Fire and Ice Episode 138–140 Update on Sunday 22nd April 2018

Sunday Update On Fire And Ice

Episode       138    –     140   

Twinkle tells the family that they should make Yuvi get arrested by the police as there are many cases against him. Raminder asks what about Mahi as she love shim alot. Leela says she is attached to him and she will breakdown. Twinkle says if they don’t separate them now then they will grow more closer. Raminder says maybe Yuvi has changed? Twinkle says Yuvi can’t change. Kunj says she is right and he cant change. Mahi comes there and listens to this. Twinkle tells her dad that she care about Mahi too and they have to separate Mahi from Yuvi as soon as possible, Mahi is shocked listening to this, Leela sees her there, all are shocked seeing her there, Mahi runs and closes the room door. All ask her to open the room but she refused. Anita comes there and ask what is going on. Raminder says she had done this before too, and she attempt to commit suicide attempt for small thing earlier tooand that is why he didn’t tell her anything about Leela and Twinkle. All are shocked and they ask Mahi to open the door. Yuvi says she is his responsibility, he will bring her out and he pushes Kunj away and knocks the door, she calls her darling, telling her to come out that he can’t stay without her. On seeing this, Anita thinks what has happened to Yuvi? Kunj, Yuvi and Cherry breaks down room, they come in and doesn’t find Mahi there. Leela sees the open window and says maybe she has left from there, Kunj says he will go out and see, Yuvi sees Mahi’s veil under the table and says mahi is in this room as he can feel her, he looks beneath the table and tells her not to be afraid that her Yuvi is with her and requests her to give him her hand. Leela asks her to come out, mahi says first they have to promise her to not give Yuvi to the police. A concern Leela says they promise to not do anything like this and tells her to come out. Mahi asks asksher dad to promise her. Left with no choice, Raminder  also promise her. Leela asks her to come out. Mahi comes out and gives her hand to Yuvi. Twinkle tries to talk to her but Mahi gets scared of her. Yuvi hugs her and says it’s not Mahi’s fault, she only loves him, if they want him to leave then he will leave but to not separate him from Mahi, he promise till Mahi doesn’t pass 20. years of age, they will not become closer, after she passes 20 years old then they will start their married life, he request them to give him one chance, he starts to leave from there but Mahi asks him to not go, he tells her to relax and leaves from there. Twinkle corners Yuvraj seeing that he is alone. Twinkle says she never doubted his acting, she knew he can be too good and reminds him when he is acting like kid, she didn’t believe him and that he can try this time too but she won’t believe him. Yuvi tell her to atleast try to trust him. Twinkle says he can’t change and he must have got to know from somewhere that Mahi is her sister and he trapped her. She further tells Yuvi that to fight with her, he used her sister, he took advantage of her innocence to make her life hell but this plan of his is only going to backfire on him and asks what he think that he can keep Mahi in his control? She confidently tell him that she will make her sister like her and she will hate him. Yuvi show his real color asking Twinkle why? Yuvi looks up and smiles evilly, he asks why she know him so well and know his nature so well calling her as baby? Asking if this is not not love? He says he love her and he won’t lie to her. He laughs again.

Yuvi he confesses to what his real intentions are asking Twinkle if she remember JP uncle who came here from London for business was with her dad when her had accident. One night he was drunk and told him everything about her and her mom, her dad came here and left Mahi alone in London and trapping Mahi was easy for him as she wanted attention, love and confidence and he gave her that so that he can use her as weapon against her and his luck is good. Twinkle gets angry after listening and says she won’t let him to make plans and destroy her life. She says her luck is good as she have always won and will win this time too. Yuvi laughs loudly and asks if she is challenging him?. He proudly tells her that he like challenges and that she will lose this time as his weakness is with him now and that is her sister. Twinkle angrily leaves from there. Yuvi talks to himself about Twinkle that why dont she understand that she is his and she have to become his but first he will give her so much pain that she will breakdown, and firstly, he will separate her from her loser husband, he will break her marriage then he will separate her from her family, she will be alone and will come to him and she just have to see this is the start of animosity calling her his baby. The next morning, Twinkle says she have to keep an eye on Yuvi and she  sure this time he has come with big plan and she have to find that out too. She sees Yuvi in the parking lot of the house, Yuvi looks at Raminder going on jogging, Yuvi calls someone and goes behind him. Twinkle says why is he going behind her dad? While  Raminder is jogging, two goons gathers around him and asks him to give them his mobile and money, they are robbing him when Yuvi comes there and beats them hard, Yuvi ask them to not be seen again and they run from there. Twinkle comes there too, Yuvi gives Raminder his wallet, Raminder thanks him for saving his life. Yuvi tells him not to thank him as it’s his duty. Twinkle thinks this was Yuvi’s plan to win her dad’s trust? She tells Yuvi that how can she forget that only he can make this cheap filmy plan, first he sent the goons to her dad then became hero infront of him. Raminder asks her what is she saying? Twinkle says she saw him calling someone on phone and he was following him too. Yuvi admit that he was following him as he wanted to talk to him. Mahi and Leela comes there too, Leela asks what’s happening here? Twinkle tells her mom that Yuvi sent goons some goons to her dad first then saved him. Yuvi tells Twinkle not to put false allegations on him, he acts like be sad. Mahi asks her dad if he don’t trust Yuvi but to trust her that Yuvi can’t do this as he is a very nice person. Yuvi says it’s okay and that one day her family may understand him. Twinke tells him that his drama will not work here. Raminder who sees changer in Mahi through Yuvi says he dont think Yuvi planned this attack on him. Mahi thanks her dad for trusting her love. Yuvi leaves from there. Mahi tells Twinkle to let Yuvi live in peace and plead with her to leaves from there.

