Bride With Benefits Episode 63–65 Update on Monday 23rd April 2018


room and getting shy seeing him shirtless after bath. He runs into bathroom seeing her and scolds servant Jugnu for letting the door opened. He apologizes Payal. Payal says his shirt button was broken, so she came to fix it. He says she does not have to do that. She says she will after coming back from office.
Neelu insists Indu/mom and Bhuvaneshwar/dad that she will collect pocket money from Payal. Mom says Payal is married and has her own new family, so they cannot burden her. Dad says mom is right and says he will give her pocket money instead and hands over 100 rs to her. She gets happy. Indu says he is spoiling child.
Payal gets out of her house for office when she sees Natru and Jaiswal waiting for her. They tell they
are going to the nearby place and it is very sunny outside and Gulkan will not give her car, so they came back in. Payal says place is on her way to office and she will drop them. Natru praises Payal as sanskari asks if she does not have any problem. Payal says no and gets them inside car. They both look at each other and think of their evil plan.
Indu murmurs that Neelu has not returned yet from practice and even Rajath and Alka have not returned from market. A courier boy comes and gives her courier. She surprisingly thinks who must have sent it, opens packet, sees Sari and Payal’s letter that she bought it for her as she was wishing to buy during her marriage but could not due to marriage expenses. Indu starts crying. Payal further writes not to cry.
Santoshi and Guddi enjoy burgers and discuss how to loot Payal when her salary comes. They see jeweller arranging jewels for Gulkan and requesting them also to have a look Santoshi starts her overacting and tells Guddi they can buy the jewelry once Payal’s salary comes. Gulkan hears that and thinks to punish and teach them a lesson. She comes out and asks jeweller to show new designs. He shows her a beautiful red stone necklace. Santoshi’s eyes bulge in jealousy.
Natru takes Payal to a place where people wait for them natru with flowers and bouquets. Natru introduces Payal as his bahu PWD engineer, payal prasad. People felicitate her with garlands and bouquet. Payal says she will leave now. Natu asks her to stay till bhoomi pooja and asks people to finish it fast.
Gulkan enjoys trialing jewelry. Guddi says this jewelry is so good and asks her to buy her at least an earring. Santoshi asks her to wait until Payal’s salary comes. Gulkan asks Guddi if she liked something. Gulkan points at an earring. Gulkan says she selected it for servant Basanti and asks Guddi to select a bigger one. Santoshi asks jeweller to show a bigger one. Gulkan asks jeweller to show the costliest one. He shows the prettiest one. Guddi’s eyes pop out seeing them and she snatches it. Santoshi says she does not have so much money. Gulkan says they can pay the jeweller later. Jeweller hesitantly nods yes. Gulkan thinks let us see how will Payal save them.
Natru tells Payal that people they came here for school’s pooja and it is a social cause. She cuts ribbon.
The episode starts with Payal coming to a place and is asked to inaugurate the place. She hesitates. Jogeshwar asks her to comply. She does the inauguration. Jogeshwar says his bahu doesn’t have time, but he requested her to come for 2 mins and she agreed. Payal looks upset. Jogeshwar praises Payal. They click Payal’s photo and asks for a visiting card. Jogeshwar asks him to be in limits. Sharma asks Jogeshwar to come with him. Payal thinks she is getting late for office and thinks how to leave from there. Jogeshwar asks everyone to come inside. Sharma praises Payal and says she is an example for today’s youth and asks her to keep first brick with her hand. Payal says what? Payal thinks to talk to Jogeshwar and puts the brick for the puja. Pandit ji asks her to break the brick. She obliges.
Sharma thanks Jogeshwar for bringing his PWD engineer bahu.
Jogeshwar says it is okay as you have requested me. Sharma pays him 35000 Rs. Jogeshwar looks at the money. Payal sees him taking money and thinks he brought her here intentionally. Jogeshwar thinks Payal has seen him, so he has to think of other trick. He calls Payal and says Sharma ji is giving him money for her Muh Dikhayi. He signs Sharma that says he gave it forcibly.
Payal thanks Sharma ji and takes out cheque book from her purse. She gives him cheque amounting to 35000 Rs. Sharma ji is shocked. Payal says you are doing a good thing, by opening school for kids. She says it is my donation. She tells Jogeshwar that she has to leave. Jogeshwar thinks Payal splashed water on his deeds. Sharma praises Payal. Jaswal takes Jogeshwar from there.
