Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 200–201 Update on Tuesday 24th April 2018


Manu is convincing the sadhu to stay back in Jhansi and that GR is a naya priya king and on the other hand GR gives orders that the sanyasis need to hand over KG to Jhansi. GR further adds that if any one who is here in the palace is unhappy with his decision, they can also leave Jhansi, directing towards MoropantAngry. Moropant thinks abt what TG said to take care of GR while he is away. Moropant is asking a soldier abt the sanyasi’s Matt, but the witch comes in and taunts Moropant. Moti bai realises that its all because of the witch that Mahaarani is in trouble. She decides to go and tell the king the truth abt the witch, but the witch’s chamchi listens to Moti bai and Kashi’s talkOuch.  In the Matt, the Sanyaasi’s are informed abt GR decision and Manu is heart broken. On the other hand the witch stops, Moti bai and kashi and asks her to stay in her limits and that GR does not meet TawaaifhAngry. The witch further says that she will be behind the bars like SunderAngry if she does not leave the palace immediately.  Moti bai and Kashi decide to send the news to GR through Khudabaksh, and the witch hears this againOuch. Moropant is asking GR for forgiveness on Manu’s behalf, but GR tells Manu did not believe his words that he would save SS definitely. But, she did not believe him and went to save SS. GR further adds that with the sanyasi’s, even Manu will leave jhansi for ever and from his life. There Moti bai meets Khudabksh and tells him everything but, the witche’s chamchi listens to everything (this is just annoying nowAngry). The witch is informed by her chamchi abt Moti bai and Khida baksh. GR going to meet Moti bai in Rangshala according to the witch’s wishes. The witch has some plan up her sleeve hereAngry. Manu is remembering GR’s decision and is crying in the Matt. Shradhha comes and tries to console Manu. Shradhha tells Manu, not to worry and she is very thankful to her for saving herBig smile. 

Manu decides to hand over herself to GR to get her punishment and save the Sanyasi’s from further trouble.But, the sadhu tells Manu she wont go any whereBig smile. There GR walks in on Moti bai-Khuda Baksh in a hug and GR insults Moti bai that she is still a vainsha and he also insults Khudabaksh . GR order the soldiers to get Moti bai and Khuda bhaksh out of JhansiAngry. The witch is happy that her plan is successful and says Hari Om

Moti bai is being taken away by the soldiers, but she escapes them. The witch filling GR’s ears abt Moti bai and Moti bai runs into his kakshClap. Moti bai wants to talk to GR, but the witch asks the soldiers to take Moti bai away. But, GR agrees to listen to Moti bai and the witch is shocked that GR wants to listen to what a tawaaif needs to say . Moti bai finally tells GR that it is the witch who is the reason for GR-LB separation. GR looks really angry at Moti baiConfused and then confused 

Precap: GR, Raghunath and Moropant searching for Manu and Manu is not found. GR lookes distressedBig smile and Moropant tells GR, his wish is fulfilled and he will never have to see Manu again.Clap Manu is in a bullock cart going some where with the sanyasi’s. 

Ladai Sarkar informs Laxmibai that since Captain Hugh Rose’s army has spread through out the area, they must immediately evacuate the temple.
She adds that since Orcha soldiers are fighting off the British soldiers, they would be able to escape without getting noticed.
However, to their bad luck, Captain Mac and his soldiers spot Laxmibai trying to escape.
Before the British can attack, Tatya Tope fires a cannon at them. Everyone is surprised to see Tatya Tope alive.
Tatya Tope leads the subjects of Jhansi to an underground place. A sad Laxmibai informs Tatya Tope about Ghaus Khan, Karma and Kashi’s death.
Captain Mac believes that since Laxmibai has all her trusted aides with her she will come up with a master plan.
Tatya Tope informs Laxmibai that several rulers, zamindars and revolutionaries from other parts of the country were willing to help them in liberating Jhansi from the British.
Laxmibai asks Moropant to take Chimnabai and Karma to a safe and sheltered place.
As part of their strategy against Laxmibai, Captain Mac decides to harm Chimnabai’s newborn. Captain Mac believes that Laxmibai would send Chimnabai to her maternal house and therefore orders his soldiers to find out more about Chimnabai’s parents.
Before leaving, Chimnabai tells Moropant to continue his fight for freedom along with Laxmibai.
No sooner than Chimnabai leaves, Moropant hears a scream. He realizes that Chimnabai and the baby have been surrounded by Captain Mac and his army.

In the previous episode, Captain Mac and his army trapped Moropant, Chimnabai and their newborn baby.
Captain Gaul threatens to kill the baby if the couple does not tell them about Laxmibai’s whereabouts.
Left with no other option to save her child, Chimnabai reveals to Captain Gaul that Laxmibai has gone toKalpi to meet the kings and zamindars of neighboring territories who can support her.
On reaching Kalpi, Laxmibai sees corpses of the kings and zamindars she was scheduled to meet hanging on trees. She finds a note from Captain Gaul stating that he would not spare anyone trying to help her in the freedom struggle. She also finds the amulet which was tied around Karma’s neck.
Meanwhile, the British continue their atrocities on Moropant. They first tie his hands and then tie a rope around his neck and leave him hanging on a tree. Moropant barely has a tree bark to support himself. Not having lost courage, Moropant warns Captain Gaulthat Laxmibai won’t spare him at any cost.
Soon Krantiguru appears along with her aides and puts up a fight against Captain Hugh Rose and his army. Captain Rose manages to overpower Krantiguru after the sword falls from her hand. Krantiguru goes down on her knees much to Captain Hugh Rose’s happiness. But to his dismay, when he lifts the veil, he realizes that he was fighting Jhalkari Bai and not Laxmibai.
Meanwhile, Laxmibai goes towards Captain Mac’s tent to rescue her parents. After killing Captain Mac’s soldiers, she challenges the Captain for a sword fight.
In order to distract Laxmibai, Captain Gaul throws the sword and slashes Moropant’s leg.  Moropant loses balance and chokes to death. Laxmibai and Chimnabai are left shocked. Will Laxmibai be able to save herself from Captain Gaul