Kunj calls Twinkle and sees her phone in room and he wonders where did she go? Twinkle comes there, Kunj asks where was she and scold her why she didn’t even take her phone as he was worried. Twinkle starts crying. Kunj asks what happened? Twinkle tells him everything about the goons attack and Yuvi’s drama, she asks why is he silent and asks if he don’t trust her too? Kunj asks if he say something? Twinkle then asks him to say that he trust her and further asks if he agree with her as her father and her sister doesn’t believe her. Kunj cups her face and tells her that he trusts her completely, he did mistake earlier by not trusting her but now she is not alone and he is with her, they both share eyelock, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj asks how can she speak so much telling her to atleast take a breath. Twinkle smiles. Kunj taunt her that she is the first person to be laughing on herself. Mahi comes there while Twinkle tells Kunj that they have to separate Mahi from Yuvi at any cost unaware of Mahi present. Mahi listens to this and leaves from there before they could see her. Kunj says they will do what she is saying and tells her not to get upset, adding that when she get upset he feel so helpless, his brain stops working and he cant bear..then stop without complete his words. Twinkle looks at him in surprise, he then says he mean he don’t want her to be upset, Sajna Ve song plays in the background.

Mahi comes to Yuvi, she hugs him and cries, she tells him that she is scared as Twinkle has taken decision to separate him from her. Yuvi assures her that like her father has given him chance, all the family members will accept him too and that Twinkle can do anything but he will not be separated from her. Anita comes there and tell Mahi that she must be enjoying after marrying her sister ex-boyfriend? Yuvi try to stop his mom calling out to her. Anita tells Mahi that her parents can accept this marriage but i will never accept this marriage but she can never accept Leela’s daughter as her daughter-in-law. Mahi hides behind Yuvi and starts stammering saying i i… Anita feel disgusted and says she can’t even speak properly and trying to become her daughter-in-law? Yuvi holds her hand and says they have already got married and nobody can separate them, he love her alot and she loves him too and they will not leave each other. Anita says it’s useless to talk to him as he have gone insane, she angrily leaves from there. Yuvi lovely tells Mahi that it doesn’t matter if his mom doesn’t accept her. Mahi says it affects her like he want her family to accept him, she want his mother to accept her and she want her blessings, she hugs him and cries. Yuvi thinks that she is sweet like Twinkle but he have to provoke her against Twinkle and apologize to Twinkle that he have to do this.

While Twinkle is working in the kitchen. Yuvi comes there and acts like Twinkle telling everyone that Yuvi attacked Raminder. Yuvi taunt her that nobody believed her, she met hee sister after so many years and she is married that too with Yuvraj Luthra, he laughs, he tells her not to be angry as one sister wants to take his life and other sister can’t give her life for him. Twinkle angrily looks at him, Yuvi says Mahi hugged him so it’s that smell and he mean they are husband and wife so they can hug and also.. Twinkle angrily points a knife at him and tells him to shut up, and not to even dare touch her sister. Mahi comes there and sees this. Yuvi notice Mahi present and starts acting telling Twinkle that he know she is angry with him but she can’t do this, she can scold him, she can curse him but not to do this as he don’t want Mahi to cry. Twinkle sees Mahi and comes to her, she asks if she want anything? Mahi says she want to cook Kheer for aunty ( Anita). Twinkle offer to help her but Mahi refuses saying it’s okay, she starts cooking and the glass hurts her hand. Yuvi act to be caring and asks what is she doing? He tells her that she will not make anything and tell her to go. Twinkle comes to Mahi and asks Yuvi to move back, she offer to do the bandage for her but Mahi says she will do it, Yuvi takes Mahi and washes her wound, he looks at Twinkle and tells Mahi that he told her to not do this. Kunj sees all this, he comes to Twinkle and tells her go from here, Twinkle sadly looks at Mahi. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and takes her from there.