Bhuvaneshwar comes home. Indu asks him about his salary and worries about expenses. Bhuvaneshwar asks her not to worry. Rajath comes home and is upset. Bhuvaneshwar asks is everything fine. Rajath says he doesn’t have any problem and asks why you asks this always. Indu says parents worry for their children always. Alka says gas cylinder is about to end and they have to book another one. Rajath says he has to pay EMI of his car. Bhuvaneshwar asks him not to worry and hopes his work gets well, like Payal. She asks Alka to serve the food. Rajath thinks he will prove himself like Payal.
Jogeshwar goes to Tejaswini office with Jaswal. He thinks why did they call them. Jaswal says we will know soon. Someone comes and introduce themselves as Atul Sinha and his son Deepak. Deepak says he wants his bahu to endorse his coaching centre. Atul says he wants Payal to endorse his coaching centre to make it popular. Jogeshwar gets thinking. Atul offers him bribe and shows the money loaded briefcase. Jogeshwar eyes gets fixed on it.
Dev tells Rajesh that they will leave. Basanti comes and asks for 50 Rs as she has to send someone to give tiffin to Payal. Dev says he will give tiffin to Payal. Payal is in her office and reminisces Sharma giving money to Jogeshwar. She thinks whatever happened was wrong. She thinks Jogeshwar should not have done this. She thinks there is a huge difference between my father and father in law. She reminisces Bhuvaneshwar refusing to take bribe from Banwari. Bhuvaneshwar tells Payal not to fall prey to these kind of people. Payal thinks her papa is very good and her sasural people are greedy. She has to be careful and find a solution. She remembers papa’s saying.
The episode starts with Guddi happily wearing ear rings and asking Santoshi’s opinion. Santoshi asks her to hide it before Natru sees. Guddi drops her ear ring and panics. They both find it and Santoshi takes it from her, saying she will not give it to her until she clears ear ring money from Payal’s salary. She also smirks thinking she will buy a big necklace from Payal’s salary.
An NGO man comes to Payal’s office with a request to approve land for orphanage. Payal checks file and asks why is he demanding more land than required for orphanage. He says the people whom are donating want extra land for themselves. Payal says she will not sign it. He tries to bribe her, but she scolds her that she will not do anything illegal and leaves.
Natru goes to a
builder’s Sinha’s office who gives him hug bribe to approve his coaching center from Payal. Natru’s eyes pop out seeing money and says he will get Payal’s sign, but he has to make his son as partner in his coaching center. Sinha’s son gets irked and asks if he is out of his senses, but Sinha asks him to give some time. Natru says he will wait out for 10 min and goes out. Sinha scolds his son and says if they make Dev as partner, Payal will promote their coaching center and they will get 10 times more profit, so there is no harm giving some profit to Payal’s husband. Natru hears that and thinks he will show a colorful picture to Payal and trap her.
Sinha’s son calls Natru in. Sinha agrees for the partnership and asks him to convince Payal to promote their coaching center. Natru asks him not to worry. Sinha hugs and congratulates him. Natru asks him to come home tonight to discuss their plan.
Dev reaches Payal’s office. Office staff start pampering him. Payal comes out, takes him to her cabin and asks why did he come there. He says Basanti told she did not take lunch box, so he came with food and also wants to thank for pressing his shirt in the morning. He says she does not have do this as she already has work pressure at both office and home. Payal asks what did bank people say. He says they did not approve his loan and said they don’t trust him, he says only after seeing his work they can trust him. Peon brings food. Payal tells Dev he is working so hard to open his coaching center, she is sure he will succeed in his mission provided he does not lose hope. He says his mission is to keep her happy.
Natru comes home and tells Jaiswal and Ayodhya that he will hunt 3 birds with his one plan. Jaiswal praises him. Ayodhya says a big PWD tender is about to release, if Payal helps him, he will earn in crores. Natru says Payal may not help him and says today she stopped him from taking 35,000 gift money for bhoomi pooja. Ayodhya says they will have to find a solution for this plan and will have to bend their finger to get the ghee out. Gulkan hears that and thinks she will plan more bigger than Ayodhya and ruin his plan.
Precap: Dev asks Sinha why he wants to make him coaching center partner. Sinha says since he has taken coaching in coaching center, he knows its function, so he wants him to be a partner. Payal says his thinking is good. Natru thinks he trapped Payal easily.