Madhubala Episode 118–119 Update on Tuesday 24th April 2018

Part 1

Radha goes inside.. Madhu tries to follow ..n Dips stops her in the way n asks to leave.! Madhu insists.. n Dips says..all know her truth.. the house is not hers anymore.. n whatever RK did was to pay her back.. n pushes her out.. n Madhu si about to fall n RK comes n holds her in time!

RK asks Madhu to go in HIS room …! Dips Kuku n Sikky interrupt… and RK tells her to go to HIS room..! Madhu stays put.. n RK says.. GO…!! Asks her to leave the bag n go upstairs.. she goes..!

The trio start to bitch about Madhu to RK … but RK keeps screaming to BIWI .. to go upstairs..!

RK tells all that.. he is not fully well .. so better they stop crap! Second.. asks Dips to pick up the bag n go n keep in his room! Dips says..her dead body will pick up n he says.. dead body cant pick up..she has to. .n if she dare tell a servant..he will throw her out ! RK tells Kuku that dare he talk to make things proper else if he did.. all wrong doings of Kuku-Sikky will be out..n if its clear.. Mr. Bhatia.. Jnr Bhatia n Mrs. Jnr Bhatia!

RK comes to find Madhu crying sitting on the bed ..he tries to touch her but stops..! Madhu tries to explain herself..! She keeps asking.. ‘Tum mera vishwas karte ho?’ RK says.. he knows.. she had nothing to do with it.. n he has FULL FAITH in her..! Madhu hugs RK n he hugs her too!

RK rubs Madhus back n says.. its ok! She asks again if he trust her.. n he says.. yes FULL FAITH … BG- tera ishq.. ! RK wipes Madhus tears..! They break the eyelock..! RK goes to get water for her..!

RK teases her.. for wetting his shirt with tears.. He asks Madhu to stay here till all is OK! RK comes out and Dips is coming in to give bag ..n says Madhu ki to n RK says.. puja karungi.. n .. she asks ..why he took case back n RK says.. THANK U .. n get lost! Kuku-Sikky are busy cribbing!

Kuku says.. Radha is upset so now Beta-Ma will fight..! He also says .. till details of their involvement comes. .better they chill!

Dips is fuming n tries to poison Radhas mind..! She quotes.. about how wifes fight Yamraj for hubby n this wife is calling Yamraj for RK!

Part 2

Dips continues her rant. .n says.. Madhu mite not attack RK but Shammo can .. n RK has even closed the case.! What if it repeats?? Radha is paranoid!

Radha tells RK that.. for his life.. Madhu should not be in this house.. n she has to go! Madhu overhears… n Dips smirks..!

Part 3

Radha tells RK that she accepted.. the person who attacked him is her father.. but saving her father instead of hubby is wrong..! RK sees Madhu overhearing..! Radha tells RK that she wants one thing from him in life.. n nothing more..!

RK tells Radha that 14 yrs ago.she took a wrong repentance? He says..for her wrong pov.. of his wife staying …she wont tell him to do anything n stay quiet n that too for 14 years..!

Precap –Madhu serves RK food n he is about to eat n Radha stops him..! RK says.Madhu has forgotten her wifely duty now pay! Madhu feeds RK with his own hand n Dips looks away!

Part 1

Madhus cell rings ..its Paddo..checking on her n she fakes that all is well..! She says RK is with her.. n trust her..! She cuts the call as Paddo asks about Radha..! Madhu brings meds for RK n offers him meds..!RK says…should i call u.. ‘MEDICAL Wife’

She asks him why he din let the case on Shammo go thru but RK diverts ..calling out to Bittu..! He asks Madhu to get some food for him … ! Madhu leaves all sad..! Paddo is packing her stuff! Trish tries to reason ..saying he did it all for Madhu ..! She says Madhu said she understands..! Paddo says..that her father tried to kill her hubby?

Paddo says… the significance of Durga Puja … n says.. Durga Ma doesnt go home with Lord Shiv thinking.. her father tried to kill her hubby! Trish asks so.. RK is . n Paddo says.. NOT GOD . .but Madhus hubby .. for whom she did it all .. to save him! Paddo steps out of the house ..telling Trish to stay back if she wants to..! Shammo watches the whole thing ..

Bittu stares at RK n he says.. he is not a beautiful painting that he is staring at.. ! Bittu says chota muh badi baat… n RK says.. aapka muh bahut bada hai..! He asks if he thinks Madhu is wrong? Bittu says.. doubt so.. n RK says.. Shammo is Madhus father.. she will save him.. ofcourse! He recounts.. Madhus actions of taking him to cops.. slapping him .. throwing his drinks.. all before everyone .. so if she wants to kill him. .will shoot him upfront! [Target head n outlet thru ear] She only hid things she did to save him.. !

Bittu rues his actions.. n RK says… not ur fault.. Bhatia group of Badmash Company .. keechad hi aisa hai.. inke paas rehlo to lag hi jata hai but next time u do.. dunno what i will do

Madhu is cooking .. n tells Radha but Radha ignores…! Dips asks her not to cook else she mite add poison to it..! Radha tells Dips to handle RKs diet and she says.. ofcourse..! RK screams.. hungry…give food..! They go.. ! Dips serves RK ..! RK pushes her hand away. .n screams.. BIWI! Madhu comes…! He asks her if she din cook for him? He rejects Dips cooked food n demands.. Madhus cooked daal..! Radha interrupts.. but RK says .. he is giving his plate to Radha .. !

Part 2

Madhu gets the daal cooked by her.. Dips sits in a huff.. ! RK asks her to serve..! Radha looks on all worried n skeptical..! She stops him to eat n RK leaves the spoon n asks Madhu to fulfil Patni dharam n feed with her hand!

Makes her put the napkin ..n as she tries to feed thru spoon… stops n tells no..with hand..! Madhu does.. n RK says.. it reminded him of his mom..!

He says. ..the taste used to b in the food cooked by his mom .. filled with love, care . He says.. ‘Maa yaad aa gai’ n Radha breaksdown ! Grabs Madhus hand n makes her feed himself..! BG- Tera ishq … Rishbala eyelock..!

Precap — RK coufs.. n asks to call Doc.. ! Dips says.. Madhu must have mixed something..! Dips asks to call cops!