Yuvi and Mahi comes to Anita, Yuvi tells his mom that Mahi have made Kheer for her but Anita refuses to eat. Yuvi plead with his mom to atleast taste it, she says okay and he makes her eat it. Anita coughs, she says she have allergy from dry fruits and she deliberately put it. Mahi says she don’t know who has put it. Anita says Twinkle knows it and she must have told her and they both made plan to kill her like her mother. Mahi is stunned.

Anita tells Mahi that Twinkle must have told her that she. have allergy from dry fruits so they both planned this against her as they both want to destroy her life like her mother, she angrily leaves. Mahi tells Yuvi that she didn’t do anything and she is saying the truth but she dont know who had put dry fruits in the Kheer. Yuvi says he know she never lie and she is not mean but he don’t know who has done this, reminding her that they left from the kitchen for five minutes. Mahi thinks deep about it. Yuvi says now he get it and tells her to let it be. Mahi asks him to speak up. Yuvi point out that Twinkle and Kunj are only in the house as all other have gone to Guradvarah temple so logic says that Twinkle have done this and tells her to forget it. Mahi says this means. Kunj meanwhile tell Raminder that he know Yuvi really well and he must have planned this attack. Raminder says he don’t understand whom to believe but he just see Mahi behave normal when she is with Yuvi, she has some other streak. Twinkle says she understand he like this change in Mahi but Yuvi. Mahi comes there and tell Twinkle that after fulfilling her plan, she is trying to provoke her dad? A confused Twinkle asks which plan? Mahi accuse her of mixing dry fruits in Anita’s Kheer as she knew she has allergy from it so that she hates her more. Twinkle says Yuvi is doing all this and that Mahi don’t know him. Mahi gets angry and says it’s enough and asks why is she trying to break her marriage? Reminding Twinkle that she is her sister. Twinkle asks why would she try to break her marriage? She then tells him that Yuvi is not a nice person and she have to throw him out of his life and will live peacefully, Mahi pushes Twinkle away and tells her to stop it, all are stunned at her reaction. Raminder gets furious and is about to slap her but Twinkle stops her dad by holding his hand, she asks him to not do it and he takes back his hand. Mahi is stunned as her dad raised his hand on her because of Twinkle and just when she is about to leave, Leela stops her and says she have misunderstanding of her sister, saying Twinkle loves her alot and she wants good for her. Mahi cries and hugs her mom, she then says she wish the way she love Twinkle, she would love her same way. Leela is shocked and tell her not to talk like this that she is her precious girl and she love her alot. Mahi says if she have loved her then she would have understood her love. Twinkle tells Mahi not to talk like this and not to call her love fake. She then tell her that she have seen her mother cry everyday for her and they are her own people and asks her not to be miffed with them. Mahi leaves from there.

Mahi comes out of the house, Yuvi stops her and asks what happened? Mahi tell him that her dad raised his hand on her for the first time and Twinkle stopped him else.. Yuvi asks what happened? Mahi tells him that her dad didn’t like that she alleged Twinkle mixing dry fruits in Anita’s Kheer. Yuvi smirks and says he is her father, he can scold her and he has met his family after many years so he has guilt, he will not say anything to Twinkle so she  have to adjust. Mahi says her mom has also met her after many years but still she takes Twinkle’s side in every matter and she is all alone. Yuvi pulls her closer, he looks at her eyes, she looks down, he moves her face to him and says one thing in her mind that he can’t see her sad as she is his life and one day he will win her family’s heart but till then, he just wants her to smile else.. he takes water pipe and starts pouring water on her, she takes the pipe from him and drenches him in water too, she smiles.

