslao’s straw doll and realizes that her mum Macrina practiced black magic against him.
Monica calls Aurora and tells her that as soon as Rodrigo got over the shock of seeing her working in El-Huateque, he sought comfort in her arms and asked her to be his girlfriend, but that she feels bad because they are friends and that is why she is telling her and Aurora tells her that she wishes her all the luck in the world. So, Monica now knowing that she’s gotten Aurora out of the way, she is focus on making Rodrigo marry her no matter what.
Jeronimo tells Elsa that the lawyer told him that he will have no right over his child with Epifania until after he’s born.
Rafael tries kissing Aurora by force to prove his love for her but she turns him down by slapping him and she clears things with him that she doesn’t love him but Rafael tells her that he will try again after he becomes the man she deserves.
Rodrigo takes the DNA Test results to Chalo and Chalo thinking things through, he rips the DNA test into two and tells Apolonia that he no longer wants to find out the results because he is a Galicia. So, Onesimo comes and after putting the ripped test together and checked, he gets to know that Chalo and Rodrigo aren’t even blood related but Apolonia don’t want to know even about it.
Aurora gives Luca and Brigida all her savings, but she doesn’t even suspect that she’s being swindled.
Monica kisses Rodrigo but he looks uncomfortable with her kisses, but she tells him that she intends to make him love her as much, or even more than he loves Aurora.