Twinkle comes out of her mom’s house and recalls Mahi alleging her and pushing her away, she is sad. Kunj comes out and sees that Twinkle is upset and he makes it his mission to bring her smile back. He comes to her and tells her to listen after seeing everything, he have decided that she have two choices, either keep getting sad over all this and become wrinkle from Twinkle or keep looking at him and thank God for sending such good looking husband for her and he think second option is better. Twinkle leaves from there, Kunj get upset and thinks that he can’t see her like this, he know she look good when she smile. He calls some kids and starts dancing with them on Matarghasti, Twinkle looks at him. Leela comes out and sees this too. Kunj dances with Twinkle and as she starts to leave, Kunj gives her flowers but Twinkle throws it away, the kids bring ice cream to him and Kunj offers one to Twinkle, she throws it away, he offers her his ice cream, she throws it too. Leela smiles seeing all this. Kunj rides bicycle, he comes to Twinkle and rides it around her, he teases her and dances around her, he falls from the bicycle. Twinkle laughs and taunt him to see her handsome husband’s situation as he can’t handle himself then how will he handle her? Kunj asks if she is done then they will leave? Leela thanks God for making Twinkle smile, she prays that they remain happy. Yuvi looks at Kunj and Twinkle and gets angry.
Twinkle tell Kunj that she didn’t know he have singing talent too. Kunj says he have many secret talents. Twinkle point to him that he don’t have bicycle riding talent. Kunj says he feel from it deliberately so that she can smile as her face is crying. She says her face is not crying face. Kunj shows her the pictures, she is stunned and asks why he clicked her pictures? She tells him to delete them, she tries to take the phone from him but Mahi comes there and coughs, she asks Twinkle if she is disturbing them? Twinkle says no, and tells her not to be formal. Mahi gives her chocolates and says she was rude with her and apologize to her. Twinkle says it’s okay and she ( Mahi ) know it was their first fight but she ( Twinkle) didnt like it, she thanks her for chocolates, saying these is her favorites, she hugs her younger sister and Mahi smiles. Mahi says Yuvi told her to apologize to her as he wanted her to ask for forgiveness from her. Twinkle ask why Yuvi? Yuvi comes there and says he told Mahi about her favorite chocolates, he asked her to apologize that it’s okay even if she mixed dry fruits in the Kheer, they should forget it but he just want to make everything fine and he want all of them to live together as one family. Yuvi purposely caresses Mahi’s face in front of Twinkle and says he will be back, he leaves. Mahi tells Twinkle that she didn’t like to fight with her too but she just want her sister, she want her love and she hope they don’t have problems ahead. Twinkle smiles, Mahi holds her hand, she smiles and leaves. Twinkle thinks that this is Yuvi’s game, he wants to make her look bad in her sister’s eyes but she is Twinkle Taneja Sarna and vow to bring Yuvi’s truth infront of Mahi for sure.

Mahi comes inside her room and calls out for Yuvi, she sees her and Yuvi’s pictures torn and burnt, Mahi thinks who must have burned her and Yuvi’s photos? She sees Yuvi and Twinkle’s pictures there all fine, she looks on tensed. Mahi comes to Twinkle who is sitting with the family. Leela asks Mahi why she has tears in her eyes? Mahi asks Twinkle that she thought that everything was fine between them and as much as she try to respect her, as much as she try to adjust with her, she still do something that ends everything. A confused and concerned Twinkle asks what she has done? Mahi shows her the photos and says she have done this. Twinkle looks on confused, Mahi once again accuse her that she burned hers and Yuvi’s pictures while she and Yuvi’s pictures are fine? Twinkle asks if she think she have done this? Mahi says she is the only one against her and Yuvi the most and maybe she still think Yuvi as her property, maybe Twinkle think she have come inbetween her and Yuvi that’s why she is insecure. Kunj asks Mahi if she even know what she is saying? Leela says Twinkle can’t do this. Mahi turns to her dad to ask Twinkle why she is doing all this? Twinkle asks if she thinks she is jealous of her? Mahi says yes she think she is jealous that she is with Yuvi. Anita comes there and says so new drama have started in this house as both sister want to destroy her Yuvi’s life, she tells Twinkle that she wanted Yuvi to rot in hell but what happened now when her sister is married to Yuvi so her old love has got awaken too?. Twinkle is shocked with Anita allegation. Kunj spark at Anita not to say anything and Mahi knows only what Yuvi have told her but she know and have seen everything and she think Twinkle still thinks same about Yuvi? He confidently says Twinkle doesn’t even want to see Yuvi’s face, he holds Twinkle’s hand and says if anyone tries to point fingers at his wife then he will not tolerate it. He tells Mahi that Twinkle is her sister from the time she has come to know about her, she keep talking about her and Yuvi comes there and warns Kunj to talk to his wife ( Mahi )with respect, Mahi hugs him and tells Yuvi to see hers and his photos are burned. Yuvi tell her not to cry that he will make another copy of these. Twinkle says they all know he have done this and tell him stop his acting. Yuvi gets furious and tells Twinkle to just stop it that she still think that he love her and he will die without her? He bluntly tell her that he want to make one thing clear that he don’t love her and he don’t want to enter in her life, telling Twinkle to come out of her dreams and see the reality. Twinkle spark back that she is only seeing the reality. Yuvi then says he will show Twinkle the reality, he declare that Twinkle was his past and Mahi is his present and Twinkle don’t matter to him now and he angrily burns Twinkle and his photos. Twinkle looks on angry.